List of Announced Game Information (Retired due to release)

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  1. It was suggested but all the Info we have till the moment do not refer to anything more than teleportation from SHIP > Planet Surface. :sarcasm:
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    Well i have started a video series on this thread were i go through each of the tabs and share my understanding on what i think about them well that is the plan aleast i have done 5 videos will try to do on a daily basis. feel free to check it out and thanks for your time if you did

    Thread were i post my videos

    My Channel

    If you guys feel like i am pushing this too much i will remove this post
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    This is a wealth of info, Nice Job Blue!
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    Great post!!!!
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    coool just CUT HOLES in my pockets PLZ:up:PLZZERZ PLZ
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    WoW ! That's some really nice information gathering job, thanks a lot Blue !

    Removing the Space Station is a let down but I hope they'll re-schedule it real soon ;)
  7. Yesterday in Bart Stream I saw that he wanted to add Abandoned SpaceShips / Space Stations, as Explorable Dungeons in-game. :lolwut:
    He passed the idea to the team, it's possible we have the 4th goal!
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    oo really damn that would be cool lets hope thats the case :D once again bacon saves the day :D :D :D
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    Howly shout ! Then I know where I'm going to throw my money !

    Thanks for the heads up on that :)
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    I hope someone can ask them to give more information on combat. Are there hit boxes in Starbound? Like shot placement, if I hit someone in the head does it do more damage? Just wondering because with shields will the player basically be certain to block attacks when they are blocking or if I aim at their head it will go over the shield? Is there cover/prone/crouch? (I know there is crouch).

    Also Energy is used for all combat roles, guns or any ranged weapon (there is no ammo), energy is also used for melee and shields. So whoever has more energy provides the bigger punch and its easier to win? Since we dont know if there are hit boxes then well we dont know how much skill really matters in game.

    Can someone find this out? :pwease:
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    Blue, from what i know, you can only enter another persons ship if you invite him/her, so it can be assumed that the player ship is a safe place
  12. Just 'cause you need invitation doesn't necessarily mean it's a safe haven!
    But I get what you mean.
  13. Blue there is some Likely Dropped INFO.

    When I saw the Bart Stream Yesterday, he said it would like to have some objects in game as Space Ships or Space stations that can be explorable as dungeons... As a new Stretch Goal.

    That makes me think they are not planing in add that to the game, at least to launch. :sarcasm:
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  15. I mean the info in the first post states that's confirmed for launch. In what I did know yesterday, it isn't. :rolleyes:
  16. OH, I see. That makes sense! [​IMG]
    Sorry 'bout that!
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    i hope they add it on launch and add something else as stetch goal.
    and they said the strecth goal must be something easy to add so it wont make them lauch the game later, so maybe the space stations will need more work that they want for stretch
  18. Yes the game can't be delayed, it's nice to have such things at launch, but also would be fine to have them after launch without problems ^^
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    This is one of the most info-giving of all of the different threads and is awesome.
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    I don't know if this was on purpose but;

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