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    First off, I want to give kudos to the lone dev, Concerned_Ape, on this game. I've personally been looking forward to this game for about two years, and am incredibly excited it finally released. I'm truly thankful to have a fresh release of this gametype, and am in awe this was accomplished by one person. So, truly, my sincerest thanks Concerned_Ape.

    That said, this is the Suggestions Section, so let's begin.

    1. Saving - Enabling save on exit/quit. This is one of the most highly requested features, and will fill the need of everyone who isn't able to play for a whole day. Understandably will take a great deal of work, but will make many lives easier as it removes the time requirement to play.​
    2. Starpedia - Being forced to refer to third sources of information is disliked by a lot of people. There should be a Starpedia in the library, or an inherited diary with information on crops, animals, fishing, forage, minerals, etc. How much each is worth, where to find, seasons they grow, what time to find, etc. Also include information on professions as exactly what they do, and where the lead. Basically, an in-game Wiki. The reasoning behind this could be that you're not the first farmer there.​
    3. Festivities - Allow for walking around after a festivity, talking to the villages with discussions about how much they enjoyed it. This allows for deeper immersion and makes it feel a little more worthwhile rather than going straight home. To go home, just leave the area.​
    4. Friendly Dances - Enable platonic dancing with friends. It would be nice to give Granny a whirl since Gramps is in a wheel chair.​
    5. Energy - You should gain energy in small increments of 2 or 5 when leveling up. This can simulate your body getting stronger as you farm longer.​
    6. Keyboard Actions - Using your tools/interacting with items when using your key binds should be based upon the character direction, not mouse location.​
    7. Remappable Keys - All keys should be remappable, as should mouse clicks. Include Mouse3-5, or scroll wheel clicking, as well please.​
    8. Villager Diaries - Should include character schedules. Kept beside beds in bedrooms. Upon reading, has a chance to learn a like/dislike for the Villager Gifts Table. If caught reading, a large lose of affection.​
    9. Keyboard Binds - All keys should be able to be remapped, including the mouse clicks.​
    10. Bad Keys - The key binds do not work to pull up the fishing pole when you get a hit.​
    11. Birthday - Allow me to choose a birthday. On said birthday, friends will come swing by the farm to say happy birthday, send cards, and give small gives.​
    12. Fatigue - Passing out at 2 AM hard is a bit arbitrary. Why not enable a crop growing animation, or just have them pop to the next phase at 12? Allow us to stay up as late as we like, but with consequences like less energy, villagers who comment on our appearance, less experience gain for actions, food and bathing give diminishing returns, the screen progressively gets blurrier, etc. Not sure how this would work for changing of the seasons. Village morning interactions can just occur the next time you leave the house.​
    13. First Step - Enable placing of pathing on the first middle step outside of the house.
    14. Zoom - Able to zoom out on the farm, enables planning and screen shots. Zoom should be able to encompass all of the farm.​
    15. Domestic Slimes - Slimes in the hutch should not apply the slowing debuff.​
    16. Museum Display - Option t rearrange.​
    17. Seed Maker - Should distribute seeds of a guaranteed quality equal to the crop inserted. This allows for 'breeding' of the crops, which has been in place for centuries. Combined with the current rate of crop growth, should take a good while to get a full farm of gold.​
    18. More Quality - Enable additional tiers of quality, namely bronze and diamond. I.e., normal>bronze>silver>gold>diamond​
    19. Animal Quality - Enable additional tiers of quality for animals equal to their level of affection for you. I.e., tiny>small>medium>large>huge​
    20. Charged Tools - A way to cancel charged tool action​
    21. Inventory Movement - Alt + Click allows to input a direct amount of inventory to be moved.​
    22. Inventory Sorting - Allow for static chest inventory and ability to manually reorganize it. Click to drag and drop, shift click to transfer immediately, ctrl click to take half the stack, and alt click for a direct number. Another high request feature.​
    23. Fishing - There's like 8 threads on this issue, but I haven't seen a solid solution that fits all parties yet.​
    24. Villager Matchmaking - Help bring single couples together, or force them apart by giving a gift and saying it's from someone.​
    25. More Item Slots - More ring slots, enable bracelets and necklaces.​
    26. Pets - Cats and Dogs should have purpose. The dog should chase away wolves who otherwise eat livestock. The cat can eat mice who otherwise damage crops. Petting and playing with your pets increases their affection, and increases their effectiveness. Mice and wolves should only be able to get to crops/livestock who are not properly fenced in. A broken fence allows for 50% chance of them getting in.​
    27. Petivals - Have a festival for your pets. A fetching/obedience contest and mice catching/appearance contest.​
    28. Two Pets - Let us have both.​
    29. Pet Breeding - Let us have more than one of each.​
    30. Town Upgrades - Events that allow us to upgrade the Town appearance, or an option at the Carpentry shop to place paths, remove stumps, fix fences, etc.​
    31. Building Inventory - Inventory in your chests should count when constructing new buildings.​
