Race Lizard dappermen and crocogator steampunkers! (The Sallōk) [MOD AVAILABLE]

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So what do YOU think? (from a critical standpoint... not entirely personal)

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    Note: this race is very much work in progress, and is something that I put together in between classes and my spare time. While I personally think it would be a gap filling addition to the game, whether or not should be a part of the game in any way is entirely up to the developers with influence from the community. Feedback of any sorts is always appreciated, especially constructive criticism both positive and negative. (Though if you're going to post a full blown hate message, then at least keep it rated PG-13.) Either way, this is my suggestion of "The Sallok". Enjoy! (Or not... Whatever you're okay with.) google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/...DMAAvtTyYJSz7ifECV8uUZA/edit?usp=docslist_api

    The race itself is a fairly new one, achieving sentience only about 19,000 years ago. the planet, Treiach, is quite a bit larger than earth, and much much older. by the time the race had reached a Neanderthaloid level, the planet had become almost 9 billion years old! At which point most of the planet was mostly covered in water, save for a few tropical continents (and two polar caps), The oceans of which are filled with many deadly creatures, willing to incorporate anyone into the lower tiers of their food web. Even the land had become very much overtaken with dangerous herbivores, vicious carnivores, and deadly living vegetation. When the Sallōk had popped in, they evolved to out-think the other predators rather than out-fight them. The Sallōk started out as various lizards scattered throughout the world and evolved very similarly to earth Velociraptors (which, coincidentally enough, means "fast theif/siezer" in Latin) with the main exception being their longer and thicker arms, opposable thumbs, four total claws on a hand, and plantigrade legs rather than digitigrade legs. Building their hunting tactics around the basis of hit-and-run rather than merely overwhelming in groups. After millions of years of just doing things with inefficiency, they had discovered how to use their environment not just for hiding in underbrush; but also how to use their fancy opposable thumbs to climb a tree to land on the necks of prey, toss rocks and make diversions, and even how to use vines to trip and strangle larger creatures. this generation when they started using tools such as vines and stones, was the first step for their ascension up the evolutionary ladder. Developing the first layer of the cerebral cortex and no longer relying on the limbic system alone, this marked the start of a rapidly evolving race. The next landmark in their evolutionary history was the development of fire. Due to their mesa-blooded physiology, the Sallok had spent many generations worth of nights hiding in the still warm carcasses of large mammals in order to stay alive. However, they eventually learned of a new source of heat. Fire. Upon realizing this source of heat was much better at keeping them warm for longer, they proceeded to constantly fuel the small fires sparked by lightning, sparklings (small creatures that create sparks by clicking their flat jaws together, setting dry leaves ablaze, herding prey, cornering them, and devouring them.) and the silths (small, ravenous, omnivores that consume vast amounts of lipids and sugars, but have such a high metabolism that they can create small flames from releasing a highly concentrated burst of ATP and burning shedding lots of skin cells as a catalyst. ) when they realized that the smoke and light was making them easy to spot and attracting predators while occasionally causing uncontrolled fires, they had to learn how to control the flames and resorting to using the flames to ward off attackers. When they discovered how to make fire on their own, they harnessed its capabilities to get a huge advantage over other predators. Eventually, they learned how to craft even better tools from stone and managed to build societies with technology entirely based around fire and tools, used their technology to defend their territory, and combined their new technology with their brutal hunting tactics to herd off and burn, stab, and ensanguinate their prey to death. (This is also the point at which they had learned how to cook meat to burn off parasites instead of having to painstakingly pick out every worm, egg, and larva.) After they realized the potential for fire and tools, they also realized how much space it required, and soon realized the many other uses for territory and the brutal fighting that would ensue over it. Most Sallōk were savage fighters, but those with tools were better fighters, and wiped out the formerly superior groups in quick and bloody conflicts.
    After many millennia (est. 35millennia) they had built huge societies and had reached the technological equivalent of the Neolithic Age. Soon enough, they made another discovery, namely metal. I'm not going to go into specifics on how they got to that point, but soon after learning how to mine, they happening upon veins of tin, zinc, and copper. Afterwards, the Sallōk soon learned how to smelt and smith metals into alloys and tools, and eventually learned how to make iron, bronze, brass, and even steel (to a point ). Using their new skills, they built up even greater of a society and discovered even more expansive crafts including stone masonry, wood working, leather working, animal farming, and city/house building. Of course, not everyone wanted to share equally, so they devised a system dependent on an individual or a group of individuals having most control over their realm. Not all cities followed this system, and those that did normally had it run differently. As for the realms themselves, they needed to be expanded. With the threat of being overwhelmed, the many different realms would either wipe out any potential competition, or annex the tribes into their rule. [WIP]

