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Outdated Logistics Frigate 1.3 (Furious Koala)

Large, spacious ship with custom internals (powergamer edition)

  1. Albin Xavier

    Albin Xavier Phantasmal Quasar

    Well, I put it in the mods folder, start a new character, and I get the default ship. It did the same thing with the Human Dreadnought.
  2. beeftime

    beeftime Void-Bound Voyager

    remember you have to change the RACE folder to the target race. So, if you want to create a human character with the ship, rename the folder from "RACE" to "human"
    there's a...bug? oversight? design flaw? in this version that if you set two custom ships to the same race (like if you were to set my ship and the dreadnought as the human starter ship) the game won't load either and it will crash, so keep this in mind.

    Also, you'll probably have to start a character AFTER changing the folder name.
    Anyway, if it still doesn't work post here again and we'll figure something out.
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  3. Albin Xavier

    Albin Xavier Phantasmal Quasar

    I forgot to mention that I already did that and it still did not work.

    Edit: I reinstalled Starbound and it worked!

    Edit 2: I found the problem: I had the Starbound Easy Mode mod installed and I did not delete the ships folder in the mod.
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  4. Raptor1166

    Raptor1166 Space Spelunker

    Are there plans for a compatibility pack, to make it multi friendly? would love to use this with my friends, haul all our stuff around lol :3
  5. Creedless

    Creedless Void-Bound Voyager

    Hey beeftime, just wanted to show you my alterations of your really awesome frig.

    Mainly i stripped the whole interior StrippedFrig.jpg to have even more space,
    not because i don't like your great design of the interior but to be able to place huge windows ( i love the black glass! ) , set up rooms where i'd like and play around with all the other great mods out there ( though madtulips ship mod gave me some serious headaches to get it working whithout its starterships and altering the .recipes for the missing Shiptech-Station).

    Also i fiddled around with some pixels here and there because of tilefitting issues, just to give it up
    at some point because of the materials different behaviour of changing the colour of their next
    neighbour pixel, depending on if you're placing something as foreground or backgroundblock.

    and tada, there you go:

    StrippedFrigTotal.jpg <-- just to show how MUCH space you have in this great ship.

    I absolutely love your shipdesign, i admire your designing skills and, as already mentioned in previous posts, i'm absolutely excited to see more of your awesome work in the future.

    Edit: I have some suggestions too i totally forgot.
    - as already mentioned in earlier posts by another user, future ships should have the interior (fuelhatch, locker, captainschair and techstation) set to "unbreakable" : false, atleast as on option maybe (and don't forget the backgroundmat as i did first:cautious: )

    - with so many already existing sign/flag/poster mods out there, it might be an idea to change the blockship.png a bit. As i'm not a native english speaker, i try my best to point out what i mean: Change the surrounding of the ship, set only one layer of red blocks around the ships border so no one can fall out and then do the rest white (anything may be build). This way players could stick posters on the outside of the ship. And additionally you could make your pirates decal craftable, which then could be placable too.
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  6. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    Nice ship!

    Do you know what I need to do to grow trees inside the ship? Is it just changing the colour in the frigateblocks.png to white?
  7. Creedless

    Creedless Void-Bound Voyager

    Thanks mate ;)

    For growing trees, you will have to strip the according colourofyourchoiceBL.png to get rid of the rooms and then change your frigateblocks.png accordingly to your changes.
    Mine for example looks like this frigateblocks.png

    The colours are defined within the dropship.structure in a code of RGB and Alpha, so every colour used has specific functions. Red for example is, easy said, an invisible block where nothing may be placed, neither in back nor in foreground and has collision, white is everything allowed and no collision and so on.

    In term of growing a tree they aren't irrelevant. You just need some normal dirtblocks and enough space whithin your ship, so yes, some white blocks where your tree is going to be planted can't be of harm ;)
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  8. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    Thanks! Now all need is to find a palm tree and I will make my own personnal beach. In my ship. :)
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  9. Creedless

    Creedless Void-Bound Voyager

    My pleasure. Exactly that was one of my intentions when i began to strip the original layout. :D
  10. beeftime

    beeftime Void-Bound Voyager

    If your friends download the mod and extract it to the mods folder, it should work, even if they don't assign it to a race. Although I haven't tested it, so I'd be interested to hear if it works!

    Good stuff, dude, it works pretty well with the blocks you chose. Really pretty classy, actually.
    Anyway, for both your comments, the version 0 of my shipyard mod is coming... soon... and will include everything you're asking about!
    I hate for this to be my default answer, but I'm slowly chugging away at things. Hopefully after work calms down I can knock out a bunch of stuff and push up a release date, but I don't want it to be one of those mods with ~grand ambitions~ but releases with a sword and a hat. I want it to be substantial from the get-go.

    Also, here's a little content, the half-container with various color choices (selectable from the paint gun)
  11. Creedless

    Creedless Void-Bound Voyager

    To keep it short: I totally agree. Take all the time you need.

    That container looks absolutely great!
  12. Raptor1166

    Raptor1166 Space Spelunker

    If your friends download the mod and extract it to the mods folder, it should work, even if they don't assign it to a race. Although I haven't tested it, so I'd be interested to hear if it works!

    they had to rename to my race, Go Fishmen :D
  13. Spyware96

    Spyware96 Big Damn Hero

    I've got a question: Is it possible to change the location of the shiplocker, techstation. etc? I dont want them to be at the Bridge :/
  14. Creedless

    Creedless Void-Bound Voyager

    Yes, it is: open your dropship.structure located in the /starbound/mods/LogisticsFrigate/ships/RACEofyourchoice folder with an editor (Notpad++ recommended) and look for the lines of shiplocker, fuelhatch and so on.

    heres mine as an example
    change "unbreakable" : true to false and add the lines with "backgroundMat" : "apexshipwall" , like in the example above to prevent getting unbuildable blocks in the background.

    Edit: Same works with the captainschair too, but DO NOT change the teleporter, this could possibly crash your game

    Hope it helps
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  15. Spyware96

    Spyware96 Big Damn Hero

    I'll try this out tomorrow. Thx! :)
  16. Radament

    Radament Space Spelunker

    managed after 1 hour to fix the mod in MP.
    If you have a rented server like me just place 2 "race" folders inside "ship" folder : 1 - it's yours (rename with your race)
    2 - your friends folder (renamed with their race)

    example : 1) glitch folder
    2) human folder (your friend race)


    if you are using hamachi tunngle or wathever just do the previous trick inside your eachother folder.
  17. Welshwarrior

    Welshwarrior Void-Bound Voyager

    Tried this, But all that happened, was the ship reset.
    I also lost the planet I set as home.
    I tried this as a new character to, But it didn't work then either.
    Please help!
  18. Creedless

    Creedless Void-Bound Voyager

    WHAT exactly did you try?
  19. winterblood

    winterblood Intergalactic Tourist

    So.. its not working for me not sure why... everything worked before i got it on steam...

    i put the contents of the folder into mods, and renamed the race to " avian " started a new character and nothing.... :(
  20. Welshwarrior

    Welshwarrior Void-Bound Voyager

    I followed the installation instructions exactly.
    I downloaded the files, Extracted them, Put the files in my mod folder, and deleted my .ship file in the starbound/player folder.
    I also noticed afterwards, that I can't use fuel anymore. So I'm having to reinstall starbound.

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