    32. Transaction Equality - During any single transaction, enable buying/selling back at the same price.​
    33. Tides - Should be a part of the weather forecast on TV​
    34. Shipping Inventory - The shipping bin should be an inventory, similar to chests, so we can pull stuff back out.​
    35. Combat Direction - With any other tool, we will face to the direction of the mouse upon usage. Enable this for the sword.​
    36. Slingshot Direction - Enable inversion of mouse drag direction correlation to shot direction.​
    37. Empty Slot - Option to include empty inventory slows when scrolling.​
    38. Movement - It's very easy to get hung up on a 1x1 item when there's a path on one or both sides. Create smoother movement around these when we hit them.​
    39. Furnature interaction - Enable sitting on couches/chairs, laying in beds, turning on/off appliances in both our farm and the village. Be nice to sit on a bench every now and again.​
    40. Milking - If you use the pail on empty air, you shouldn't perform the animation.​
    41. Autostack - Placed under the 'Organize' Button when in an inventory. Self-explanatory, automatically places everything in your bag into the chest/fridge etc inventory if it finds one.​
    42. Crafting Inventories - Inventories should have a checkbox under 'Organize'. Checked, and the game will include that inventory for crafting calculations. This can apply to the fridge and cooking, and chests and crafting on the farm, and upgrades in town such as at the Carpentry Shop, and Blacksmith.​
    43. Grass Tiles - Seeded grass shouldn't vanish when eaten/cut. It should go to a 'mowed' phase, and act like any multiple harvest crop, and be removed with a hoe/rake. It could give a 100% chance of dropping Hay upon harvest. Wild grass should vanish upon harvest and give the same chance of Hay dropping.​
    44. Hired Hands - After a couple years, allowing the hiring of the folks that work at Joja mart to help bring it down. Allow to prioritize what tasks they do.​
    45. Oh S!@# - Hit a bomb with your sword to 'cut' the fuse and keep it from exploding. I'm adding this suggestion after I just bombed ALL my crates.​
    46. Blacksmith - Have an option to purchase the base tools from the Blacksmith. Beats having the mayor watch me in my sleep.​
    47. Mining Area - After the bridge should contain large rocks to pulverize for stone.​
    48. Coal Vein - Self-explanatory.​
    49. Combat Festival - You, Gil, Clint face off against slimes. Last one standing wins.​
    50. Swimming - Swimming.​
    51. Past Letters - Nightstand that includes all letters received. Interaction with nightstand brings up menu of all past letters so you can reread.​
    52. Inventory Activation - Allow us to activate an item from our inventory without having to put it in our hotbar.​
    53. Alcohols - Allow for more alcohols, like mead and vodka.​
    54. Hotbar Expansion - Every backpack upgrades gives you another slot on the hotbar.​
    55. Best Friends - Prevent affection loss for villagers after 5 and 10 hearts.​
    56. Discounts - After hitting 5 and 10 hearts, gain 5% and 10% discounts respectively with people who sell stuff, like the Carpenter and Blacksmith.​
    57. After Hours - Extend the opening/closing times for houses which you have a good friend in.​
    58. Marriage Issues - Spouses should continue on about their regular lives instead of just being a slave to you. There should be more marriage events, more dialogue, and villagers should react to you 'dating' or 'marrying' into the village. It'd be nice if they added to your income through their natural work as well.​
    59. Here Horse - Whistle to call your horse.​
    60. Mushrooms - Are forage. Should have quality stars as well.​
    61. Animal Sickness - Neglecting your animals by not feeding them, or leaving them out in the rain/snow should lead to sickness. If they stay sick too long, they die. Medicine can be crafted or bought at Marnies.​
    62. Death Options - Upon character creation allow for softcore, hardcore, and permadeath punishments for getting 'killed' by monsters. Same should maybe apply for fainting, except permadeath.​
    63. Sprinkler Nights - The sprinkler should water both in the morning at night, so that you don't have to water freshly tilled soil. Sprinklers go 24/7, doesn't make sense that they wouldn't water new soil.​
    64. Mariner - Should show up in the snow as well as rain.​
    65. Animal Interactivity - Allow us to do more with our animals. Pigs and ducks should swim and splash in water, we should be able to brush our animals, call them so they get out of the way, etc.​
    66. Knocking - Let us knock on villager's bedroom doors so they come out and talk to us. This prevents a lot of missed time-sensitive missions when we're right outside their bedroom.​
    67. Showcase - Remind us to take our items off the fair showcase.​
    68. Pet Functions - It'd be nice to take the dog on a walk and have new villager dialogue, possibly bring him to mines to act as an attack dog, and have him occasionally dig up random items like geodes. As for the cat, he can catch fish every now and again, increase animal affection, etc.​
    69. Ledgers - Add ledgers to your diary/nightstand/calendar so you can go back and see the breakdown for how much you made each day.​
    70. Bulletin - Villagers will request items needed for their crafts, and can reward in what they specialize in. Example, the blacksmith needs copper ore, and rewards an iron bar. Variety would be nice.​
    71. Mailed Tools - Tools should be mailed back after being upgraded.​
    72. Wine Aging - Wines should increase in value with age.​
    73. Actions - There's a lot of overlapping with the two actions. One should be to 'check' something, and the other should be 'perform action'​