    The Sallok are a race based around tinkering and experimenting, exploring, and especially dueling. While their technology level is fairly early with steam power, their culture is comparable to late Roman culture mixed with an English/Victorian style of architecture. their economy is based around straight up bartering items of value (such as gems, flowers, and materials) with the item's worth being based on how much value it holds for the traders in question rather than using a pre-determined currency system. Allowing for the auto-adjustment of the economy and not having to convert currency based on nation. As for social classes, they don't really give a damn about how much stuff you have, how rare your things are, or how valuable your things are; only what you've done with what you've had, how useful what you have is, and what you plan on doing with what you’re getting. how to get things is rather simple, trade for it or get/make it yourself (that includes being a little thief or ruthless pirate). on the topic of piracy, sort of loosely based on an honor system. if you attempt to pirate a ship or stealthily steal something, then its yours as long as you can do it successfully or without getting caught. otherwise, the defender is allowed to attack you and take from you. if you die, well thats your own fault. you have to have paid a reformation fee in order to come back to life. normally in the form of delicious bovine flesh or something useful or pretty (until the Sallok adapted the galactic currency system. At which point, reformation could be paid on death with the fee of 30% of the Sallok's pixel reserve) because of this "safe death system", pirates have had to resort to threatening to destroy the crew's precious ship rather than threatening them with death. normally keeping true to their word, a pirate will then confiscate the victim crew's cargo, and tow the damaged ship to the nearest port or make on-the-spot repairs so that the ship can be flown to the closest port but can't attack the pirates . For entertainment, many Sallok will turn to the brutal sport of dueling, in which two or more fighters will fight to the finish. Normally, a duel would finish with one duelist overpowering the other(s) while the crowd would vote on life or death. The final decision would be up to a sponsor that would either place their claw on their neck to kill them, or chest to spare them. Until reformation was a convenience, most of the duelists would be spared, because while Sallok love bloodsports, nobody liked dying, nobody liked watching others die, and nobody really liked killing others, or because the duelist is famous or put up an excellent show, as well as a law stating that the the duelist's apprentice would be paid a huge value in materials, gems, and weapons. (Before reformation was available, a duelist would have a 90% chance of being spared) For Sallok that aren't in the mood for violence, they either turn to their hobby or listening/playing music. As the Sallok aren't exactly the best for woodwinds instruments, Musical Sallok almost always choose some sort of percussion or the occasional string instrument (with the exception of guitars, banjos, or similar strummed instruments). The more popular instruments used are: timpanny, bells, steam pipes (makes differently toned hissing noises), dolsomer, harpsichord, chello, base string, hangdrum, pipe vibrophone, crystal bowl (a small glass bowl with a bit of water. Played by running a wooden dowel along the rim), pipe organ, and what humans call "the banshee cry" (which is really just a small ball bearing in a sixty sided tube. Makes a whirring noise when its spun.) Theater is also a popular option for a lot of Sallok, and revolves almost entirely around story-telling and humor (normally farcical and satirical with occasional slapstick). [theater lore is also very WIP right now]

    I'm thinking something along the lines of houses being compacted together in grids with no open space except the main streets, under the houses, and in the "sanctuary" (essentially a large patch of nature that is not going to kill you the moment you step into it. Like a park in the middle of the city)the citizens would climb out of the bottom of their house onto the cobble paving and walk to under the other houses to the sunlit main streets. the houses themselves will be two houses. One above the paving and one below it. The upper house is for living quarters an personal recreation. The lower house will be for storage and normal houses the citizen's workshop and/or training area. The citizen owns the houses and can do with it what they will. The city owns the property and can build various buildings and public spaces where needed.
    [thats all for now]

