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Discussion in 'Characters' started by azeala, Mar 12, 2016.

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    Agreed. I can understand if, say, your spouse stays in the house until 10 or 11 AM so you have plenty of time to see them/give them gifts and things in the morning; you should be able to easily find and spend time with the person you're married to, obviously! But I'd love for them to do their usual daily routines otherwise. Especially when it comes to them hanging out with their friends or having their own lives. The thought of Sam or Sebastian going through their routine of hanging out together on Saturdays entirely alone, because you married the other one, is so depressing...
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      Wow, just got the marriage and Leah is just standing in the kitchen all day long. She doesnt even look to the kitchen - she looks to the door (can I change her direction with a file in a xnb?). I feel really depressed seeing leah just hanging around in the house instead of her daily routine being outside at river and so on.

      Is there any hope they will improve the after-marriage-content (or at least having the possibility to have dates lke picknick, its not realistic to never date anymore after having heart 10 scene)?
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        Is there still depressing dialogue after patch 1.7?? Will this affect it or change any new dialogue just curious.
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          Technically, you could read Sebastian giving up his motorcycle as a good thing. He didn't want to ride a motorcycle just for the heck of it, he only longed for riding his motorcycle because it was a way to escape the valley and leave everything behind. A little proper writing, and he can simply sell his motorcycle off because he now has ties that make him want to stay, and he's matured enough to see that running away without learning how to develop ties would only lead to him being trapped and needing to escape all over again wherever he had wound up. You know, character development.

          Anyway, what I'd honestly like to see more of would be discussions between NPCs.

          Maru and Penny are supposedly friends, but all they really do is sit on a bench near each other or stand near each other during events. They don't talk to one another or talk about one another to anyone else. They don't show that they are friends, or even tell that they are friends. They are merely frequently adjacent.

          The same can be said of the fact that there seems to be an inherent pairing of male and female singles (because everyone is straight unless they become player-character-sexual through exposure to enough gifted parsnips) where Penny and Sam apparently are attracted to each other... vaguely... as mentioned in a couple events. Harvey, in spite of working with her, right now doesn't seem to so much as acknowledge that Maru even exists outside of a single Maru event about covering up a dropped sample at the moment.

          NPCs need to be capable of talking to one another and relating to one another. If the player character is married to Penny or Maru, for example, one should probably visit the other, possibly even on your farm. The same goes for Abby, Seb, and Sam.

          This is all a little beyond what I expect this mod can do, of course, but I wonder if there is any way to at least get NPCs to have speech bubble conversations that take place just when the player is nearby (the way that they currently say stuff like "Hi!" or "Hey, it's Farmer ____" when you walk by) so that they are at least apparently capable of speaking to one another outside of events.
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            I've never gotten any of the dialogue mentioned here. I married Sebastian and the only thing he's mentioned giving up in the past 3 years is smoking (not a bad thing in my opinion). Just today he mentioned getting a side-car for the motorcycle for when our daughter Lydia got bigger so that we could all go out on rides...
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              Yeah, since this thread started the developer updated the game and changed or removed most, if not all, of the dialogue mentioned here.
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                Thank you thats what I was wondering if all most of it was gone. ^^
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                  I'm sorry for digging up an old thread but my question is exactly about that line.

                  I'd like to change it but I cannot find it. Where is it located?

                  To make things worse, I have hardly any clue about modding. I use the XNB-Mod-Toolkit which fortunately does most of the work for me and have combed all obvious and not that obvious files (I think). If the file is hidden somewhere the tool cannot help me with, how do I get there and change it? (Don't worry, I don't expect any of you guys to take me by the hand but a link to a tutorial, if needed, or a few good keywords to get me started would be much appreciated!)

                  I'd really be grateful for any help. I know it's silly, but that little piece of dialogue makes me irrationally angry.

                  For others who google it, here's how I triggered it: Married to Sebastian. First time: Friday, after he returned from the saloon and is back inside the farm house. Second time: During the day, when he was outside on the porch. I wanted to leave the house the very second he came back inside and we both got stuck for a moment. Talking to him 'rewarded' me with that charming line.
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                    Nope, he told me "Sometimes I wounder what I'm doing with my life." right after we got f****ing married! I was kind of pissed. It was like he was suddenly having second thoughts or something. What the hell! :mad:

                    We can get a divorce Alex! That's an option now! :urgh:

                    By the way, does 1.1 remove the bulk of the lines that pertain to your spouse "giving things up"? Now that they have a little space for doing some things? I mean, It's understandable that things aren't always going to be perfect in a marriage but these lines of dialog makes our Farmer out to look like a mean control freak.

                    That and so much more. :up: I would love a mod where you could see things that would make sense. For example, Why can't Dusty, the dog, live on my farm? It's Alex dog isn't it? And If you end up marrying Seb or Sam, you should be able to have them hang out with eachother outside or play board games in their respective rooms. Why can't either of them play their interments or (in Seb's case) work on his bike? The animations for those actions already exist in the game, why do they have to stop doing those things just because we're married?
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                      They do. ConcernedApe patched that in a while ago. Spouses leave the house a couple times a week to go visit friends or family (I know for a fact that Sebastian and Sam hang out and play pool on Friday's). Spouse's also now have special areas behind the shipping box where they have some kind of activity of their own to do on certain days (Sebastian has his motorcycle back there).
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                        That's because Abby is awesome!

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