RELEASED Lewd Bachelorettes - Portrait Mod - [BUXOM HALEY ADDED]

Discussion in 'Portraits' started by AirplaneRandy, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. sa1nt

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    I second what the lady says: post all the original, now removed ones, to the Nexus. You can update/alter your mods there as much as you want and it's a hell of a lot more convenient for people to manage them all and stay updated.
    Just for the sake of peace in this thread after ~5 pages about censorship, behavior and enforcement of rules, also post your PG13 pics here.

    And great work btw, with the original sprites I didn't consider either of the girls in question as marriage candidates, now I do ;D
    • mollygos

      mollygos Former Staff

      I think that after 6 pages of argument over more or less the same couple of points, everyone involved was a bit short-tempered.
      That's my fault though, really. Jumping in much sooner and clarifying things for everyone would have prevented a lot of this.
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      • The | Suit

        The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

        Yet some how the conversation was continued for 3 more pages without anyone getting warned or banned. I simply informed the individual his behavior was starting to get out of line. In order to give him a chance to cool down and rethink the manner in which he is making his argument. It had nothing to do with his argument - only the way he was making his argument.
        • Afterscore

          Afterscore Weight of the Sky

          From halfway down page 6 to halfway down page 7 is 3 pages? I really missed a few things in school.
          • mollygos

            mollygos Former Staff

            Let's not open this up again, please. :)
            • tomatix

              tomatix Star Wrangler

              Sir. Lets not throw shade here without taking equal blame. You failed to explain to me how my "tone" was out of line when I asked you. I was presenting a constructive argument, not to mention your "tone" was also unacceptable given your position as a moderator.

              So I would like to take this opportunity to ask Molly to talk to you about your PR skills since one could say your tone could have been used to bait some anger which would result in a ban or suspension.

              Edit: need I remind you this is what you said to me- edited with my words in bold.
              "So I suggest you calm down post haste." Yes clearly this tone is simply informing and not a warning. "I wanted to be nice"-hmm this is a precursor to things might ramp up- to correct the wild speculation based on random assumptions, but your attitude has now ruined" what ever good will I had." -One could say that now that now you are angry and might have an itchy ban finger. We all argue schematics all day but lets call it what it is, no matter how you try to twist your words to mitigate what you said. Your PR skills should be brought into question.
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              • tomatix

                tomatix Star Wrangler

                It does. It explains that the Mod "The suit" lied about who could do what. He was saying he has no power at all to remove ANOTHER piece of content that violated your rules since it was "out of his hands." It was in fact in his hands but he chose to ignore a valid complaint and then threated me with a ban for my "tone." when bringing it up as afterscore quoted.

                Which btw I see no action has been taken on still even after bringing it up to him and you.

                So yes excuse me for saying you are covering up someone's action because you are. He chose not to remove said offensive content yet defended the other pieces of content being removed for the same reasons.

                now you suggest the moderator upload all his content to the nexus but you are missing another piece of my complaint about how the moderators handled the situation. At the end of the day the suit needs to be reviewed or "retrained" since his handling of the situation reflects a poor image of the moderators on this forum.
                • AirplaneRandy

                  AirplaneRandy Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  UPDATE: Buxom Cleavage Leah added. (U**** S***** renamed to Buxom Cleavage)
                  Download link on page one. Also haven't tested both versions yet. So comment if it doesn't work.
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                  • tomatix

                    tomatix Star Wrangler

                    amazing work as always Randy.
                    • AirplaneRandy

                      AirplaneRandy Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      Thanks. I've already made a version 2 of it because the neck looked weird. I'm just letting you know that you should download it again.
                      • cure

                        cure Big Damn Hero

                        With all the controversy surrounding this mod, a few comments I've seen on other threads, and mostly the removals by the admins for mods that weren't even nude mods. I honestly can't wait until the nexus community for this game gets more active.

                        Edit: Oh and btw, I'm pretty sure I saw Shaun say "Damn" in-game earlier today, can we have a mod to remove that line?
                        • TheFool

                          TheFool Astral Cartographer

                          gotta say, the way you edited that gif together made me laugh pretty hard.
                          • AirplaneRandy

                            AirplaneRandy Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            Thanks for catching that small joke.

                            UPDATE: Added Gothic Abigail.
                            Download link located in page one.
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                            • JerryHatrick

                              JerryHatrick Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                              Loving Gothic Abigail... I don't suppose you'd be able to make one with the transparent top a faint/light purple? Not sure how well it would turn out, though. Might have to color the opaque black on the top to be a dark shade of purple or something. I really like the purple and feel the purple hair and black clothes clash. Maybe making the cross either some shade of silver or purple.

                              If you get the time or have the interest to fiddle with it, that would be amazing.
                              • AirplaneRandy

                                AirplaneRandy Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                Hopefully I didn't delete the files. I think I can do it. But it'll have to be tomorrow. Purple fish netting is a good idea as it matches the original world view sprite.
                                • Makinori

                                  Makinori Orbital Explorer

                                  Please work on adding some cleaves to the anime portrait mod :*)
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                                  • mcprotege92

                                    mcprotege92 Intergalactic Tourist

                                    Will you add a Buxom Cleavage for Haley?
                                    • OverlordCW

                                      OverlordCW Space Hobo

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                                    • Mogymog

                                      Mogymog Big Damn Hero

                                      So, can this be like bundled together? Like all of 1 kind of portraits bundled with all the others? I mean.. im incredibly lazy, and don't feel like dling the 12 or so different ones individualy.
                                      • LastChristmasCG

                                        LastChristmasCG Void-Bound Voyager

                                        If anyone can make a Abigail gothic overworld sprite I would really really appreciate it. Overall amazing work guys.

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