    On the topic of religion, while seldom as devoted to their religion as avians are, sallok are firm supporters of polytheism, the soul containing a creature's personality, karma, and going to "limbo" upon death. The Sallok believe that there are six great, formless, deities that control the planets. They are Tiürrahc, the goddess of the earth, gems, and all life on and in the planets, and is sister to Eīrüs; Ōgnīerac,the god of all that burn and boil, all metal, and brother of Eqærōs; Eīrüs, the god of the winds, weather, and death, and is the brother of Tiürrahc; Eqærōs, goddess of the waters and cold of the planets and sister of Ōgnīerac; Lüxīros, the god of light, chaos, and destruction, and father/creator of Ōgnīerac and Eqærōs; and Tīnübāhrī, the goddess of night, creation, and order, and mother/creator of Tiürrahc and Eīrüs. They worship the gods simply through doing and occasionally sacrificing things with the intention of pleasing them. Such as smithing an incredible blade and then melting it down into slag as an offering to Ōgnīerac, sacrificing an animal and spreading its blood in the name of Tiürrahc, or spending a night in total darkness to pay respects to Tīnübāhrī. The idea of the soul and limbo was always supported. but now that Sallōk can die without too much fear, there have been many reports of Sallok spending one night/day in a place that reflects their desires, and one day/night in a place that reflects their fears. which is your place of fear or desire depends on what your alignment is with light and dark, and how desirable your day and night are depends on your overall "karma". Very kind and well behaved Sallok report their day/night of desire is an incredible pleasant experience while their night is rather spooky. The opposite is true for the unkind Sallok, with reports of their place of desire being baren and sad while their world of fear scars them into a state of constant terror and even trauma. Sometimes with lasting effects such as dementia and psychosis.

    The Sallok tend to have excellent understanding about pneumatics, hydraulics, thermodynamics, engineering, mathematics, metallurgy, most craftsmanships (including but not limited to: smithing, metalworking, tinkering, ship making, leather working, and wood working), barter and haggling, piloting, pirating, stealth, and melee based combat. they also can be rather skilled mining, hurling ranged weapons (javelins, throwing knives, tomahawks, etc.) space travel, music, politics, and in making culinary delights (though you'll never find a Sallokian meal that's better than a human's gourmet dish). Though it is recommended to become an apprentice in order to learn most skills, some Sallok do end up teaching themselves a trade, resulting in either a very unskilled conman or a very talented craftsman. Another thing is that most Sallok can specialize in only one or two things, and must have others do what they can't in order to achieve anything, thus forcing communities of Sallok to cooperate with each other in order to survive and expand their influence, such as architects working on the structural and aesthetics of a city, while engineers design the utility and mechanical parts of it. They are rather unskilled in using launched weapons (such as slingshot or firearm weapons), though they can use a bow, crossbow, pneumatic cannon, or hydraulic sling to get some work done. Until recently, most Sallok tend to be COMPLETELY inept at the following: electronics, computer science, doing any form of surgery on people without causing immense agony, surviving in most cold environments, advanced pyrotechnics, advanced biology, advanced chemistry, advanced physics, most forms of continuous or automated processing, botany, not arguing with apex, singing, rapid transport anywhere (except down, but thats only if they are falling out of a blimp/skyship without a glidesuit or "declension arrester"/parachute), dancing, choreography, expanding civilization quickly (like humans), recognizing the fact that challenging someone to a duel is not the best after meeting someone new in most other cultures, multitasking (which, if you ask me, is essentially doing twice the work half as well anyway.), using any form of firearm or energy weapon proficiently, animal befriending, and realizing that piracy and theft is illegal everywhere else in the god damned universe. soon after establishing contact with the other races, the Sallok were eventually able to learn how to deal with some of these issues, although they are still generally mediocre at working with electronics.

