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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Legend of Jonnii, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Hello friends!

    I posted this in the Stardew Valley discussion board but then looked and there is no LP megathread in general for all of the awesome games from this company! I feel like this could be a cool way for a lot of us to get to know each other better not only for the smaller youtubers but as general fans as well! As I have stated before I am a youtuber who focuses on lets plays. I thought that it would be cool, if it is allowed, to try and create one nice big megathread of all of the people who might be LPing Chucklefish games or are just interested in LPS of the games. I know that if people really want to they can just go to YouTube to search for the games but maybe here everyone can just talk a little more in depth about what they are doing, how they are progressing, or maybe even users on here that have thought about LPing a game and don't know where to start. I just thought it could be a fun little way for more of us youtubers and even just fans of games to get to know each other better! I was personally a little late to the party as I didn't know the company even existed until Monday when I tripped and fell into a random article on Facebook talking about Stardew Valley. I've really been enjoying this game so far even though I haven't gotten to play a lot of it because I've been playing games since I was literally two years old so I got to experience a lot of the classic games that this reminds me of. This game is like a punch right to the nostalgia for me! What about you guys though? What fun games and videos have some of you made or found regarding some of the cool Chucklefish games?

    Here is Part 1 of my lets play of Stardew Valley. Hopefully I can here from more of you overtime :)

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