Lanx & Co Marriage Counseling (Answering questions to spouses)

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    So I noticed a lot of people are well having issues with there husbands and wives and we here at Lanx & Co. Want to try our best to help save your marriage so that you and your children should you have any not go through that nasty mess we call a divorce.

    So if you have an issues with your loved one or questions feel free to ask us and we'll be more than glad to help you solve your problems and perhaps bring back that spark to why you married your loved one in the first place.

    Also we offer Counseling services for any kind of issue should the need arrive from seeing crops in your dreams to having casual conversations with your cows we can help.

    Lanx12: I had an issue with Penny and her vanishing on days she said she was going to town but thankfully this office helped save my marriage and reveal to me Penny was going to a college in the city to help improve her knowledge on agriculture and make our farm a thriving success. Now we have our first born and great tasting wine

    Anyway I thought it be fun to talk about our spouses and what is really the core root to why or if we need to leave them. X3
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      Does Sam get visitation rights with his baby?
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        DNA Tests confirmed the baby was indeed mine Sam as a matter of fact was found flirting with abigail during the nights penny was missing. We have the paper work to prove it !! :D
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          Anything that helps you sleep at night friend :)
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            This happens when two lawyers and counselors meet,clain.

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