    The Sallok are very standard creatures. Often generalized as Giant lizards with proportionally shorter tails and longer, bulkier limbs. Their skeletal system is very fragile but has a lot more bone marrow than most mammals in order to supply more oxygen and nutrients to the brain. The brain itself is fairly small compared to humans, but is much denser and has quite about more surface area than an avian. The main difference between the Sallok brain and that of other sapient species is the size of the limbic system. The system as a whole is takes up about 15% more of the brain than the limbic system of a human, with the orbitofrontal, piriform, and Entorhinal cortices and the hippocampus/Fornix, being ~5% larger proportionately. Resulting in faster reflexes/decision making, but significantly worse memory and attention span. Therefore, their actions tend to be less planned (a critical flaw in some situations), but are better improvised and are more influenced by intuition and fight-or-flight instinct. Often with polarized results (either great success or critical failure, sometimes in between.) . Their digestive system is similar to that of most creatures, but is quite about shorter due to their primarily meat based diet. The Sallok are mostly carnivores and have a stomach that can contain and digest large quantities of food at one time. The Sallok eat once per day, and eat a huge amount of food at one time, tearing their food into large chunks and swallowing them whole. While they are carnivores, they do in fact eat plant matter. however, since their stomach cannot properly process raw plant matterial, they would eat the already-digesting plant matter in the stomachs of their slain prey. But now, due to their technological advancements, they can process plants into toppings for their meals, such as grinding up armaranth grain and mixing it with their ground meat pattie, or mashing potatoes and serving with their neef stew. Concerning their respiratory system, their they have much larger lungs and a stronger diaphragm, and have dense enough lung tissue to acclimate to pressure much more easily than most other races.(With the exception of hylotl and the novakid. their circulatory system is, in fact, hex-valved and can circulate 50% more blood per second than a human can. While their physiology does allow them to do strenuous activity for longer, their smaller muscles result in them being generally weaker or slower than a human. They also have significantly shorter life spans, contrary to a normal lizzard, (to put into perspective: a gecko or snake can live up to about 20 years, a gator could probably live to be about 40-50 years, and a turtle can, on average, live up to 90-110 years. a Sallōk's lifespan is normally about quarter shorter than a human's) normally living to ~70, 80 if they're lucky. With the record age being ~90 years old (~120 Sallok years)

    Since the race is so expansive, there are quite a few different sub-species each with their own defining features in physical features and skills. These differences don’t prevent anyone from being anything they want, if they set their mind to it. Here are a few of the more notable subspecies:

    Preisacc: Your standard anthropomorphic jungle lizard. Slightly shorter than a human, and with a mind for ingenuity, a Preisacc often takes the role of tinkerer, engineer, or sneak-thief. They normally duel as any of the light to mid class styles.
    Sallok Ref (Preisacc).png Sallok Ref (tinkerer).png
    (Two examples of a Preisacc: Unclothed and Tinkerer)

    Geituran: Looks like a giant two legged alligator or crocodile. Due to their immense strength but lack of graceful fingers, their job is normally working at the forges and/or foundries. If not bringing their hammer down on an anvil or skull, they are generally doing heavy lifting for others or are working as miners or loggers. They tend to use a cenareon, cennotian, or narnolluan style of dueling.
    Sallok Ref (Geituran).png Sallok Ref (Smith).png
    Two examples of a Geituran (unclothed and blacksmith)
    Ballioneq: semi-aquatic and pacifistic, Ballioneq are one of the few kinds of Sallok that dislike dueling and prefer to stick up beautiful decorations about and around the communities in which they dwell. They tend to be the creative type and are responsible for the more aesthetically pleasing architecture and decor that one may see among the streets and in the houses of Sallokian communities. Their normal
    career choices tend to be based around culinary expertise, architecture, and shipbuilding.
    Sallok Ref (Ballioneq).png
    A nude Ballioneq (haven’t quite finished the chef sprite)
    Shar: they look similar to the preisacc with the exception of their wider snout, shorter tail, and denser build, these cynical Sallok are much better acclimated to higher altitudes and are proficient in air trade and sky piracy due to their build. As fighters, they normally use a style like that of a shinsirian, cenareon, or csonotarian style.
    Sallok Ref (Shar).png Sallok Ref (Pirate).png
    A nude Shar and a pirate Shar

