RELEASED Lewd Bachelorettes - Portrait Mod - [BUXOM HALEY ADDED]

Discussion in 'Portraits' started by AirplaneRandy, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Touche. Let's just say that people have differing tastes, and leave it at that.
    • tomatix

      tomatix Star Wrangler

      I'm going to come out and say I think the forum moderators are abusing their powers by enforcing their own conservative values, or opinion on what they think is acceptable instead of actually enforcing their own rules by the book.

      "Exposed Areola \ Topless \ etc images will of course not be acceptable"

      Okay so I looked at the deleted images-through google cache and on 4chan- and it did not violate forum rules, there was no nudity, the only thing that changed is more cleavage.

      lol what? So having a cleavage mod that people of all ages who can see BOOBS that were covered up completely in the game is A-okay.

      Making the character's boobs bigger, to be more sexually appealing as well as doing what the mod suggests-adding cleavage, Is A-okay.

      Making said character's shirt go down just a little more to where cleavage is more defined is not okay.

      Explain the difference to me in a way that seems intelligent, cleavage is cleavage. I'm sure people of 13+, that this forum caters to, understands that. No nudity was shown so it should never have been removed.
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      • Jonesy

        Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

        I'll pass your complaint on to the admin, in the interest of fairness.
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        • tomatix

          tomatix Star Wrangler

          Thank you kindly.
          I understand enforcing forum rules, I'm just saying we also can't bend said rules by nitpicking. Either this whole thread should be taken down or the removed mods should be allowed back on.
          • Jonesy

            Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

            Well, I personally think this is a good compromise for the short term. The acceptable stuff is still there, and the stuff deemed unsuitable for public posting can be distributed via PM until a permanent solution is made. Taking down the whole thread would likely be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
            • Afterscore

              Afterscore Weight of the Sky

              The /vg/ man makes a point though, after seeing the portraits that were taken down, it really seems like it should be all or none. There is no displayed nudity in any of them and the only forum wide rule that this would fall under is:
              Which again, these portraits did not display. I realise it will be a silly argument because the decision has been made and I don't see it changing but if those were too risque for the forums then there's no reason that the others aren't and vice-versa.
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              • tomatix

                tomatix Star Wrangler

                I understand. I was saying the whole thread should be taking down if the only reason the mods were removed was because of more cleavage.

                However*edit -on further inspection* close edit* I only have a low res image to work with here so i'm not 100% sure so I can't comment any further past this post and only the creator and maybe the first mod can answer this. I think I see some exposed areola, which would violate forum rules. If that is the case that I apologize for my sarcasm and anger on the original post and the creator could revise his work by making a slight modification.
                • Afterscore

                  Afterscore Weight of the Sky

                  I'm looking pretty closely and I can't see any nipring. You say the same for both the Penny and Abigail sets?
                  • tomatix

                    tomatix Star Wrangler

                    I lost the cache page for Abigail and no amount of searching I do, nor digging in the history can get it back so I can't say for sure but based on memory, her's was okay.

                    Penny I can kinda see some at the very edge of her blouse if I look hard enough, like face right up to the screen hard.

                    In game when the portraits are reduced in size, and you can't download a jpeg and zoom in on it, I don't think anyone would really notice so I'm going to say maybe? However on the original penny cleavage mod- I could swear i see the same exposed areola, if you look really hard between the transition. Which is why I was saying either this whole thread needs to go or let it slide-with a modification maybe
                    • Jonesy

                      Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

                      The Penny set did have them. While I couldn't readily see any on Abigail, that particular set of sprites was using the same 'slutty' branding as the offending Penny set, so it was removed as a precaution. With what was available, I had no way of telling whether or not the samples were an accurate depiction of the in-game sprites. I'll get Ordona to see what he thinks, and if he can't see anything there then I'll happily restore them.

                      But seriously, guys. We're debating virtual nipples here. I don't know about you two, but I have better things to do.
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                      • tomatix

                        tomatix Star Wrangler

                        I gotcha, I wasn't planning on staying up all night discussing virtual nipples. The whole point of my original post was to hold the original moderator, and any other moderator who acted on this thread accountable. Especially since the Admin who removed it isn't here to weigh in so nothing can be done till then. I'm just presenting an argument for him so he can make a more informed decision

                        "But seriously, guys. We're debating virtual nipples here. I don't know about you two, but I have better things to do."

                        I know it must me hard being in an authoritative position and having someone actually question your use of your power, in your own domain of course. But this is what you signed up for when you decided to moderate and its your obligation to hear any complaints. So yes excuse me for being snippy when you brush my valid complaint off as me just arguing about virtual nipples and holding the mods accountable.

                        That aside I understand that you weren't the original mod who flagged it and you were just taking down the other mods because they seemed similar , without analyzing them yourselves but lets give you a pass there since it was based on precedent,
                        so don't take this the wrong way I'm not singling you out i'm speaking on the original intent of removing those files.

                        Thanks for chatting.

                        edit: typo's and forgot to quote
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                        • Jonesy

                          Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

                          It's not helped that The | Suit was originally handling this, and he's gone offline to sleep. I'm sure he'll be posting here once he's back tomorrow.

