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Longer game?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Aurarius, May 8, 2016.


Do you think this is a good idea?

  1. Yes! I agree with all of (or most) of this!

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  2. No. But I might have some suggestions to your suggestion.

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  1. Aurarius

    Aurarius Void-Bound Voyager

    This be a bit long. Be warned, ye be readin' fer a minute 'er two, lads 'n lasses.

    Risk of Rain is awesome. I cannot grow bored of it. That has never happened in the history of games I have played. Except for Spyro, Ratchet and Clank, Pokemon, and Risk of rain. Oh wait, I already said that. Huh....it's the forum of RoR I'm posting in too....


    Anyways, longer game. Yeah.

    Skip to "Skip to here to pass unnecessary things." to skip, well, the not so necessary things.

    I've played enough RoR to say I've found everything. Maybe not unlocked 100% everything possible in the game, but I take league-bound jumps into the game, rolling out characters that play god. I have before watched Providence appear, and smacked him back down to the ground and told him not to get back up. It was so demeaning to the god himself (or demigod? Empowered entity of an evolved species?), I figured it would keep him down for good and teach him not to threaten me again, but he...just got back up. It's a sham I had to hit him a second time.

    Anyways, puns aside, puns aside. This game features a lot of fun in it, yet, after playing it so much (I love the sniper!), it's become this game that's just....not long enough. There are 4 courses, then the final level, and on monsoon, the highest difficulty can be reached within less than 30 minutes (I think. I've played monsoon more times than both other difficulties combined, and I still don't know that yet), and while the enemies are numbered, the variations they have, like elemental properties and otherwordly elite versions (including blighted enemies), that puts up about....over 50 different enemies, with 3 types being used per stage, and about 20-30 different enemies that could be seen throughout each level. I'll just jump to the point that enemies are perfect and don't need to be changed, unless you want to add more through your own discretion.

    Onwards to difficulty and I would say the amount of courses. Time is of the essence forever and ever in Rigabaran (inside joke, but it sounds cool, just know that it's a substitute for Risk of Rain), and in less than 30 minutes, you're just going into the final level, or if you're going hard like I do, hitting Providence with an elitist sniper beefed up with every item that optimizes the sniper to kill everything the fastest. And also wielding 20 goat hooves.

    Skip to here to pass unnecessary things.

    There are about 30 maps that exist in Rigabaran total. This is an estimate, It coudd be more, ti could be less. Starting with the tier 1 maps, one of the two generates first. Then you play through every variation of said map. Then the second of the two generates, and you go through every variation of that map. Each of their variations spawn in random order. This continues onwards through every level of the game, with the Temple being second to last always, and of course the last level would always be the very last.

    Difficulty is fine, or could use a tweak. I have no opinion on this, as I would simply keep the difficulty changing system as is and would have my fun with it. In an extended game like this, however, it would prove to make the game difficult, and at some point, the difficulty would no longer rise. I would appreciate a much harder difficulty later on, though. It gets absolutely unforgiving when on the laughing difficulty, but I've turned said difficulty into Very Easy.

    Another addition to this idea would be artifact activation. You can choose which artifacts are activated before you begin the game, but along the way, you can pick up artifacts and activate them when you pick them up. If you don't have them unlocked, you'll unlock them, and if they are not active, they will then be active. As a secondary addition to this, given the make of the gamemode I express my want for, each and every artifact location will be available, and anyone can just go and do the jumping puzzles for glass and command, so I'll go a step further.

    Way ahead of all of you who sayin', "But it'd be too easy to get the best ones!", or, "We know where every artifact is, there is no challenge to this!"

    In every artifact location, a random artifact will spawn. With there being the Origin artifact unlockable through only beating the game with all artifacts unlocked, this artifact may need to be excluded, or one random artifact will be left out of the loop. A generous creator would go out of his/her way to make it an option to players to have one or the other take place. Personally, I don't believe this would be a thing, considering the effort it would take to implement it, and simply removing origin from the loop would make it that much easier. It's origin anyway. Has no use but to give you a free item. That is my real opinion of the artifact.

    So, all of this being said, you can get the artifacts and activate them by picking them up. However, it will be completely random which artifact will spawn in which artifact location.

    So, about 30 levels before you actually can beat the game, and each artifact spawns in random at every artifact location. Hows this for an idea?

    Also: Rigabaran was a random name I came up with for a Hamachi connection title, which I used to play RoR with a couple friends. I didn't even notice the likeness to Risk of Rain until my brother pointed it out, and I decided to keep it.
    • Aurarius

      Aurarius Void-Bound Voyager

      So I just found out that this game will not have any work done on it hence forth.

      I have no idea how coding works, or how this game was created, but I'm sure that somewhere, somehow, the 30 level gameplay idea could be made a true thing. As players of this game who have also paid for this game, I have my hopes for finding someone to make this a thing.

      Or, in risk of Rain 2 (which I have no idea if that's gonna be a thing or not), I would absolutely love for this to be a thing.

      I would appreciate further discussion on this, and for this to not be locked. Ideas are ideas, and if you don't debate over good (and bad) ideas, you don't get anywhere in life. At least I'm 87% sure that's a legitimate life lesson. Hm. 84%
      • Saturnyoshi

        Saturnyoshi Aquatic Astronaut

        Introducing the Artifact of Repetition!
        This artifact does exactly what you said, except for the artifact part because that would be super hard to add.
        It's going to be included in my mod I've been working on that's basically a continuation of the original game. Don't get your hopes up just yet though, I'm still waiting on permission to release it from Hopoo.
        This, with the 2 new full stages I have planned, will make for quite a lengthy run.
        I should mention that you can in facr loop with this, the divine teleporter shows up on the last last elder temple level.
          Last edited: Jul 2, 2016

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