WIP Legend of Zelda OoT + MM Sound and Music Mod!

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  1. SentaiBrad

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    So I constantly get Legend of Zelda vibes while playing this game and thought I would share a music mod that I made to start replacing the songs with Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask era sound. I am also debating a Wind Waker / Twilight Princess version and doing a Pokemon pack as well to compliment the many Pokemon mods for Stardew Valley.

    I haven't replaced every track in the game yet, and there are a few repeats for some of the tracks. However, I do want to get everything or mostly everything replaced in time. I want to try and keep a few songs in, like the songs related to your marriage choices. I do like the default music in this game, it's beautiful, but if you've been playing for a long time and want a bit of a change, then give this a whirl.

    You're also more than welcome to suggest what songs to replace with what if I haven't already done so or help me choose better suiting songs. I tried to replace the current songs based on songs that would fit the song it was replacing, however some songs will work regardless of the default because of the location and mood. So anything could go anywhere. Thank you all for checking this out.

    Open up your root Stardew Valley folder (Right click the Steam entry, Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files) where ever you have it installed.

    Open up the Content -> XACT folder.

    Copy Wave Bank.xwb and paste it here or in another location to create a backup.

    Download or move the .rar in to here and extract it here with WinRar or 7zip and replace your current Wave Bank.xwb.


    Stardew Valley Legend of Zelda OoT + MM Music and Sound Mod v2
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    • LeonLegacy

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      May I bother you with a list of the songs you used? ;o and thanks for making thisX3
      • SentaiBrad

        SentaiBrad Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Sure no problem. I'll make a list for it as soon as I can.
        • xDominiel

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          • JazzMinK

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            hey ..^^ just asking ..can i put ur mod to my zelda mod for stardew valley ...i will credit it and put a link for it in as well =)`?
            • SentaiBrad

              SentaiBrad Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              I am sorry for no post in over a year and a half, but I started re-building the mod today. I lost my original files, so I took that as a challenge to re-start it. I was able to just re-download the mod, unpack it, and hear what I changed, but I lost any notes and extra material I had. It's very time consuming to match everything up, so I have no real ETA currently. The internal structure is structured for the developer, and not for anyone else (rightfully so), so it just makes my job a little harder mapping which songs are which.

              I am also working on finding a new source for my audio as well. I noticed that this time around, when I unpacked the audio from the game, it was a much higher bitrate? At least compared to the mod I created originally and then unpacked, there was a large gap. So, I am working on finding FLAC versions (I have some FLAC for some Zelda's, but not the original OoT and MM, just OoT 3D and other games).

              @JazzMinK Thanks for a bit of inspiration. Was re-modding Stardew Valley, and I wanted to check in on Zelda mods (but not mine since Nexus removed it). I saw that you thanked me in your mod, and that gave me a bit of a kick in the ass to make this much better. Thank you, and good job on your mod as well. :D When the mod originally got to the top of the Stardew Valley page on Nexus, either someone from staff saw it, or a fan reported it, and so it got removed for copyright reasons.

              @xDominiel Yea, I know. Life happens. X_X

              @LeonLegacy If you are still interested, when v3 is ready, I should have a much better list than I ever had originally anyways.
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              • Kadyen

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                Sounds interesting, but why not adding the songs through Stardew Symphony instead of modifying the core file ?
                It would make it easier to edit to one's preference and would allow to configure which song plays where and when.

                Just a simple question, isn't there any copyright issues when offering such musics as a mod ? Mainly asking because I wanted to make one with Rune Factory 4 songs. I was wondering that after thinking that a mod from Fallout 4 containing textures from another game was shut down. It's a similar case here.

                Anyway, good job in any cases, always loved Majora's Mask o/
                • SentaiBrad

                  SentaiBrad Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  Oh, I wasn't aware of Symphony! That might make things easier.

                  As for the Copyright, yea, they are. I mean, there's no getting around it. Now if the question becomes If I am morally object to it, then no, not really. I'm not selling the pack, im not shilling my Patreon, or various channels. It is why Nexus removed my mod in the first place. However, there are other Zelda mods (music and all) for Skyrim and Fallout, and these forums also have plenty of Pomemon, Zelda and other video game related mods. Thats another reason why I am ok doing this. If there was a bigger reason than just mods of a website taking the mod down, (like a Cease and Desist) then obviously I'd comply and hold no ill will. Until then though, this is just a fun mod because I love Zelda (favorite game series ever), and I love Stardew Valley.
                  • Mentalgear

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                    Someone already made a Zelda music mod, and replaced most of the sound effects too.

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