    (yes, i went so far as to make an entire language for a race that I doubt anyone would really care about. Don't judge me)
    Appears to be a strange language that bears similar resemblance to remixed latin mixed with english. Since word order doesn't really matter so much, direct word-for-word translations using a universal translator tend to be very awkward. a few examples include:
    Celvi! Hello!
    Nononi! Can nun guang uat tthiri! Ict shrogodoccini velti! Intentional: No! I am not going out there! It is very very cold! Result: No! Not out there I am going! cold very it is!
    trev iuar gletoac it peret et qangnet! draw your sword and prepare to fight!
    Ijū antarshāsāic! I will kill you! I kill!
    (If you want something more in depth, then I'll make a semi-accurate translation guide after enough people request so)

    The concept of family by bloodline is a foreign one to most Sallok, as they are raised in a school until they are ready to learn a trade and take on an apprenticeship. When born, a Sallok parent will care for the egg until it is near hatching (about 2 months). After that period is over, the parent will give the egg to an institution of their choice. Where they will learn basic skills such as reading, writing, language, logic skills, basic arithmetic, culture, history, and rhetoric. After the child has successfully passed its final test, it is then ready to move on to spend one month with a group of students learning a trade skill, changing trade each month until they find a skill that suits them. Upon which, they will spend a period of 1 year learning the basics of the trade. After that period is finished, a group of masters for that skill will each choose an student as their apprentice and own son/daughter, and will care for them as so.

    There are many styles of fighting in Sallokian society. Almost all are based off of using blades of some sort and come from the various scattered but connected societies around the planet. Here are a few of the many styles used in dueling:

    Cennoti: heavy armor, and massive sword. Recommended to fight using speed based tactics when fighting against one. Shields not recommended as the massive sword will break your arm if you try to block.

    Tresoen: heavy fabric cloak with armored vambraces and shin guards, wields one or two short-swords or daggers. Be very wary of their hit-and-run tactics. Shields are an excellent defense against their attacks. Nets can be very useful for entangling tresoen, making them incredible vulnerable targets. Watch out for the cloak though, as it can easily wrap around your weapon and disarm you, or wrap around your head and break your neck.

    Jevilonoir: light armored vest, wielding one or two light javelins normally with two extra strapped to their back. Try to maintain your distance, but be aware of the fact that they can normally hurl a javelin with reliable accuracy and distance. If you get very close, then it will make the fight much harder for the jevilonoir as the shafts tend to be rather ineffective for hitting things.

    Narnollu: very heavy armor with a massive shield. Weapon tends to be a short pike, hammer, or other one handed weapon. This is a rather tough enemy fight on head on against. it is also difficult if you are a cennoti as a Narnollian style requires you to be strong enough to wield such a large shield with one arm, making it one of the few styles of fighting that block a cennotian blade rather than dodging it. A good tactic to use is either using a net to tangle their sword arm, or dodging behind their shield reach to take a stab at one of the weak points in their armor. it is also a good idea to take advantage of their limited field of view and keep to the sides and back of them.

    Shinsiri: Light armor with merely a rapier, this style very difficult to to master, but is a very good style to use against most heavy styles as the sharp point can pierce through most armor. when fighting against one, a shield is a very good thing to have, as it can easily deflect the light blade and can disarm the shinsirian if the blade gets stuck in the shield. for those without shields, a heavy cloak can be used to wrap their sword arm, and disarm them or pull them down to the ground. another good tactic for those with unhindered movement (other than arena) is to simply keep dodging and moving so that the shinsirian cannot get a pattern to place a precise blow.

    Csonoteri: Light-Medium armor with dual short swords or scimitars, occasionally with a buckler or armor strip on the arms. fast and fluid, this class is very much based around counters, interruptions, and fluid combos. As confusing as the style can be, the best tactic to use is to simply break that fluidity in any way (normally a well timed block or parry), resulting in them completely falling out of step with the rhythm of the battle, causing a lot of pain for csonoteri that can’t recover quickly.

    Cenareo: Medium armor with a long, hefty, double-edged blade, and medium sized shield. Cenareo are very disciplined fighters that spend years honing and mastering their skills. this style devastating to those who can’t stand up to the weight of the blade’s blows constantly raining down on them. because of its medium weight, it can be used with reliable speed and control, but is still heavy enough to parry strongly and attack with powerful slashes. Because of its weight, it can also be rather easy to dodge by those with less armor to hinder them, making it a fairly difficult fight for a Cenareon up against a light class duelist.

