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  1. Seru Moonborn

    Seru Moonborn Void-Bound Voyager

    As the title implies, just a list of suggestions I thought would be nice to see implemented into the game. A lot of these stem from the Rune Factory series, mainy Frontier and Oceans

    -Ocean Exploration, Islands, Deep Sea fishing.
    Expansion out into the waters would be interesting. Have Willy take you (and perhaps your spouse/children or both) on a fishing trip, where fish that aren't seen around the mountains, farm, and town aren't seen. Sharks, Mackrel, ETC. In terms of islands, ones that are stuck in one seaon (akin to those in RFO) would be cool. Of course, getting the seeds might be a slight problem.

    -Better Marriage and Family
    I know it's probably been posted a thousand times, but there needs to be an improvement to marriage and pregnancy/children. Harvey does run a clinic, and it's hardly used. Have yourself or your wife (in a typical marriage) say something about "feeling ill" or "off kilter" some time after they ask if you'd want to have a baby, bring them to the clinic and Harvey or Maru give the good news. If your spouse happens to be Harvey or Maru, could skip the entire clinic process and have an at home check-up, seeing as they'd both probably have knowledge of such things.
    As for the children: I did read someone else's post (I can't remember your name, apologies) about having them take on different life paths depending on..I believe it was gifts you gave them? That's a very interesting idea BUT, I've an alternative. Instead of giving them magazines and whatnot, why not create toys based off of things like livestock, farmwork, mining, combat, fishing, etc. When they reach the toddler stage, they could ask yourself (or your spouse, who could then relay the info to you) about work on one of these topics; and perhaps have them grow to a child about the age of Vincent and Jas, who could follow you around town and help you out with various tasks. Relating to Vincent and Jas, I also thought it'd be interesting for your child/children to interact with them, and perhaps attend the same teaching experience with Penny.

    -The City
    I'd like to actually be able to go to the city myself, instead of just hearing about it through other townsfolk or going there one time with Shane. Have it change depending if you went with the Community Center or Joja Mart. Go with the Community Center, see more things from your farm and pelican town available. Go with Joja Mart, see the Mega Mall that's eluded to in one of Abigail's random questions. Be able to see the Governor outside of the Luau. What the shops and Governor would have to offer, I have no idea.

    -Something more with Marlon, Gil and the Adventurer's Guild.
    I don't really know how to improve upon these, but I feel like there needs to be something more to them. You can't talk to Marlon normally outside of festivals, and Gil doesn't even acknowledge you unless you do some of the monster slaying achievements.The Adventurer's Guild itself feels...incomplete to me. When I see the word "Adventurer's Guild" I think of a large group of people, willing to go to the ends of the earth just because they can and want to. Not two older gentlemen and a farmer. Perhaps have people come into the guild every once in awhile, who offer you help on exploring the mines or need your help getting something from the mines.

    I'm honestly surprised this isn't in the game already. Could have a tea plant that could possibly be planted all seasons aside from winter, and place the leaves in a cask or fermentation barrel to produce tea. Different seasons could produce different teas, and planting certain flowers or produce around them could also have an effect on it.

    -Flooding and Snowmelt
    I'll admit that this one is a bit strange, but Lewis occasionally mentions the river flooding while it's raining or storming. If it rains too much, the water levels could rise and offer different fish; and depending what type of farm you chose and how close a crop is to a body of water, the crop could be destroyed.
    Same could go for snowmelt. First week of Spring would still have some snow on the ground, which would melt and cause bodies of water to rise.

    -Different approach to marriage proposal
    I like the idea of the Mariner, and he should stay as is. A little backstory on why he's there would be nice though. Anyway, the ability to craft your own Mermaid Pendant would be an interesting addition. Perhaps with a high quality Rainbow Shell and Silk; which could come from cloth somehow? Still have the mariner show up on rainy days, but perhaps only a percent chance of him showing up, and have him teach you how to make the pendant in addition to also giving you one? I'm not entirely sure how this would work but it's an idea nonetheless.

    -More Heart Events
    There are some characters that have little to no heart events at all. Jas, Vincent, Kent, Lewis, Penny, Willy, The Dwarf, Krobus and Sandy could use some, in my opinion. There's probably other characters that could use more, but I either haven't kept track of how many hearts they have or have no idea where they are.

