Leah & Penny's Schedule?

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    Can anyone give me an accurate schedule for Leah and Penny for each season? The wiki isn't correct, and it makes it really hard to find them each day to give them gifts. :nuruconfused:
    • ShneekeyTheLost

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      Penny spends roughly three days a week tutoring the kids at the Library, which makes her really easy to find. She also tends to spend her early mornings under the tree between Haley and Emily's house, and the sewer grate. She has also been known to spend time with Maru on the bench above the graveyard when Maru isn't working in the afternoons. When it rains, she spends her time just outside the library. On days she doesn't tutor, she'll stay in her trailer and try to clean up (which is where you can catch her 4 heart and 6 heart scenes).

      Leah is trickier. She'll randomly go walking, either in the woods or over by the river above Clint's but below Joja. Sometimes she'll go to the forest lake dock to read, sometime she'll just be wandering the forest, apparently foraging for food (such is the life of a starving artist). However, she spends her weekend evenings at the bar, which is where you are most likely to catch her to gift her, and Gus sells Salads, which she loves, which is a double-plus. Once you get to two hearts, you can generally catch her in her house mornings around 10 AM before she goes wandering.
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        I'm going to add that if it's a Tuesday or Thursday and they aren't where they're supposed to be, you might check the clinic. Every villager has a checkup once a year but I don't remember the dates for Penny and Leah offhand. It should tell you on the Wiki though, make sure you scroll down to where it says Deviations.
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          Thank you !

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