    Ritoeroac: Short pants and full arm and shoulder/neck guard, wielding a very tough net and trident/blade catcher. This rather lightly armoured style is a rather unique one, as it is the only style that uses a net in combat. while armed as a fisher men, this style is seen as very much a threat as the net can easily snag an enemy sword, limb, or neck, rendering them quite helpless against the trident. most heavy styles, however, tend to be much stronger than most Ritoeroac and can not only resist the pull of the net, but even rip it from the Ritoeroac’s hand and continue to defend against the less dangerous trident. as for the lighter styles, the best tactic to use is to simply keep away from the net as, once thrown, it can be rather hard to throw again immediately, leaving the Ritoeroac rather vulnerable to a sword slash. though they can still fight without the net quite well. (Great job if you can recognize what styles of fighting these are inspired by.)

    While masters of engineering and pneumatics, the sallok are certainly not well known for the speed of transportation and are sometimes considered infamous for the patience required for their land and space vehicles. some of their ground vehicles include steam powered quad bikes, ancient looking cars, and a very nifty looking(but slowish) hoverbike. as they are steam powered the faster ones are much harder to control and are guided by rails. the fastest a Sallokian steam-trans has ever reached was 110mph on a steam train. most of the slower, more maneuverable, vehicles reach speeds ranging from 5 mph (steam carriage)to 50 mph (steam hoverbike). Going over land was also very dangerous due to the numerous creatures that are more than willing to incorporate anyone into their diet, especially plants. Speed wise, the sea was a fairly good choice as it was much faster than going over land and gave them access to the other continents. The biggest drawback of traveling overseas is the fact that the waters of treiach are even more deadly than the lush forests and jungles on land. Without the monsters, the steamboats are reliably fast, but can take quite a long time to get somewhere due to having to travel in the longest route possible (often while dealing with numerous predators on the way). The only way they were able to properly explore was through the air. Faster and(for the most part) safer, air travel quickly became the most preferred method of travel for anybody who could build or afford a ship. (Which eventually became just about everybody) of course, like any form of trade, air trade grew to become one of the more well paying, and more dangerous, job options due to piracy. Pirates can, at times, be very formidable opponents that will take most of whatever cargo you have, mostly by forcing you to pay them to take your ship to the nearest port after killing or capturing you. (The reformation technology makes piracy much harder, as you no longer can simply threaten to kill them)

    In space, there are many different models of spaceship, (almost all of them are custom made by a group of experienced tinkerers/engineers and shipbuilders, normally the crew themselves.) but none of which have gone any faster than 18,000 mph (until the other races helped them by showing them core engines and FTL drive technologies) . Another problem they faced was communication. They hadn't invented radio technology as mail and resonant pipe messaging had been a fairly reliable method for communicating across long distances, the only way they could communicate was to record messages on a piece of paper, that would be stored in a very thick safe in case the original crew didn't survive. There were many other problems that they hadn't counted on, such as adaptation to the low gravity, the insanely cold temperatures, pressure leaks, and (very rarely) a miscalculation. Later, after they were "discovered" by unknown race, new advances learned from them taught allowed Sallok to solve all of the catastrophic issues that prevented them from reaching out further than orbit. resulting in many Sallok building their own ships and rocketing off to satisfy their curiosity. Soon after taking flight (again) to the planets within their solar system they soon happened upon an outpost gate. after finding out where it led, the message of even more to discover was communicated throughout the Sallokian system, prompting many Sallok flocking to the gate to see where it led. It was after establishing contact with the other races that they learned technologies such as FTL drives, reformation tech, and S. A. I. L. Eventually, the Sallok managed to establish themselves as part of the chucklefish union (or whatever it is called) and proceeded to expand their explorations throughout the universe.

    (Note: these are just suggestions on how they may interact with other species. If anybody finds this imposing on other races lore then i will change them.accordingly)

    Humans: Unfortunately for the Sallok, the responses from humans can be very polarized. Some find them really cool, others find them exceptionally creepy or scary due to their reptilian features. Other than that, humans tend to keep away from Sallok, seeing them as untrustworthy pirates or dirty thieves. When a human and Sallok do end up meeting each other without hostility, they can end up growing rather fond of each other or one become rather offended by the others imposed cultures (such as humans and their "so-very-terrifying" house plants , or Sallok and their complete misunderstandings on humans and their culture).

