RELEASED Longevity v1.3->v1.4 (w/DNPCC)

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    Dynamic NPC Clothing Release 1:
    I apologize in advance for taking extra time to complete this, and I thank you for your patience!!! Listed below are all of the current clothing changes to NPCs.

    [Artist; @shane train 22]:
    -Summer clothing : [sprite + portrait] | [active during summer]
    -Festive scarf : [portrait only] | [active during winter]​
    [Artist; @Paneto]:
    -Cold weather clothing : [sprite only] | [active during fall and winter]
    [Artist; bingbongsingalong@NexusMods]
    -Cold weather clothing : [sprite + portrait] | [active during fall and winter]
    [Artist; @Ailin]:
    -Beach clothing : [sprite + portrait] | [active at the beach during spring and summer]
    -Rain clothing : [sprite + portrait + indoor/outdoor variations] | [active during spring, summer and fall when raining]
    -Summer clothing : [sprite + portrait] | [active during summer]
    -Fall clothing : [sprite + portrait] | [active during fall]
    -Winter clothing : [sprite + portrait + indoor/outdoor variations] | [active during winter]​
    [Artist; Satadoros@NexusMods]
    -Red dyed hair : [sprite + portrait] | [active during summer]
    [Artist; Jokerine@NexusMods]
    -Brown dyed hair : [sprite + portrait] | [active during fall]
    [Artist; @NDR95]:
    -Winter clothing : [sprite only] | [active during winter]
    [Artist; yuiidragon@NexusMods]:
    -Brown dyed hair : [sprite + portrait] | [active during summer]
    [Artist; melkat7@NexusMods]:
    -Ginger dyed hair : [sprite + portrait] | [active during spring and summer]
    -Summer/Fall clothing : [sprite + portrait] | [active during summer and fall]
    -Will wear normal clothing during rain; will retain appropriate hair color​

    [Artist; EltonScone@NexusMods]:
    -Bearded facial hair : [sprite + portrait] | [active during fall and winter]
    -Will retain facial hair when working in Jojamart if appropriate​

    A big thanks to contributing artists and those from NexusMods that allowed me to use their existing artwork. I will explain my future plans for Dynamic NPC Clothing at the bottom of this post.

    If you would like to add your artwork to the next mod update, PM me with your ideas.

    Longevity v1.3:
    With the release of Dynamic NPC Clothing is an updated Longevity. The main goal of this update is to scale balancing with the player to provide a greater and longer challenge.

    Diminishing Returns:
    • DR will lower an item's sale price the more it is sold. (Capped at 50% of the item's sales price)
    • DRs will be reduced every two in game weeks; this reduction is not 100%.
    • DR tracks items that are shipped and sold to vendors out of inventory.
    • Stacks of items are calculated and given the proper sales price as if they were sold 1 at a time.
    • DR is updated after each transaction
    • Artisan goods made from crops are tied to the crop's DR (blueberry jelly DR = blueberry DR = blueberry wine DR) [Exception: beer and pale ale from wheat and hops]

    Income Tax:
    • A tax on the player's monthly income has been added
    • The more money made, the higher percentage of tax that will be charged (progressive)
    • The midpoint (day 15) of each month will give the player a tax summary; this summary is intended to show the player their current tax charges. This summary does not charge the player, it is only for planning purposes.

    General Improvements:
    • All price influencers nerfed
    • All seed prices increased slightly
    • Water and Capital tax are calculated daily to prevent tax evasion (costs will still be charged at the end of the month)
    • Building tax has been increased
    • Debt Penalty will charge the player a percentage of their debt at the end of the month

    Installation and Settings:
    • 1) Install the "Longevity" folder into your mods folder.
    • 2) Copy and place content into your games content folder (All files for this mod will be prefixed with RT)
    • If you would like to disable a specific piece of clothing, simply remove the .xnb from the games content folder.
    • An option to disable certain mod features will be provided within the configuration.
    Next Update:

    Dynamic NPC Clothing R2:
    • Dialogue to pair with clothing changes (NPCs awareness to these changes)
    • More complex triggers (ex: an NPC asking for the players opinion before changing their hair color, and doing so based on the player's answer and relationship level with them)
    • More clothing!
    Longevity v1.4:
    • Global and Local Economic Effects [ex: Disasters] (Delivered by mail or t.v)
    • Crop failure/risk (Risk : Reward)
    • More detailed tax screen that can be accessed anytime
    Download: Link

    I will be around Sunday to solve/hotfix and unforeseen issues with this release.
    Feel free to PM me your thoughts, feedback, or ideas!

    Thank you!
    • TenkoKuugen

      TenkoKuugen Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      With how many sprite edits(Like 4 combined ones per girl. No bowlegs, busty, animal ears, anime style) I have in my game the dynamic clothing won't really work for me but that's fine, I am more interested in the money aspect anyway.