    -Ability to see villagers on the map, and some sort of cue to let you know that a heart event is ready.
    The former has probably be posted about a hundred times aswell. There really needs to be a way to see where the villagers are during the day. I'd also like some sort of...hint or cue to let me know that a villager has a heart event ready. Special dialouge or an icon next to their name on the relations list.

    -Do something with the closed Joja Mart
    Spoiler warning, kinda. Skip this if you don't want to know what happens if you finish the community center.

    Once you finish the community center, Morris leaves and the Joja Mart just kinda...sits there. I think the building should be converted into a proper school. Penny mentions that there isn't a school in Pelican Town, and it'd be interesting if there actually were. Perhaps have Penny be the teacher, or someone new could come in and replace Morris' spot. The school could change dialouge for the whole town, espeically Vincent, Jas, and your child if the aforementioned improvment on them were to come to actuality.

    -Your Spouse and You
    This somewhat pertains to the aforementioned improvements of the marriage system, but I thought it could use it's own thing. I, personally, think it would be _really_ interesting if special events occured between yourself and your spouse on some, if not all, the festivals. I got this idea from seeing Penny and Demetrieus dancing during the Luau, and thought "Now why can't I do that?" I'll list off some of the ideas I had for some of the fesivals:
    Flower Dance: Haley mentions being the Flower Queen for years in a row. What if yourself or your female spouse took that title either on the first dance you attend as a couple?

    Luau: Have a choice of asking your spouse to dance, or just sit with them on the beach or at the pier. I believe this should happen after the Potluck is finished. Maybe add new dialouge for all of the villagers pertaining to how the soup was.

    Dance of the Moonlight Jellies: It'd be really cute if yourself and your spouse had a moment of some sort during this festival. Perhaps a kiss after Lewis lights the torch, and the Jellies appear?

    Stardew Valley Fair: If I recall correctly, I think a few of the spouses actually say something about the grange display for this one. Why not have them add something that they thought was missing from your display, or otherwise say how good it looks?

    Spirit's Eve: Something partaining to them being afraid of the maze. I'm not entirely sure. This could work in Abigail's case, particularly. The 10-Heart event for her, is her getting scared by a bunch of bats in the mines. Have her recall that, or something of the like. Not really sure what the other spouses could do.

    Feast of the Winter Star: Alright, this one would require a bit of a change in Stardrops. Probably just replace the one you get from your spouse at 13/12 hearts. The first year you two attend this together, your spouse would be your secret santa OR a special event occurs when you go home, in both cases the gift is a Stardrop; followed by some cutesy flavor text.

    I also think that all of these could be done with your child/children somehow, except for the Feast of the Winter star. Either have your child/children be included in the event somehow, or have a seperate one just for them. I do have one idea specifically for the children, partaining to the one festival I didn't mention.

    Ice Festival: This will only happen if you won on the year previous of your child/children being born. Talking to Willy will trigger a special event, in which willy tells your child/children how their mother/father (you) won the festival last year. Willy will then ask you "Aye lad/lass, why not let the little tyke enter in your place this year? I'm curious to see if that fishin' talent runs in the family!" Agreeing will trigger another cutscene in which you help/teach your child/children fish during the event, and perhaps Lewis or Willy giving you some sort of award in the form of "runner up" money, or a statue; and Willy will give your child/children a sailor hat similar to the one you won.

    That's all for now. I may or may not add to this in the future. I'd love to see feedback (a poll is enabled)
    , and see some possible critisism/aditional ideas. Thanks for reading!~
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    • HerrGiannibee

      HerrGiannibee Aquatic Astronaut

      These things are all great ideas, which could make this game even better. There are minor things I´d personally like to add:

      - closed Joja Mart:
      The school-suggestion is definitly a good start - maybe it could be another project (see community center bundles) in which you could invest money and/or resources. This event could trigger if you get children/a child at the very least.

      - Your Spouse and You - and the town folks in general:
      In addition to your suggestion of influencing the possible future of your child/children would I suggest that there could be special questions/events that could maybe change the course of the game forever or just for a small amount of time. Take Abigail`s question how she should dye her hair for instance: She definitly likes the idea of having her hair bubblegum pink. So why not have her hair pink for like a month? Also: All relationsships are positive, there are no problems between the villagers or between the player and them. This game is really relaxing but wouldn´t it be more realistic if your actions made one of them dislike you, so you had to make a much bigger effort to change this ?

      Anyway that´s all of my part, your suggestions are all great, as I said before, and I wouldn´t be disappointed in an update implementing this in the game.

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