    Floran: Because of the many killer flora on Treiach, Sallok often respond to Florans with unease or fear. The fear of florans is not normally helped by the Florans’ tribal and predatory natures. Their uncanny ability to reproduce rapidly and consume entire planets has led to Sallok completely outlawing many floran on their planet (with a few non-tribal exceptions).

    Glitch: Sallok are immensely fascinated with the Glitch, seeing them as incredibly intricate automatons that seem to behave just like sentient beings. The result tends to be the Sallok invading the poor Glitches’ personal space, and messing with their buttons, levers, and screws. (One event even resulted in the disassembly of a poor glitch. Raising tension between the races)

    Avian: The Sallok tend to be fairly friendly towards Avians, but often question their devotion to Kluex and their monotheistic religion and not their polytheistic beliefs. Of course, Since both are melee fighting races, the Sallok and Avians will often have friendly dueling matches. The challenge for both sides being the fact that they have to adapt to fighting agains styles completely different from their own. When not dueling, Sallok and Avians will often be chatting about their views on religion and their ideas for technological advancement.

    Novakid: seen the as fellow explorers, Sallok often see novakid as either fascinating creatures that can hold an interesting conversation, or a rowdy bunch of disorderly gas bags that are an accident just waiting to happen. (I'm not exactly sure how the novakid would think of Sallok. I'm open to suggestions.)

    Apex: Apex and Sallok rarely ever get along. They are always arguing on how things should be designed or problems should be solved. For example, a Sallok may suggest using a hydraulic buzz-saw in order to saw down a tree and use pneumatic press-blades to manufacture it into lumber, where an Apex would use a an energy slicer to cut the tree and process it. Because of their differing views, Sallok and Apex sort of have a racial feud between each other, resulting in many issues between them. Such as having a very heated argument erupt into a full on brawl, duels cut short because the backstabbing Sallok brought a knife and chameleon suit to a rocket fight, or just endlessly bitter resentment towards each other.

    Hylotl: Often seeing the people as very strange, the Sallok themselves have mixed feelings toward the Hylotl. Some of them see the Hylotl as interesting salamander-like creatures with a fascinating and incredibly foreign culture that contrasts with their own, while others look down on them as disgusting crossbreeds of fish and frogs with a strange culture that is "wrong in every way imaginable". Also, they tend to regard them with disdain as the Hylotl tend to be complete snobs...

    Idea for a light battle-smith
    Walking sprite sallok-anim-gif-(Running).gif
    Running sprite
    Sallok Ref (Heavy dueslist).png
    Heavy reference sprite
    Posing preisacc tinkerer/ me
    On a moonless night.png
    A duel in space... because why not...(it looks cooler in full view)
    image.jpg Concept for a def based heavy. image.jpg
    Concept for anatomical sketch. image.jpg
    Don't smoke sallōkian planterā joints...

    I'm having trouble figuring out balancing between armors, but the race combat will be more centered around items and tech and will probably be more mobility and utility based that can be used in combat situations rather than being straight up melee-shield-or-gun based. (Such as flash staves or the "vertical accession device")

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please post, I am open to all. sprite ideas and suggestions are also appreciated.

    P.S.- I would like to stress again, I am looking for feedback and criticism. If you don't like my race, tell me what's wrong so I can fix it. I won't be offended. (Honestly, I actually would like to see some negative criticsm so I know what I need to improve. )
    Last edited: May 22, 2015
  2. Robotoh

    Robotoh Orbital Explorer

    I really like them. My only suggestion would be to add some kind of tail plating in the armor sets. Other than that, it's extremely well made and well thought out. I'm on board, 100%.
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  3. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Tail armor eh? Well... It might work if it were something like flexible leather or chain. While the chain might snag a hooked or serrated blade for a moment, it probably wouldn't protect well against a physical blow. Same problem with hardened leather, while it allows slightly more movement than chain links, but won't protect against most stabbing or crushing weapons. Slotted
    plates might work but it would make moving about signifigantly more difficult and would most likely result in the tail being an easier target for those with medium to heavy weapons. Especially hammers which could easily dent the armor, stiffen the tail even more, and break quite a few bones, completely defeating the purpose. Against lighter opponents however the plating should provide ample protection against the smaller daggers and steel claws. Spears might be a problem, but the lighter fighters are normally based around finding weak points rather than using strength to puncture the thicker armor. I may consider it. Thank you for your feedback.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2015
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  4. Robotoh

