Life Elixirs rework idea

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Kaiosama TLJ, Dec 30, 2019.

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    I find them underwhelming to be honest, especially in the late game. They could be a good reason to add the dilemma of either choosing mushroom cave or fruit bat cave, but when I explore the mines I always bring some random forage to recover my health (and even Cave Carrots I find there), and it is enough. And once I do the first upgrade in my house, I just pack loads of Sashimi since it's easier to make. (and easier to get the recipe also)

    My idea would be reworking the Life Elixir to instead of recovering a huge chunk of energy and life, it would give a life regeneration and defense buff. This would give a reason to craft them even in the late game, because again, once you have the kitchen at that stage, you already have enough ingredients to cook not just Sashimi, but any other dish that could restore a decent amount of health and make it in bigger quantities.
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