    74. Hotbar - Items you pick up don't go into your hotbar unless you don't have enough room.​
    75. Warp Statues - Allow us to permanently unlock warp statues for an extraordinary fee.​
    76. Villager Dialogue - It'd be nice if they told us more about what other people like, which can be incorporated in to the Villager Gift Table, as well as changing dialogue since it's the same year to year to year.​
    77. Stormy Out - Let us leave during storms, typhoons, and hurricanes. Make movement speed slower, and tool use cost more. Possibly flying debris which you need to deflect or take damage. Have this forecasted a couple days/weeks ahead.​
    78. Illness - Get ill if you spend too much time in poor weather, don't get enough sleep, always exhaust yourself. Cure at the docs, or a couple of days in bed.​
    79. Save Slots - Self-explanatory.​
    80. Friendship Bracelet - Allows for affection up to ten, but in a friendship capacity vs a romantic. Also removes jealousy from your current spouse.​
    81. Polygamy - Marry all the singles! Might need a bigger bed.​
    82. Backup Saves - Creates a backup save every week/month into a seperate folder.​
    83. Taxes - Difficulty option to enable taxes. Maybe this could tie into village beautification and make it the town look more nice the more taxes you pay.​
    84. Bosses - Include boss mobs in the mines.​
    85. More Events - More random events to keep the game interesting. Festivals are nice and all, but very predictable.​
    86. Cave Secret - Only three people seem to know about the cave. It'd be nice if more villagers talked about it.​
    87. Night Monsters - Possibly have monsters roam the village late at night. Would explain the strict bedtime villagers have and keep you on your toes. Maybe bring your dog with you to scare them off.​
    88. Winter Fun - Ice skating, snowball fights, igloo building, ice fishing.​
    89. Jojo Mart - After it gets closed down, someone else should come in, buy it, and do something else with it. A new farmer, family, adventurer.​
    90. Horse Racing - Part of a festival maybe? Also, your horse should get faster the more affection it has for you.​
    91. Horse Ranch - Let us breed horses, and sell them for a tidy profit.​
    92. Animal Breeding - Animals should have male and female, and you can specify which when you buy them. After a certain heart level they'll breed and after a month you'll have a new little animal!​
    93. Brushing - Should be able to buy a brush to brush your animals and increase affection. Let petting, but more effective.​
    1. Remodel House - After your first house upgrade, a 'Remodel' option becomes available at the Carpentry Shop. This option will take you to a new screen where you can build your new house square-by-square starting at the door. In an inventory bar at the bottom would be everything that was inside the house such as the kitchen tiles, fridge, chimney, bed, any chests, kegs, etc, and include the number of squares left to place. If you have more than ten items, then your inventory button button would bring up an option with what's left to place. The only required item to place would be the bed, and lack of placing that would bring up a "You haven't finished building your house yet!" error. To place a square, just select it in your inventory, and place starting at the door. All squares must be directly adjacent to another to place. Anything not placed would be mailed to you after Robin was finished, and squares you didn't place would be compensated by an equivalent amount of wood. Anything that's tied to having a kitchen could instead be tied to having a fridge placed, or the large bed, or both. Each house upgrade would provide a larger number of squares to place. Once you have Remodeled, upgrading the house will only add more squares to be placed an make available any new furnishings that would come with it, and Robin would warn you that she isn't going to change the layout. If you wish to go back to the default layout, a 'Revert' option becomes available after a successful remodel.​
    2. Furnishings - Enable movement and rotation of all furnishings to include the bed, chimney and TV.​
    3. Customizable Farm - Allow the movement of all currently static farm structures, including the house, pet bowl, shrine, cave, greenhouse.​
    4. Building Movement - Allow for the movement of already constructed buildings at the construction stop. Perhaps same price, but severely discounted materials cost​
    5. Building Placement - Allow placement of buildings on top of animals/pets/grass. Currently we have to run all the way back if something is in the way, and by the time we return to the shop, they might have moved right back where they were.​
    6. Bat/Cave Houses - Construction of a farm bat/cave house. Like a greenhouse, but not.​
    7. Smelter - Carpentry building that allows for continued smelting of ores as long as it has supplies. Maybe has a slot for each material? Processing masses of ores currently is a bit troublesome.​
    8. Scarecrows - Retain the number of crows they've scared off when picked up.​
    9. Water Sources - Option to dig or fill in ponds at the construction shop​
    10. Pathing - Paths should give a slightly faster movement speed. Keep the speed the same across all paths, as people shouldn't be penalized for aesthetic preferences.​
    11. Shed - Infinite storage for raw materials like wood, stone, fiber, hardwood. Place to store tools, seeds, etc. Basically an empty building with space for chests, maybe somewhere tools will show when 'hung up' and some bins like the hay bin in the barn/coop for materials. Have upgrades for bigger shed with more storage room for production facilities like kegs.​
    12. Windmill - Slowly generates battery packs, and allows grinding of wheat into flour.​
