Leth's stream Stardew Valley giveaway

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mr. V, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Mr. V

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    Leth will be streaming each night until Stardew Valley is released. He will probably be streaming at around 10 p.m. until whenever PST (his timezone). Each night he will give away 3 copies of Stardew Valley in a raffle. The copies he gives out can be played on the 25th of this month instead of having to wait until the next day (official release day). Good luck and hope to see you guys there!

    clarification: Leth said he will probably be streaming late at night, but he might do the giveaway at a random time during the day. It wasn't all that clear to me.

    • Digus

      Digus Existential Complex

      Official message from the stream chat:
      I was not lucky enough to get a copy of Stardew Valley early, but I got a copy of Starbound :DD
      • Dunto

        Dunto Guest

        I just asked in the stream and he said it was going to be a somewhat random time. :(
        Screenshot from 2016-02-21 01:15:01.png
        • Kab00mBaby

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        • honestkiddy

          honestkiddy Void-Bound Voyager

          Argh, I'm gonna camp on his stream until I get a copy. Muahahahahah.
          • Kinja

            Kinja Cosmic Narwhal

            Really torn about this, one the one hand i'd love to play Stardew 1 day early but on the other i'd kinda feel like i'm cheating CA out of his 15$ :)
            • Digus

              Digus Existential Complex

              You can buy the game and give you key here. So that you at least win the one day earlier access.
              • Kab00mBaby

                Kab00mBaby Big Damn Hero

                well one day doesn't really make a difference now. And even if I'd win a free copy, i'd buy it on steam too :)
                cause Eric deserves every penny of it!
                • lolyeahgames

                  lolyeahgames Void-Bound Voyager

                  Watched the stream, really gave me a boner. Sorry if that sounds weird, but it's just the truth. I'm really excited for this game. Like I'm actually shaking as I'm typing this right now. I've been following this game for YEARS. I've had literal dreams about this game. In one of them, I met CA in real life and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. And in another dream (which is recurring), I'm able to download the game on Steam and then right when I go to launch it, I wake up. It's so frustrating!

                  Really can't wait for the 26th so all of our dreams can become a reality. Thanks so much CA! Love you more than words can describe.
                  • Gigiopo

                    Gigiopo Tentacle Wrangler

                    Yeah! i had a lot of dreams about the game too, i had one that i wasn't able to play the game on the realese day :(
                    • Kab00mBaby

                      Kab00mBaby Big Damn Hero

                      that my friend is what we call a NIGHTMARE :eek:
                      • oath2order

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