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Outdated Lilith Crossover (Upbeat Giraffe) 2015-02-16

Weapons from the Nexus

  1. agmoyer

    agmoyer Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    agmoyer submitted a new mod:

    Lilith Crossover - Weapons from the Nexus

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  2. QuasiCon

    QuasiCon Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Did you get permission from the original mod author on the Nexus to upload these weapons? You may think it is ok because you put a link to the original mod and you think it is "free advertising", but you should get their actual permission first. I remember that there was some weapon mod where someone used his stuff in Second Life and he was pretty pissed, mostly because they hadn't asked him, I don't even think they were being sold or anything, but the author of the mod still felt like his rights were being violated.
  3. agmoyer

    agmoyer Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I want to post a link but this site warns me that is may be considered advertisement. That is why I strongly recommend his mod. on Nexus. As for his permission he I do not and if he or she I do not know replies back to be and asked to be removed I shall remove it. If you know what this site considers to be advertisement and if I posting links to another website with the original mod is okay then I will start doing so.

    Last mod Wiikki uploaded was Feb 1st 2014 so I do not know if this mod author left Nexus or what is going on so I do not have much hope in a response though would be nice.

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