    13. Flagpole - Allows us to fly a flag chosen from the Steam Workshop. 'Murica!​
    14. Iridium Fences - Colorable and we can choose the graphic between those existing. Lasts forever.​
    15. Brewery - Large scale production, similar to the Smelter.​
    16. Elevation - Let us build cliffs on our farmland.​
    17. Basement - Basement.​
    18. Hallways - Let us wallpaper them.​
    1. Hay Costs - Hay should cost 5g, not 50. It's not like it's a rare or expensive item.
    2. Partying All Night - Festivities should not going until 10 P.M. It would be nice to see it end at a more reasonable hour, like 6 or 8.
    3. After Party - Stay at the festival after it has 'ended', talk to villagers about the event and how they liked it. Remove barriers so you can leave. This would add immersion.
    4. Chicken Walls - Enable stepping over/through chickens.
    5. Mine Stones - Mining stones in the mine should have a 100% chance of dropping stone.
    6. Fishing - Fishing should not take 8 energy. I don't know anyone who's four times more tired swinging a fishing pole than a pickaxe.
    7. Better Tools - Tools should take less swings to accomplish an action the more they're leveled up. IE a steel pick should not take two swings to destroy an ice rock, a steel axe shouldn't take 8 to chop down a tree.
    8. Respecing - Allow re-choosing of all skills as part of the New Year's Resolution. This enables more flexible gameplay and exploration without having to restart. To modify your save file to immediately affect new professions;
    9. Sprinklers - Up tier the sprinklers so T1 waters a 3x3, T2 a 5x5, and T3 a 7x7. Currently, no one uses T1, and it's almost laughably useless.
    10. Calendar - Should cost 200g, not 2,000g.
    11. Silo - Should cost 1,000g, not 100. I can buy two silos for the price of a salad.
    12. Coal - It should not take a whole tree to make one coal. One coal per 2-5 would be be a better balance.
    13. Placement Grid - Self-explanatory. When placing a building, show a grid. Green means yes, red means no.
    14. Bee Gone - Disallow placing of production facilities inside the house. You would not, I promise, have a smelter inside your home unless you're a blacksmith. Nor do I think most people could take the smell of such facilities.
    15. Fence Buyback - Fences should drop half the materials they're made with when destroyed by tools.
    16. This, is, COPPER!! - Enable using copper stores for Clint's inspection, vs having to go and freshly mine them.
    17. Better Sales - Complex items like cooking recipes should sell for much higher to encourage actually making them.
    18. Percentage Bonuses - Add a percentage bonus for shipping multiple crops to avoid players just farming the same, highest selling crop. Or offer 'shipping' goals, and once you complete the goal of crops to be shipped you get bonus pay.
    19. Village Needs - The village should request a certain amount of resources from you each week/month, to prepare for festivals, meet needs, etc.
    20. Artisan Quality - Artisan items, including cooking, should have a quality linked to the quality of ingredients used to make it.
    21. Live Bombs - Inside chests/crates/barrels in the mines. Like Zelda. You break it, it's list, you run away screaming.
    22. Greenhouse Seeds - After unlocking the greenhouse, Pierre should sell all season's seeds, and off season seeds at a slight discount. Also, after unlocking the greenhouse should split the shop menu into categories; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Misc.
    1. Backpacks - Three more backpacks. One at 48 slots and costs $20,000, 60 slots/$50,000, and 72 slots/$100,000.
    2. Signs - Craftable signs which we can write on. Similar to those in Minecraft.
    3. Rake - Smooths out farm texture of holes/pebbles/small seeds, and untills land. Doesn't make sense to have the pickaxe untill it. Also harvests crops in wider areas with upgrades.
    4. Fridge - Craftable higher tiers for 2x-10x the inventory space.
    5. Chests - Craftable higher tier chests, 2.5x and 5x the inventory space. No one likes seeing 20 chests around their land.
    6. Flashlight - For seeing in the dark. Purchasable at general store.
    7. Wardrobe - A furnishing for changing your clothes/look/hair.
    8. Tractor - Once we repair the Community Center, we could find an old tractor in the basement. The Mayor offers it to us for free to fix up. Used for planting and harvesting.
    9. Fencing - Fences break far too fast. A regular wooden fence should last a couple years, not a couple weeks.
    10. Early Seeds - Seeds of the next season should be purchasable on the day before it. I.e. Summer seeds should available on Spring 28.
    11. Lawn - As a type of pathway.
    12. Fish Tank - Furniture decoration that you can stock with fish. :D
    13. Butter Churner - Buttah
    14. Oil Press - Sunflower oil would be nice.
    15. Cabbages - New crop.
    16. Cucumbers - New crop.
    17. Steel - Steel is not iron. Steel is made by adding carbon to iron, so maybe smelting iron bars makes steel?
    18. Upgraded Tools - Add steel and diamond tools, so normal > copper > iron > steel > iridium > Diamond
    1. Graphics Option - Graphics option available from the main menu.
    2. Exiting - Option to return to main menu.
    3. Scarecrows - Highlight area of influence when placing.
    4. Sprinklers - Highlight area of influence when placing.
    5. Watering Can - Shows amount of water in squares left when moused over. Similar to the Energy and Health bars.
    6. Health and Energy Numbers - Togglable option to keep the numbers displayed.
    7. Tool Tooltips - When mousing over a tool, a tooltip should display telling you what tier rocks it can break, or how much it can water/harvest.