                          And I understand that we sometimes misstep. We're only human. But I've done my best to find a compromise, and things are in a state where Ordona / The | Suit can make the final call tomorrow and restore the questionable sprites if seen fit.

                          As for the main offenders, ideally the author will simply make some alterations to the offending sprites, or otherwise exclude them from this thread. It's his call.
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                          • TheSilentObserver

                            TheSilentObserver Big Damn Hero

                            It sort of baffles me that this is a problem.

                            Not because I'm all "Oh, good grief just let people post whatever kinds of mods they want here on the official forums" or anything, but because it seems that Stardew Valley has absolutely no presence on Nexus Mods. While some people might argue that the Nexus is a festering rothole of a place and that they simply don't want to deal with the staff there, the reality is that they very much allow any mod that falls within a much broader range of acceptability than you're ever going to find on the official forums of a game like this.

                            How is it that, despite the massive amount of attention Stardew Valley is presently getting, nobody has thought to make it a section on Nexus?
                            • Unholybee

                              Unholybee Void-Bound Voyager

                              PMs for ultra slutty versions please? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                              • The | Suit

                                The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

                                The first basic thing to understand is the difference between topless nudity and no nudity is only the exposure of the Areola.
                                Since anyone who signs up on to the forums agrees to the TOS of no obscene material, there really is not much more to explain.

                                You will also notice your own arguments were in order.
                                • There was no Areola
                                • Ok there might be a little Areola
                                • Why not remove it all?
                                So the only issue here is you did not seem to understand at first what you saw, then trying desperately to save face.
                                While we stood by a single stance and unwavered.
                                As we have said without any confusion - majority of the mod is fine - it is only one small aspect which is the point of contention.
                                If you wish to have adult content mods there are numerous websites on the internet which focus solely on adult mods for games for example Nexus Mods, this site unfortunately is not one of them.
                                • Ghostly Fox

                                  Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

                                  This sounds like a good alternative for people who want more explicit or adult mods. Unless mentioning that there were other versions of the mod/more mods of that variety on another site would be a violation of ToS? Though, I think it's fairly common knowledge that if you want dirty mods, you go to Nexus, so maybe even that wouldn't be necessary. (I hope it is apparent I mean the 'lewd' versions.)

                                  As to what should be considered an inappropriate image, I'd think if it wouldn't be tolerated as an outfit/behavior in a place frequented by children, it probably shouldn't be posted on a site where children could frequent. I'm not exactly crazy amount the mod for certain reasons, but I can respect that if people want a mod like this they can use one-but putting it where children could stumble across and it have consequences for them isn't exactly a good idea or fair. Not a mod, obviously, and not trying to come across like one, just stating an opinion. Which, feel free to ignore, because, again- not a mod, just discussing the topic.
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                                  • TheSilentObserver

                                    TheSilentObserver Big Damn Hero

                                    It's a very fair point to make, and exactly the reason that the ToS for the forums are such that they are.

                                    Because we live in a world where we cannot count on parents to be actively monitoring what their children are seeing on the internet at all times... be it through inattentiveness of the parents or the extreme proliferation of technology throughout out societies... the only way to be reasonably certain that you don't get your pants sued off by some angry mom with deep pockets and friends in high places is to ensure that any content not suitable for your prudish Grandma Agnes is so far removed from the company as for it to be impossible to attach blame. Is it fair? No. But it is the only logical course of action which doesn't result in a lengthy courtroom lawsuit with exorbitant legal fees and the potentiality that some "Won't You Think of the Children" sympathetic judge finds in favor of 'Mom-Who-Doesn't-Know Her-9-Year-Old Watches Late-Night-Cable-TV-Pornography' to the tune of some ridiculous sum of money.

                                    While I'd be surprised to have mods or the Developer openly endorse the transfer of any mods with unsuitable content to Nexus Mods... as that would certainly reduce the legitimacy of their plausible deniability... it's certainly a preferable option to having to worry about modders/mod-users getting into scuffles over what qualifies as acceptable/unacceptable content.

                                    -EDIT- Color Me Surprised... I didn't even see Suit up there openly direct folks to Nexus Mods. Here's hoping that solves the majority of these issues in the future.
                                    • Gailardia

                                      Gailardia Intergalactic Tourist

                                      Toonyoza have only Leah? awwwww... I want others too. :nurusad:
                                      • Afterscore

                                        Afterscore Weight of the Sky

                                        Yeah I'm waiting for the Toonyoza Abigail edit.
                                        • MangoTangoFox

                                          MangoTangoFox Space Hobo

                                          Above all else, the problem I see with disallowing content, is that is forces a part of the modding community off of this site entirely. But maybe that's what you want... If you don't want to support your community, Nexus has whole systems in place exactly for this purpose, allowing users to choose what they see, with all sorts of tagging options available. I say users get that going and abandon this site entirely for modding. A generic forum with tons of links to unverified external downloads sounds like it'll just be a mess in the long run as interest continues to grow.

                                          Seriously, why hasn't that been started already? I've seen games with essentially zero mod support and only a few small possible tweaks, get Nexus pages within days. It just makes sense to fully support the vastly superior tool-set (being Nexus), rather than segregating the community between there, and whatever.... this is.

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