    Robotoh Orbital Explorer

    Well what I mean is just at least a single plate strapped to the tail or something so the armor doesn't look so bare. It could even occupy a back slot, like the Avian Iron Wings.
  5. Rex Blackbeak

    Rex Blackbeak Spaceman Spiff

    Well CAn I Make Art Of This Guys?
    And What Ver Is This... Upbeat Giraffe or Spirited Giraffe?
  6. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Its still very WIP. Will be for spirited giraffe. Also, go ahead and art away! Let me know if you need an art reference.
  7. Rex Blackbeak

    Rex Blackbeak Spaceman Spiff

    Oh.. Spirited Girrafe... Well I Now Know...( I Still Use Upbeat Girrafe... Its AWESOME )
    Last edited: May 20, 2015
  8. Rex Blackbeak

    Rex Blackbeak Spaceman Spiff

    Last edited: May 20, 2015
  9. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Nice! I'm assuming that's a Geītüran? Though for future reference, that hole on his head is supposed to be his ear. If you look at reptile biology, you will see that rather than having ears sticking out of their head like us, they have a hole in their head leading directly to their eardrum. Other than that, it looks very nice. Though if I may ask, is the Gaītüran you made supposed to be gator-esque or croc-esque? To me its sort of in between, but I'm leaning a bit more as to believe thg it's more gator-like as the teeth are sticking out, even if its only in one direction.
    I haven't done that yet 'cause I'm doing most of my forum stuff on my phone while at school. I'll do it when I get a chance to use my computer.
    Huh... You're kind of right! Maybe if I find the time, I could make a little MUGEN game from it. Or something like that...
  10. Rex Blackbeak

    Rex Blackbeak Spaceman Spiff

    Ohh Great..
  11. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    I can't tell if that's a positive or negative response... :/
  12. Rex Blackbeak

    Rex Blackbeak Spaceman Spiff

    Positive :)
    Anyways It Would Be A Great Idea To Make It A MUGEN :O[DOUBLEPOST=1432130635][/DOUBLEPOST]Anways Can I Ask Do you Have Steam? Mines http://steamcommunity.com/id/EatDinosaurs/
  13. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Yes, it's in my profile's personal information. (I'm sure you can guess the username. ;) )
  14. Rex Blackbeak

    Rex Blackbeak Spaceman Spiff

    Well I Couldnt Add You As A Friend Better Add Me In Your Perpective.. Woah Prison Architect(My Sisters Fave Game But She Could Not Play It Because Of Bad Graphic/Video Card)BTW Whats That In Your Avatar?
  15. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    I believe that is an old OLD illustration of a Sallok (then called a schallvren) back from 6th grade. And was also my first time making a digital art piece. :/
    Also, prison architect was simply a gift from a friend for my birthday two years ago, I don't play it much. Mostly borderlands 2, Starbound, minecraft, Terraria, unreal tournament, and quake.
  16. Rex Blackbeak

    Rex Blackbeak Spaceman Spiff

    Anyways Add Me As A Friend(I Couldnt My Steam Account Is I Dunno Broken)
  17. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Added beginning for "The Metal Age" in history

    Added basic anatomical concept for skeleton and porportions.
  18. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Alright, so I realize that I've neglected this race for way too long, and that it needs some love. But, once I figure out how to create "lit" ship files for @Hanesy he may help me out with turning this into a mod! As for this thread, I will continue adding to it when I can. Schools starting up again very soon, so progress may be a bit slow.
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  19. Benkinz99

    Benkinz99 Pangalactic Porcupine

    I love this race. But... how will the ship look? You've said that they are kind of in a steampunk like era, so it would look steampunk but with a bit of more advanced technology here and there.
    (BTW not my sketch, just something I found on the internet that looks accurate) [​IMG]
  20. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    i'm actually thinking of designs closer to space airships and boats... i'll sketch something up when I'm done with my current set of requests... (and update this bloody thread...)
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