    8. Crop Tooltips - Display what kind of crop and what stage of growth it's in when hovering over crops. Nice to remember what's what.
    9. Animal Affections - Should be displayed in a tab like villager affections
    10. Villager Gifts Table - Upon clicking a villager in the villager affections tab, brings up a small table with what that villager likes/dislikes. Displays items underneath one of five similes, from big smile to a mad face. This table is activated at two hearts, and filled out as you give them gifts, get hints from other villagers, and read their diary. This is to help prevent being forced to access a third party resource.
    11. Villager Schedules - Displayed upon clicking the villager in the affections tab similar to the Villager Gifts Table, outlays the villager's schedule. This is filled out after two hearts, upon encountering the villager at a location at a certain time, and increasing their affection for you, similar to learning a real life friend's schedule as you become better friends. Reading the Villager's Diary should also fill this out. Again, helps prevent being forced to access a third party source. Enable their icon on the Map if you look at during a time when you know their schedule. At 10 hearts, you should always have their icon on the map.
    12. Watered - Put a blue square instead of red when highlighting watered squares.
    13. Growing - Wild crops should show grow phases.
    14. Paused Clock - Clock should remain visible when paused. Instead, have 'PAUSED' appear in the top middle screen. Highly requested.
    15. Tree Fadeout - The cherry blossom trees need to have fade out.
    16. Stronger Fade - It can still be very difficult to see what's behind a tree. Less opacity please.
    17. Fadeout activation - Increase this by a square so we can see what we're getting stuck on when it's behind the tree, but we're not yet.
    18. Tooltips - Option to disable
    19. Map - More precision, it doesn't always update properly.
    20. Map Zoom - Self-explanatory. Would be very useful in conjuction with Villager Schedules.
    21. T3 Rocks - Should be more obviously T3. A lot of people think they're T2.
    22. Notepad - An in game note pad. Maybe as a tool?
    23. Map Dots - Colored dots on the map when we have new information about a location.
    24. Animal Status Icon - On mousing over an animal, displays a heart in a similar location to when a crop harvestable. Before interaction, the heart is hollow, and after it's full. This is to more quickly ascertain which animals you have interacted and which you have not, as it can be confusing in a full barn/coop. On the same note, you could add a milk/sheer icon for barn animals to show which can be milked/sheered, and which cannot.
    25. Chest Text - Let us write a single line of text on the chest that pops up on mouse over like a tooltip. This is for better sorting when we have 20+ Chests.
    26. Calendar Dates - Let us circle dates on the calendar.
    27. Greenhouse Green - Plants in the Greenhouse retain leaves during winter.
    28. Chest Color - Let us recolor the chests. This would be wonderful for sorting as we can eyeball where things are.
    29. Trophies - Allow hanging of items on the wall such as fish and prized possessions. Allow us to display any item on the tables.
    30. Specific Fossils - Rename one of the Nautilus fossils. Right now only one can be accepted by the museum, and the other by the community center but they have the same name.
    31. Formalized - Should wear more formal attire during weddings and the spring dance instead of regular farm clothes.
    32. Stats - A stats screen outlining your current attack, defense, critical chance, and all the bonuses of the traits you've select displayed in a total % amount.
    33. Production Times - Items like kegs and furnaces show the amount of time left for item completion.
    34. Train Schedule - Should be posted on the station.
    35. Crafting Categories - Self-explanatory.
    36. Community Center - Items required by the community center should be indicated by a small 'c' in the lower left or the upper right hand corner of their portrait.
    1. Chat - Togglable option to loop character chat. Another highly requested feature.
    2. Rain - During rain, there should be altered graphics such as puddles, small streams, etc. It would also be nice to have the sound of steps splashing in puddles vs the regular stepping sounds.
    3. Sunny Window - The window remains sunny during rainstorms.
    4. Sound Tracks - Toggleable option to loop soundtracks. They're some killer tunes, it'd be nice to hear them more than once every 10-30 minutes.
    5. Character Descriptions - Tooltips with a description of each character on the affections tab.
    6. Jack-o-Lantern - Should glow. Self-explanatory.
    7. Achievements - Tab to display completed quests/achievements/level ups. People like to brag.
    8. Fences - The static fence around the farm should be upgradable, or at least repairable. If I'm a millionaire farmer, I shouldn't have a broken down rotten fence around my farm.
    9. Shirts - Enable custom color like with the eyes.
    10. Beehive Activity - Hives should show bees buzzing around while active.
    11. Fish Shadows - Show fish moving under the water. We can see to the bottom; we should be able to see fish.
    12. Winter Tilling - Soil tilled in winter should not be white.
    13. Paths - Should take up the whole square, not show the terrain underneath.
    14. Pet Breeds - Different skins for the pets. I'd love a German Shepard.
    15. Wrong Tool - Using the wrong tool on the wrong thing or lack of thing produces an error sound.
    16. Custom Audio - Allow us to toggle off any specific sound effects, like kegs.
    I strongly encourage all readers to post their thoughts about these ideas as well, as they're are not set in stone.

