lemme guess, Jas and vincent didn´t behave today?

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    ok, so in one of my games i married Penny.
    and we´re good, i´m the main bread winner,( sole breadwinner until the spouses money starts getting added to the money pool) and she tutors jas and vincent.

    my issue?
    every time she comes home from work, she says the same thing!
    " jas and vincent didn´t behave well today, i´still upset" or something very similar.
    and it´s bugging me
    either they´re both horrible little brats, or penny could use a new manuscript.
    " can´t you just download a mood tha,,"
    yes yes, but this is suggestions for the "real" game.
    and truth is, many characters could use a overhaul on the dialogue-part.
    but for now, just give me another answer about how her work day went.
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      Yes, Penny isn't all too interesting in terms of what she has to say...

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