RELEASED Lewd Bachelorettes - Portrait Mod - [BUXOM HALEY ADDED]

Discussion in 'Portraits' started by AirplaneRandy, Mar 5, 2016.

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    Given that the majority of this thread has become this discussion can we please just agree to disagree before the author considers abandoning it all together? It's been sent up the chain. Please, for everyone else's sake, let it be. At least until Molly has made a decision.
    • The | Suit

      The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

      Maybe I need to use simpler words.
      No changes are being made because the decision is now being made by the higher ups.
      They may decide to allow it, they may decide to ask for it to be modified, they may ask for it to be completely removed.

      Since there will be a final pending decision nothing right now is being done about it. Think about it like a Supreme Court Case, a lower court can't rule on pending case in the Supreme Court. No action is taken until the Supreme Court makes its final decision.

      I do not think I can make it any simpler then that.
      • Budzilla

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        Free the nipple
        • tomatix

          tomatix Star Wrangler

          This discussion is important to the creator because 2 of his creations were removed. Now one was clearly in voilation and was removed. ONE was not and should be restored- Abigial- I am making a case that it should be restored since it did not violate the rules.

          Also a mod even said they removed it without looking. I am making sure this "take it down with examining" doesn't happen again.

          Also there is still an offensive piece of material on the front page of this mod. I am making light of a potential overstep of power. This mod should be removed based on precedent of the previous mods since one mod that was not offensive was removed based on precedent.

          I am also letting other users know that if molly does not reverse her decision and restores Avigial- no nudity- and well as keep the 1a. penny cleavage mod. There is an overstep of moderator discretion and they should not frequent this forum
          • The | Suit

            The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

            Again you seem to be missing some important detail.
            It was asked by the Moderator originally for the Mod author to remove the offending material him self.

            So to correct your statement- The mod author failed to comply - and it was not moderator discretion.

            But you know why sweat the details.

            [ Edit ]
            Just in case you need a reminder -

            • Topher-sama

              Topher-sama Void-Bound Voyager

              I'll take that as a "no" and return to my lurker status. I tried. I apologize for contributing to this in any way.
              • tomatix

                tomatix Star Wrangler

                Well sir It was good chatting with you.

                You previously said "Mr. Deductive reasoning - I didn't remove any posts either"

                when i clearly said you should remove posts.

                Now, besides being passive aggressive but that's fine, you now inform us that the decision is out of your hands.

                Well I'm sure if you had said that earlier we could have put this to rest, I'm glad you decided to spring this up now. oh wait you tried to make a very sneaky edit.

                "And finally for the last time - since after 3 times you cannot understand. Molly will decide if the mod stays, needs changes, or has to go. So there is no point at all making any changes to the decision now."

                This was not in your post at the time you submitted it so since it was not there I still hampered on about you NOT removing an offensive post when you have the power to do so. This very sneaky edit you made makes it seem like I'm the one who can't comprehend the situation.

                Well played- Maybe next time something like this happens you should be more forthcoming with information.

                Saying no further decision will be made at this moment due to it being out of my hands would have put this to rest about 2 threads ago but hindsight is 20/20.

                I will wait on molly.

                edit: replaced know with now.
                • The | Suit

                  The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

                  I actually did 2 threads ago.

                  Also the "sneaky edit" you claim was the quote you failed multiple times to reference which asked the original mod author to remove the material him self. So wild accusations ahoy.
                  • tomatix

                    tomatix Star Wrangler

                    Yes. The details do not matter. Clearly "we removed the mods because the mod author didn't reply in time/comply"

                    and "we removed the mods based on our own discretion" is the same thing.

                    I'm sorry but its not. Transparency would have helped here, and quite frankly blew my whole 3+ page argument out of the water since i was arguing on mod discretion but it is what it is.
                    • The | Suit

                      The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

                      I will admit that part was my fault and I should have mentioned it earlier.
                      But yes the mod author should have removed any material him self that remained.
                      • tomatix

                        tomatix Star Wrangler

                        Ah yes I see the post you mention on page 3 when you asked him to remove any material.

                        I thought since it was still up and no further action was taken, that was deemed acceptable and the other's were not due to the mods but it was the creator who left one in.

                        A Miss understanding. Well not much to say but sorry for any stress I may have caused.
                        • axellslade

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                          For crying out loud, lock this thread and when Molly decides what's to be done, unlock it and CLEAR ALL THIS DISCUSSION.
                          The author may as well drop his work on this mod because of all this senseless bickering about areolas and nipples.
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                          • Afterscore

                            Afterscore Weight of the Sky

                            You aren't helping by bringing it up after it had already ended.
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                            • axellslade

                              axellslade Void-Bound Voyager

                              I was merely suggesting the thread be cleaned up of the discussion, never meant to bring it up again. Sorry 'bout that.
                              • Makinori

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                                Pleaaaase do more of the anime portrait ones :'U leah already looks so nice, im looking forward to seeing my waifu abigail with some cleaves
                                • WarStalkeR

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                                  Now... Who has guts to add Harem+ Mod? We all know it can't be avoided. Because Stardew Valley is a pure game. And all of us know that rules 34 & 43 are lie in subconsciousness of people. No matter how hard we try to fight and suppress it.
                                  • xFishbone

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                                    ...I get it. a lot of you want to support the author
                                    ...and the mods have their own reasons.
                                    ...but seriously 4 pages of complaining about something thats ALREADY being reviewed is a little too much.

                                    now which side is right is one thing, but if the author himself is clearly very willing to cooperate with the mods, the most we should be doing is letting him know we have his back.
                                    we should not be leading the charge against the mods under any circumstances.

                                    oh sure we'll gladly pick up the pitch forks and join the horde the moment the author says the word,
                                    but until he actually decides to do so, just remember its still his mod, and its completely up to him how he wants to handle this situation.

                                    arguing with the mods over someone else's mod when a) PMing the original mod is allowed, b) the author himself is cooperating, and c)its already being reviewed but he higher ups, is seriously just wasting the time of the rest of us.
                                    we keep checking back for updates but all we see is more of this.
                                    • Afterscore

                                      Afterscore Weight of the Sky

                                      Let it die, please? You're doing no better by bringing it up again.
                                      • Anaxagoras

                                        Anaxagoras Void-Bound Voyager

                                        I will refrain from arguing the demerits of blatant censorship, but the behavior of the moderator has been appalling regardless. Downright rude at times. Just how unprofessional can one possibly be? This person is clearly unqualified for any semblance of public relations-related work.

                                        Had I been personally treated in such a way, I would have already filed a formal complaint with the PR managers. Yet, I'm naught but a witness, so I shall simply step aside - for now.

                                        In a perhaps not so unrelated note, my compliments to the mod creator. Albeit not suited to my personal tastes, it is a fine job nonetheless. Impressively skillful.
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