      Does the mod manage to track down sprinklers in custom locations?
      Honestly, I don't like the prospect of crop failure. The game's RNG is iffy at best. If you tie failure to fertilizer used, that would be a different story. Of course you'd need to really up the fertilizer costs, to like 5x or 10x their original cost.
      X% normally, half of X% with fertilizer, 1/10 of X% with quality fertilizer. 1.25 of X with speed grow, 0.9 with speed grow deluxe. Stuff like that.
      • RTGOAT

        RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal

        @TenkoKuugen : I understand that a lot of people use portrait/sprite edits that wouldn't work with this clothing mod. My goal is to gain enough support from the community to put forth enough content that will make this a go to for those looking to give diversity to their NPCs.

        Custom locations? I think I would need more information on that to best answer your question.

        RNG (random number generator?)
        I'm not sure exactly how this mechanic would work at this point in time, but I would make sure to give the player some influence on these outcomes.
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        • TenkoKuugen

          TenkoKuugen Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          There are also a lot of people that don't use portrait / sprite mods at all and those people will be super happy with your dynamic clothing, so gogo^16 /secretofmanareference

          Custom location aka locations added by advanced location loader
          basically non vanilla locations (like my hoarder cave, w)
          I can't even begin to guess how you would check for that though.
          • RTGOAT

            RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal

            Well that was the initial reason for doing it. I see it being something much greater in the future.

            I don't know what advanced location loader is, but I'll look it up soon.
            Checking for that would be difficult; I would some information as to the mod's source itself.
            • TenkoKuugen

              TenkoKuugen Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            • GreenWombat

              GreenWombat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              Just had a major bug. I just started a new game with the update and it deducted taxes as soon as the opening cutscene finished leaving me with -140 gold.

              edit: correction it left me with -260 gold but the save menu lists it as -140
                Last edited: Dec 31, 2016
              • RTGOAT

                RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal

                I didn't expect such a crucial error to be uncovered so quickly or I would have been ready to respond sooner.

                Apparently the cellar location and the 33 free casks with it exist, even when the player hasn't purchased that house upgrade.
                These casks were being charged to the player's capital tax.
                It should all be fixed and new games should no longer be taxed at the start of the game.

                I apologize for the delay, and 1.3.1 should be up and ready to go!

                Thanks for the feedback.
                (As I said at release, I'll be around Sunday [Tomorrow] and most of this week to make any necessary hotfixes)

                *I will be doing a clean play-through myself to see the mod's impact and to also find any bugs.
                I will release smaller patch updates throughout this month of January to ensure v1.4 is placed on clean code.
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                • Ailin

                  Ailin Title Not Found

                  What if I just want NPC Clothing? can't deactivate Longevity?
                  • GreenWombat

                    GreenWombat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    There is a config file in the mod folder. Just open that up and you will have listings for taxes, price balance, stamina balance, and npc clothing with true next to each of them. If you don't want certain features active just delete the true next to those features and replace it with false.
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                    • _PandorasBox_

                      _PandorasBox_ Sandwich Man

                      This seems like an awesome mod that's tempting me to start trying to mod my game soon. But, I'm not really interested in the tax things or crop failure ( That happens enough in my saves, where my crops disappear without storms and with Scarecrows being right beside them ). Would there be any way to turn that stuff off? Otherwise it seems awesome! But would it work with an extended farm and the hoarder cave, because those are the other mods I'm interested in
                      • GreenWombat

                        GreenWombat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        The answer is literally right above you :p
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                        • Ailin

                          Ailin Title Not Found

                        • TenkoKuugen

                          TenkoKuugen Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          This mod doesn't do anything to maps, which the extended farm (I recommend omnifarm instead) and the hoarder cave are
                          • _PandorasBox_

                            _PandorasBox_ Sandwich Man

                            Could you turn any of that stuff off though, because I'm not interested in any of that tax or failure things.
                            • _PandorasBox_

                              _PandorasBox_ Sandwich Man

                              ...? Please don't tag me in things like that, because it's a waste of my time, and it spams the thread with literally spammy responses since there is nothing else there.. Won't be replying to anything else like that so I don't spam here too much.
                              • RTGOAT

                                RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal

                                For the many hours I've put into this mod, I think I did a fairly good job of condensing the necessary information in my main post.

                                You're right though, it is spammy.
                                Help me avoid spam by taking 30 seconds to read my post.
                                It is intended to answer basic questions.
                                • TenkoKuugen

                                  TenkoKuugen Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  Read the thread, or more specifically the post above your own question
                                  Spoonfeeding you the answer when it is already readily available is just training you to keep doing it.
                                  • DJOkamical

                                    DJOkamical Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

                                    Any explanation as to why my topaz's are worth 5.5k? :eek:
                                    • zarzaz

                                      zarzaz Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      SV longevity bug1.png SV longevity bug2.png SV longevity bug3.png [ SV longevity bug4.png This mod is fantastic. But i found bug. When selling crops singly at Pierres they worth more than when i sell them in bulk. Sorry for my bad english.

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