    If you see something in this list that's already implemented, let me know so I can remove it.

    Thank you for reading, and I look forward to discussions about these ideas.

    WARNING: Some of these suggestions have been outright copied from other posts and some are 'original' from me. However, with the number of suggestions and ideas that have been had by more than one person, I do not honestly think it's possible for anyone to have an 'original' idea. Thus I refuse to take credit or 'ownership' of the any of the above suggestions, and would suggest that others do the same. All 'ownership' of suggestions does is hurt feelings and hinder game improvement. This thread is purely for the sake of seeking game improvement and communicating with the Dev. If you have any issues with anything posted here, please send me a PM, we will involve a Moderator, and mediate outside of this thread. Thank you.

    To modders: Due to the above statement, you do not need to ask me for permission to create anything listed here.
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      Yeah, didn't notice ;)
      • Khaosius

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        ;D A lot of people are having very similar ideas though, so it's hard to make a claim to who's idea was whose. Not that it matters in my opinion, but some people care.
        • WoollyRex

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          I just hope a single thread gets enough attention to have these tiny details looked at, itd be a shame if they were ignored because each thread only has a few views.
          • Khaosius

            Khaosius Cosmic Narwhal

            I hear you. There's a couple of threads with over a thousand views though. :D
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            • Khaosius

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            • Eir

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              As far as saving goes, I think maybe using a diary like Harvest Moon games would work. You know, like the little one by the bedstand? Allows for manual saving while placing you in a safe spot for it. And maybe an autosave toggle feature as well, in case some folks actually have a bad time with remembering to save often or something. Pretty sure we've all been there at least once - work hard for a full week and forget to record that status during, make one huge mistake and gotta start ALL over again!
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              • Khaosius

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                Hmm. I think that's an interesting idea, but I feel that the auto save when going to bed already accomplishes this. However, I would like to see an autosave toggle, or the ability to create new saves. This could be accomplished by going into the menu.
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                • Katharsis939

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                  I only played a few hours yet, but me and my stream-chat already had a small amount of suggestions, which I would like to add in here:

                  01) WASD to move is nice and convenient, but please also include the keyboards D-Pad for the same use.
                  02) Invertible mouse-buttons
                  03) Eventually customable keys
                  04) A "popping sound effect", if you walk into impassible objects, like stones, trees walls etc.
                  05) More interaction with the village furniture:
                  - Sitting in chairs and couches (at least the one in your own house)
                  - Clocks telling the time: Sure, it's unnecessary, but imerging.
                  - simple text messages for town peoples' stove, fridge, lamps, plants and much, much more. Again, imerging.
                  06) The world map may have tiny coloured dots, which indicate, that youo get new area information, if you pilot with your mouse above it.
                  07) A proper option menu already in the starting screen, for adjustable audio volume (more that on/off), video resolution from the start (more than fullscreen/windowmode), instead of later on somewhere hidden behind the inventory screen. If Totalbiscuit ever reviews this game, you'll get soooo punished for this :D
                  08) Reading your old letters! I still have no idea, which place I have to go to get my backpack. And I waaaant my backpack :D
                  09) A submenu for completed quests. It has the same simple effect, like steam achievements: To show-off. ^^

                  I think, this list may get longer in future streams. Sorry for bothering you and my bad English. (foreigner)

                  Greetings: Katharsis
                    Last edited: Feb 29, 2016
                  • tm080201

                    tm080201 Master Chief

                    My biggest wants right now are:

                    1. Less frustrating fishing
                    2. Longer days (I feel like I can't do anything in a regular day!)
                    3. The ability to change your clothing/hairstyle
                    4. NPC Diary to record daily routines
                    • Khaosius

                      Khaosius Cosmic Narwhal

                      Dude, you've got some killer points.
                      1/2/3.) I definitely agree, we need more customizability with keys. Added to the list!
                      4.) Hmm, so that you know you can't proceed? That wouldn't be bad. :D Added!
                      5.) This is an outstanding idea! I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up yet. Also, the word you're looking for is 'immersion'
                      6.) That would be pretty neat! Added!
                      7.) Agreed, a option menu from the main screen is necessary
                      8.) This is a popular idea that's already in the list. Good point though!
                      9.) That would be pretty neat! I would love to gloat over my achievements. Added!

