Level Editor / Custom Islands?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Megafont, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Megafont

    Megafont Tentacle Wrangler

    This could be a cool idea! Perhaps eventually support Steam Workshop, and have a level editor come with the game so people can create custom islands on Steam Workshop. This would add lots of custom islands for adventures to explore!!
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    • LotBlind

      LotBlind Orbital Explorer

      A cool idea for sure though not the simplest for developers to implement. If you were given the same developer tools to create your content (and otherwise it requires one to program a new one), you'd need developer-level bug testing as well :). That or you have to put in the time it requires to make it bulletproof which isn't impossible of course.

      It has some appeal though... user-created puzzles are not a far-fetched thought at all.
      • Megafont

        Megafont Tentacle Wrangler

        I have no doubt its potentially a lot of extra work for the developers. I think it would be a really cool feature though, but in the end it is of course up to the developers to decide if it would be reasonable for them to implement it in this case.
        • RobitStudios

          RobitStudios TAW Developer Developer

          Hey all! A level editor is something that I've considered. And yes, it would indeed be more work to get something that I would consider "consumer" friendly. BUT, the software I use to develop the game (and build levels) is free and open source (Construct Classic). So, I could probably put something together that people who have some rudimentary coding skills could use to build their own levels. Either way it'll be something that'll be available after launch and will probably depend on how well the game sells.
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          • Megafont

            Megafont Tentacle Wrangler

            That's great to hear! I really hope the game will do well for you! I'll be keeping an eye on it as development continues!

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