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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vincitytaymodaimo, Sep 18, 2018.

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    Just wanted to say i have a livestream channel incase anyone wants to make art while actually talking to other artists. The channel has a chat, but voice also works.

    I started working like this after a competition, i joined up on a livestream channel and talked to other artists, and my art seriously improved on the spot. why? well, when u make art in any way shape or form, u get so used to it u start making mistakes u cant see anymore. Having other people watching and discussing design with u can make u start doing stuff u didn know u could do.

    If anyone feel like having a artwork studypartner, let me, ive been doing this so long i have alot of experience with artwork in general, and photoshop if that is what u are using.

    If u seen my work, i do Digital Paintings, i dont sprite at all. BUT, rules of light,shape and color applies to pixelart aswell, it must be treated as a 3d object just like a painting, in order for it to look beliveable and to be understood by the viewers eye.

    Im not gonna post my channel just yet as it only has testvideos on it atm, but i usually stream 2 hours a day, but i really wanna find myself a steady studybuddy who loves artwork as much as i do.

    Doesnt matter if u do pixel or other things, design ideas applies to any artform. I consider myself fairly decent at digital painting, and i just like helping ppl with whatever artwork issues they have.

    thats it, open offer, i stream to help others, and i even belive the livestream supports dualview so ppl can see both our screens, and talk in the chat with us, it really helps motivation compared to sitting alone in a room trying to figure out design when are uncertain of where to begin.

    PM me or answer here, and i'll give u the details of the stream and how to get settled
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    Probably would be more useful if you posted a portfolio link and stream link.

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