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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by monkeybee, Dec 11, 2018.

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    ive been waiting and hiding under a rock since 1.3 for the pc was announced but now im seeing things that say the swich update wont do the smart thing and have couch co-op this true? if so thats stupid ive been waiting for the update so im able to play with my dad not throw point less money at the swich verion if its not gonna enable co-op mode for famerlys that dont have the money to buy a cruse liner
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      How do you expect couch co-op to work when players can leave the screen and do things independently? Splitting the screen would make it impossible for any player to read toolbars, time, dialogue, etc. It would be crushed and illegible. imho ConcernedApe is doing the smart thing by not even attempting to create a couch co-op mode knowing how poorly it would pan out and knowing everything else he has to work on that would be infinitely more functional.
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        minecraft mannages to do it ..... who in there right mines makes a mutiplayer game/ update to a console game and dosent add split screen mutiplayer for real u can pick any other mutiplayer (non mmo) game on a console and it will have a split screen mode

        can do a horizontal split screen have player 1 on the top and player 2 on the bottom the whole point of mutiplayer on a console is to play with some 1 in the same house its not a handheld verion

        some 1 has even mannaged to make it as a mod for the pc verion
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