                      And most definitely keep it up with the incredible ideas, Kath. You're absolutely not a bother, and I didn't know you were a foreigner until you said something. Your English is outstanding! I look forward to future posts from you.
                      • Khaosius

                        Khaosius Cosmic Narwhal

                        1.) Definitely a big issue right now. It's in the list!
                        2.) An ability to control time is another big issue I've seen, but I haven't added it yet. I'll do that now! good point!
                        3.) Hmm. This is a stellar idea I haven't seen before. But you're completely right, we should be able to change clothes.
                        4.) That's a really good idea! Then you don't have to follow them all the time. Added!

                        Definitely some good suggestions TM.
                        • Khaosius

                          Khaosius Cosmic Narwhal

                          Updated the list to reflect 1.03
                          • Khaosius

                            Khaosius Cosmic Narwhal

                            Updated. Lots of suggestions, reorganizing the list is a bit more than I thought it was lol.
                            • Hariharakadan

                              Hariharakadan Void-Bound Voyager

                              Howdy. I wanted to clarify that the sunshine during the rainstorm was the issue. I just found it odd that during a dark and rainy day there would be sunshine coming in through the windows.
                              • Khaosius

                                Khaosius Cosmic Narwhal

                                Yes, we're on the same page. I updated the description to more accurately depict that.
                                • Revenile

                                  Revenile Phantasmal Quasar

                                  Ok, because of the type of person I am, I'm going to give my own personal comments on these. I know they are general community suggestions, but these are my thoughts on them so that there's more feedback...


                                  1. Saving Anywhere - Maybe as a mod. Saving anywhere was only available in the GBA, NDS, and 3DS Harvest Moon games, and only A Wonderful life I remember allowing saving at the diary anytime. All the other games used this saving style, including Back to Nature, the main influence for this game. I dunno, maybe Eric can make it as an official optional mod download, but I'd rather not see it officially put in for those of us who are used to this style.
                                  2. Customizable Farm - Some of this I agree with, however things like the shrine and filling the ponds doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
                                  3. Building Movement - I can agree with this, as I currently don't have a layout for my farm planned, so this could become an issue for me.
                                  4. Building Placement - I can see this one too.
                                  5. Pathing - I don't really see the need. However I'd rather see this than an overall movement speed increase.
                                  6. Scarecrows - If possible to put in, yeah, I agree.
                                  7. Festivities - Agreed, later Harvest Moon titles allow this, although that would mean Eric would have to add new lines of dialog for each person, so maybe after Multiplayer is done.
                                  8. Friendly Dances - I understand the reasoning, but this is how all Harvest Moon games did it, so I don't see a problem with it. I'm indifferent here so if it changes I have no issue.
                                  9. Energy - There are items in the game that increase your energy for good. It's a staple of older Harvest Moon titles (Power Berries in those games). Also I'm not sure as I haven't tested it, but do upgraded tools use less energy as well?
                                  10. Keyboard Actions - Agreed when talking to people or activating things, but I feel tools should take the mouse into consideration, at least when using keyboard, or have it be an option that can be changed in settings.
                                  11. NPC Dairies - Kind of agree, but there's the wiki for it. Besides some characters you can tell where they are by going to the social tab. Maru's sprite for instance changes to her nurse outfit when she's working at the clinic.
                                  1. Game Speed - Mods do this already, no need for it to be implemented officially. Eric wrote a long post explaining his choice on this one.
                                  2. Hay Costs - I understand this one.
                                  3. Partying All Night - Agreed, but at least you don't immediately move on to the next day like older Harvest Moon games.
                                  4. Grass - Grass should take around... 12 days from seeds to grow, and 8 days from a fresh harvest. Give or take a couple days. Should give you plenty of fodder at that rate depending on how much you plant.
                                  5. Chicken Walls - I'd say the ability to pick them up (if you can't, don't have chickens yet).
                                  1. Backpacks - 1 more upgrade maybe, but I haven't had any issues with bag space since getting the 24 space bag.
                                  2. Signs - I can see that, but again it's something that could take a while to code, and I'd rather Eric focus more on Multiplayer after the bugs are fixed.
                                  1. Graphics Option - If you mean another tab on the menu to clean up the settings tab a bit sure, but otherwise there's not exactly a lot of options when it comes to graphics.
                                  2. Exit to Menu - Agreed
                                  3. Scarecrows Area of Influence - Agreed
                                  4. Sprinklers Area of Influence - Agreed
                                  5. Watering Can Squares Left Tool Tip - Agreed, but at least we have the bar.
                                  6. Health and Energy Numbers - I see no problem with adding this.
                                  1. Chat Loop - Agreed, it feels odd that you talk to someone and then can't talk to them again that day.
                                  2. Rain - I can agree to the sounds, but visually altering the world would take too much work to do, and it's NEVER been done in any Harvest Moon title that I'm aware of. Again, I'd rather Eric focus on multiplayer than this.
                                  3. Sunny Window - Maybe change it? But it seems like such a little thing to complain about.
                                  4. Sound Tracks - Funny, in my game I'm lucky to get two minutes of just ambiance. But an option would be nice.
                                  5. Character Descriptions - See here's where you could put some info about their schedules, right here. Like where they are now and where they're headed next.
                                  6. Jack-o-Lantern - No brainer here really.
                                  7. Achievements - Indifferent to this. I've seen what achievement stuff can do to a person. It's not pretty... I'll just leave it at that

