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Discussion in 'Wiki Discussion' started by Katzeus, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. Katzeus

    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    This is a general 'question & answer' thread for the Official wiki.

    I lot of people have communicated suggestions and ideas for the wiki and we wanted to give an opportunity to have them communicated easier and more openly.

    Ask questions, get answers. Helping people here isn't limited to just people working on the wiki. If you have questions about how to find what you're looking for on the wiki, wiki-markup, or ideas to make the wiki better then this is the place!! Keep easy questions and answers in this thread so we're not turning the forum into a Q&A fest, but if you've got a suggestion or an idea that requires it's own thread, go for it.

    If you have a question about the wiki that can be answered by one post, make it here and don't make an entire new thread.

    Edit: Also, for reference if you're totally new to wiki editing check out this link. (thanks xxswatelitexx)
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  2. daddycool

    daddycool Master Chief

    Why is the wiki so awesome?
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  3. Shirakami

    Shirakami Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Cause we are working on it.
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  4. poww10s

    poww10s Void-Bound Voyager

    Why does the server stability fluctuate so often? Is that going to be fixed soon?
  5. Katzeus

    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    It's inherently awesome because Starbound is awesome. Boom, next question

    Yeah sorry about the timeouts. It's because the servers have been slammed with users and the hosting really wasn't equipped for it. Chucklefish is actually going to help to move the site to a better rig, so it'll be ironed out really soon.
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  6. poww10s

    poww10s Void-Bound Voyager

    Well that's awesome!
  7. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash Oxygen Tank

    why does the wiki have info on planets that arnt in the game
  8. Doo_Wacko

    Doo_Wacko Tentacle Wrangler

    My guess would be because Starbounder is the official Wiki, having info players don't have yet (The info for tier 10 armor has been here for a long time.) Hence the not yet added planets ;)
  9. Fidel Castro

    Fidel Castro Space Hobo

    How can I help?
  10. Katzeus

    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    Do you mean coordinates? We're working on moving all coordinates off of wiki pages and into a few grouped pages. It will make it much easier to manage if the structure of planets changes and invalidates coordinates.

    For the most part we keep the pages free of planet info, but if you see coordinates listed on an item page it's helpful to just remove them.
    Great question! If you're just looking at what you can do to lend a hand here's a great place to get started!! Thanks for the interest!! http://starbounder.org/Help:Community

    For higher level site design and feature projects check out http://starbounder.org/Projects
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  11. GSGregory

    GSGregory Ketchup Robot

    Just wanted to say congrats on getting official support and your own forum.

    Got a question for you as well. What is your take on all the video guides being posted? I personally am just starting too see them as peoples way to get their view count up.
  12. daddycool

    daddycool Master Chief

    Haha, interesting you ask! We were just discussing this. As of now, any videos that seem like self-promotion will be removed. So if you see them, feel free to delete them. In the future, we discussed the possibility of a official channel or just letting players use their video as a "reference" if they were to write out boss strategy.
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  13. GSGregory

    GSGregory Ketchup Robot

    Check. I am just tired of seeing 4 minute video for how to obtain when all that is needed is 5 words.
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  14. daddycool

    daddycool Master Chief

    I am too, I'll be sure to look around for any YouTube links to replace with text. They can be a little difficult to find though since they're kinda scattered throughout the wiki.
  15. Katzeus

    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    Yeah any external site links on wikis can quickly cause issues between people looking for self-promotion. I'm a big fan of Starbound's Youtube video makers, I'd just rather they pull viewership from outside the wiki for now.

    Until we've spelled out a specific Youtube policy, the most helpful thing is to take the info your video has and integrate it into the site.
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  16. GSGregory

    GSGregory Ketchup Robot

    Anyone know where the image for torches are stored?

    Nvm. Found what I was looking for.
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  17. Bobbias

    Bobbias Space Spelunker

    I just took a look at the projects list, and I noticed that you've got a Semantic MediaWiki project listed, but no page for it (and the link is to Projects/SMW instead of the Projects:<project> that the rest of them are...

    I don't know much about SMW, but from what I've read, that sounds like it could be incredibly useful here.
  18. Degraine

    Degraine Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yes, we're using SMW on the wiki already. The properties are still changing a bit but we're already using them for the ingredients list and 'Ingredient For' boxes on item pages. Armour and weapons have properties set via their templates as well but we're still figuring out the structure of those pages.

    The big SMW thing will be when the planet project is ready, and planet coordinates will be able to have things like biomes, mini-biomes and generated features like tech labs, villages and shops associated with them, so you can create a list of things that appear on a given planet and go to their respective pages to see what's on offer.
  19. bkoakez

    bkoakez Intergalactic Tourist

    Some planets though also need the MK 4 map, like Magma, Volcano, and Tentacle. (As far as I know)
  20. Katzeus

    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    We've only just become the official wiki, and were about 700 pages deep before release with only public info. Although all that information was officially sourced, much of it was from an early alpha state and has changed. Because of this there's going to be a period of 'catch-up' to get the entire site in sync with 'Officialness'.

    I'll add that this is going to continue to be an openly editable wiki, so if you read something it may not have been written by official sources.

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