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Bug/Issue Long pause when loading save and going to sleep/saving on PC

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ziggs, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. Ziggs

    Ziggs Void-Bound Voyager

    After updating my mods after the most recent release of the game, all my saves take 2-3 minutes to load before I can play the game. During this time, the game is completely frozen and all controls are unresponsive. The "loading.." is visible in the bottom right corner, and sometimes the interior of my farmhouse is visible, though very dark. After the 2-3 minutes, I am able to play the game no problems, until I go back to sleep for the night. After I click "ok" to sleep for the night, the game goes to the earnings screen, but pauses another 2-3 minutes before each category pops up. After this, I click "ok," and the cycle begins again with waiting another 2-3 minutes before I the controls respond and the game unfreezes. To be clear, the game does not crash at all, the game appears to freeze up for a time when loading and saving.

    I've tried moving all my mods out of my game folder, but the same issue persists when loading any of my saves. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue and found a fix?
    • djspanico89

      djspanico89 Big Damn Hero

      same problem for me. IOS version. both on iPad mini and iPhone 7

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