                                  Anyway these are my thoughts. I apologize if any sound like they are mean spirited, as that wasn't my intention. I just wanted to share my personal thoughts on each of these to provide more feedback from a player and fan of the Harvest Moon series, who's played basically all of them except Animal Parade, Island of Happiness, GB1, GBC2, and GBC3.
                                  • Khaosius

                                    Khaosius Cosmic Narwhal

                                    Hi Rev! Awesome to see someone listing out their thoughts. I'll respond by points. :)

                                    1.) I agree, I don't personally like the idea either, but a large part of the community wants it.
                                    2.) Everyone loves to be able to make their farm their very own, and plenty of farmers will move water sources as it suits their needs. It adds large part of customization that I don't think has been seen yet.
                                    5.) Gives them a purpose besides aesthetics.
                                    7.) True, MP is definitely a bigger priority.
                                    9.) Ah, I haven't run into any items that do that yet. Are they reproducable? And I still like the idea of the energy increase as this does coincide along with your farmer getting stronger.
                                    11.) True, but I don't want to have to refer to the wiki. And I never noticed the sprite thing, that's pretty cool. :D I like the dairy thing as it could act as a personal planner.

                                    1.) I was unaware. Can you link to the mods and his post?
                                    4.) Grass doesn't actually 'grow'. It just kind of sprouts, and you can immediately harvest what you plant. By growth rate, I mean how fast it spreads. Grass also costs 100, vs the 50 of hay. It just doesn't make sense.
                                    5.) That'd be a neat option as well.

                                    1.) Yeah, just streamline things a bit. True there's not much options for graphics, but it'd still be nice to have it in the main menu, where a lot of folks feel it belongs.

                                    2.) Nothing wrong with breaking the limit. :) But I agree it's another low priority item, but it would increase the immersion I feel.
                                    3.) It's under cosmetics for a reason. :p
                                    4.) Try changing your sound volume. Some of th sounds are kinda dim.
                                    5.) Hmm, but I don't feel it'd be appropriate to innately know everything about their daily lives. Besides, having a dairy would mean you would need to befriend them first.
                                    7.) Lolol. Some people enjoy it. :p

                                    I definitely don't feel like any of this was hostile, I really enjoyed your thoughts. You raise some good counter points. Feel free to go over the other points as well, they're just not quite organized yet.
                                    • Revenile

                                      Revenile Phantasmal Quasar

                                      Alright, time for even more point to point responses :p
                                      1.) I understand why they do, but the game wasn't designed with it. Which is why it should just be a mod or optional addon, at least in my opinion.
                                      2.) OOOOH! I thought you meant something else. Moving the water pools? Totally can get behind that one :)
                                      5.) Considering how much stuff IS aesthetic, I don't see a problem with them being that way. After all the sound of the cobblestone path is nicer than the dirt ;)
                                      7.) True, MP is definitely a bigger priority.
                                      9.) I think there's a limited amount of them, in HM games it was always 10. I haven't found any myself, I just know Eric confirmed they exist. And you kind of do as your tools get better if my hunch is right, then again I could be wrong on that one, in which case I could agree with your idea.
                                      11.) I can understand that, but in the context of the game it would look rather...odd walking into someone's bedroom and going through their personal Diary to see where they go. A better option would be icons or name tags on the map, or even a personal automatic notebook if you didn't want it in the social menu.

                                      1.) I'll find at least the one that makes it so time flows at 10 seconds = 10 minutes when I have the ability to, so in a few hours, until then PLACEHOLDER.
                                      4.) Ah I see where you're coming from. Aside from the wild grass, I haven't planted any myself, so I was unaware of how it worked. My bad.
                                      5.) Picking up your chickens is how you showed them affection in Harvest Moon, but yeah, SOME WAY to move them needs to be put in if it's a problem.

                                      1.) Totally understand, and I can agree to it. The settings panel is rather full.

                                      2.) True, but it would only be aesthetic, besides I'm sure someone will mod it in. Someone's already removed Harvey's mustache.
                                      3.) Fair enough, I don't pay attention the idea that light shouldn't be as pronounced through a window when I spend most of the game outside xD
                                      4.) I had meant that the music plays quite a lot for me is all. But I understand your point of wanting an option to have the music loop :)
                                      5.) Well there's what we can consider. The more friendship level you have with them, the more it displays their schedule. Like at no hearts it shows nothing, 1 heart it shows their home and place of work, etc. :p There are ways to make it work. I also never discounted the idea of descriptions, just saying I'd add it here to keep from having yet another thing to go check and waste time getting to.
                                      7.) Never said they didn't, but when I've seen someone play a game so long that they actively complained to me how much they now hated the game but had to keep going because they were obligated to get that last achievement, it makes me glad I don't care. Never said it was a bad idea, just something I don't see the point of having in a Harvest Moon-like title xD

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