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    Lasers basically got mankind where we are today in the 21st century (making computers and whatnot). If they have technology to send a guy through warp space, they must have lasers.
    I suggest: Laser weapons, burning lasers, laser pointers, and laser color customization.
    Lasers could be used as a source of long distance light, to blind enemies, to stun enemies, and - the reason I am in the burning laser hobby - just to look cool. The effect the laser has may be limited to its rated power designation. Laser pointers could be used to stun enemies and as a very dim source of long distance light; burning lasers could be used to blind enemies (they might still smell you) and as a very bright source of long distance light (could also have a flame animation if you aim it at wood for too long); and laser weapons could actually cause a fair amount of damage to an enemy.
    Could have a wide range of applications in-game.
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