Locked Door Can't Be Removed

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sanshark, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. tiinskii4

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    dude, many thanks. it's gone!
    I just try it by myselfe again.. i guess im not that smart. the only thing i can change is to set item stack to 999 :D
    Well then, fellow stardew valley player. You change it for me. as a reward, take my bag of attention. Unfortunately, thats the only "stuff" i can "give" you as reward. Also you receive a like. Hope it will help you in any case. By the way, im german, vegan and i do crossfit. Sorry for bad english. (running gag this sentence, but for real, im german but not a vegan and i do not crossfit) awwwww yeah. i need friends.

    thats it. bye <3
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      hey dude i have the same problem, i have 2 locked doors outside my house near to the slime hut, can u pls fix my save, u are my last chance :( this is my save file

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      • Mobfi.Steinbaum

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        Just wanted to say a HUGE! THANK YOU!!
        Your post saved my Game! deleted the code from my save-file and booom! the door was goooone :D <3
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