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  1. Robot King

    Robot King Aquatic Astronaut

    We are the future of robots. Titled the best purveyors of your beloved mechanical companions. You have choices after you purchase one of our valuable robots, you could try making more profit out of it, use it as a protector in battle, alternatively, you could even try and persuade it in becoming your own personal servant. And that's just the start of it the possibilities available.
    Before even thinking about buying anything, you need to know our CoE, short for Code of Ethics as well as an additional location spot, because, obviously you'd need to know where we are in the universe. Duh.
    Code of Ethics:
    1. We cannot allow foreign space-currency. Sorry.
    2. We do not allow pirates or any of the lot purchasing our treasures. Arrr.
    3. Bribery is not taken.
    4. Theft of our robots will be dealt with with a very punishing consequence.
    5. Any criminal offenders will also not be able to purchase our robots. Now that's very easy to understand.
    The next section of this thread is our location, pretty short and simple. We take place at planet Drakarith in the Galaxy Skael. Near the low center is our building, reaching high as stars and wide as 500 frelephants. Finally, if you need a more specific, detailed location, you could try Smoogle Maps.
    Products: We'll display this in spoilers, just because we care about the environment. And our thread of course too, we don't want a huge block of cluttered text in our lovely thread.


    At a cost of 350,000 pixels - a huge bargain - Brutalus is an all-on-fours killing machine. Purple energy surges through the metallic outer body, giving every part a source of power to use. The spikes on the top surface act like a sky-attack for self defense when Brutalus is oblivious to what's about to try and 'Goomba Stomp' him. As a matter of fact, Brutalus was a experimental mistake when us lot where trying to re-create a mechanical dragon, it all went wrong but the result turned out to be profitable.

    4 massive, man-crushing claws are attached to the weak structuring of the legs. This is a very useful item to have because aiming for a target and simply smashing them to pieces is easy for this guy. You might ask why the most-amazing and wonderful Brutalus has two eyes on each side. Well, It's quite simple. Brutalus' eyesight is pretty bad with a large purple outline surrounding the majority of the view, so another eye is alongside, acting as another sight view so killing never goes wrong.
    So, why not buy now?


    Priced at 415,000 pixels, the almighty and large Golem is a definite cheap purchase. Golem has an insane amount of defense with it's bulky arms, hands, legs, everything! This guy is the real deal. His fists are made from strong metals and can probably smash a flonkisaurus a few hundred feet. The blue, glowing eyes allow Golem to seek out enemies in far distances and in hiding spots, using a heat tracking system. It's shoulders and unstable neck stops Golem from seeing behind, which is a major disadvantage.

    This hell of a machine is armed with a wide range of firearms, mainly consisting of machine guns and the sort, wired with the heat tracking system makes the guns auto-shoot. So why fuss, why not spend your pixels on this grand and extraordinary robot. Cheap and incredibly handy for fighting with.


    What a monster! Yes, here he is... Warrior, a magnificent, smashy smash robot. This monster of a machine is only priced at a lovely 430,000 pixels. My god. You thought Golem had the largest fists, well you were wrong, no wonder you were always the low scorer in quiz tests! Onwards now. Warrior's fists are heated up, enabling himself to set things on fire, now destruction and chaos is bound to happen.

    The spooky blue orb is the power source, like the Brutalus, it connects up to every part of the body. It's helmet almost acts like a gas mask although, there's a doubt any gas would come into view. It's cloak is actually a cape tentacle, which is also funny when you start getting strangled by it, this is another crazy attack which the Warrior provides.

    Buy, buy, buy!


    Hunter is an incredibly advanced and stealthy hunter who likes to snipe from far distances, hidden and concealed in the branches of trees. The antlers sprouting out the sides of the helmet are extremely good for attacking with as well as a protective helmet, encased in strong refined metals.

    This maniacal bow-shooter is great at travelling, having the ability to jump to insane heights, climbing past almost any obstacle and even running like there's no tomorrow. But there really is a tomorrow.

    We deeply recommend you buy this robot, considering this is more ranged than others, which is what some people need help with, especially when encountering tough and troublesome enemies.

    Only priced at a smashing 410,000 pixels, you're guaranteed a lot more protection.

    The true knight in shining armour. Knight is a well-defended robot with large padding and layers of platinum cover. Two horns project from the side, just for a bit of vanity, I suppose. Knight carries a large and strong shield which will hurt a whole ton if it comes crashing down on to you.

    To the right, you will notice Knight has this 'corrupted' hand, well this is easy to explain, the hand can strangle, form it's shape into a sword, open any door, locked or not and even make things.... disappear.

    Totaled up at a wonderful 460,000 pixels, Knight is your true hero.

    Kraken has come! It's Special Squad is out. Elite Squad is soon to come. The new employee Chippo, has renovated the headquarters as well as being promoted to 2nd In Command. What a star!

    Death, proud CEO of Meteor Co has offered a huge amount of money to spend with, we give our many thanks and appreciation. Now buying robot parts and researching will be easier - thank god.

    Hiring is also now available. Some people are already coming to join us. Look forward to seeing new workers on the job. Production speed will be increasingly faster now and a new range of ideas will be generated from their brains.

    As a first day from the start, we've already had a customer, purchasing a sweet looking Brutalus. He's planning on calling him Kraken, I think that's a pretty cool name if you ask me.

    We've got customers re-purchasing for more robots as well as a new, clean and shiny robot released. The Hunter. A staggering price of 410,000 pixels, this will be certain of a magnificent bargain.

    At the same day of the Hunter's release, Knight comes out just minutes after. 460,000 pixels is a good offer for such an incredibly fierce and strong robot, complete with almost-impenetrable armour.
  2. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    I'll help with the Elite Squads, just to make things easier. Allocate me as Co-CEO, I'm wanting for some employment.

    EDIT: Death has also offered to bring some workers as well as paying a huge sum of money towards our research and all of that.
  3. Shard

    Shard Intergalactic Tourist

    I'd like to buy a single Brutalus, the cheapest so I guessed I should buy it. Cats can't get anywhere without a mechanical acquaintance by his side.
  4. Robot King

    Robot King Aquatic Astronaut

    That will be... well. Since a first customer IS a good customer, I'll sell it for you 325,000 pixels. Now you can tell your catfriends we are very nice. :badpokerface:
  5. Shard

    Shard Intergalactic Tourist

    Oh thanks! I've wired in the pixels. Come on Bruty! *whistles*
  6. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    What d'ya know, a cat teaching a large mechanical monster how to roll over.

  7. Shard

    Shard Intergalactic Tourist

    He's even learn't how to fetch a smoogle. Blood was everywhere.
  8. Opirian

    Opirian Subatomic Cosmonaut

    ((Added to list))
  9. Robot King

    Robot King Aquatic Astronaut

    Thanks, Opirian. :p
  10. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    Ok guys, expect the Elite Squad to be posted today.
  11. Robot King

    Robot King Aquatic Astronaut

    And to add on to, I updated the News. Plus, you'll expect the next final robots to be completed - congratulations.
  12. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    And I'm back. I'll get started then. ;)
  13. Kitty Box

    Kitty Box Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Do you sell robots that run up to things and self destruct? If not you should. It'd sell well, as after it explodes one would have to buy a new one.
  14. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Hrm... SivCorp could have use for that Golem design. We will take two.

    If they pass our testing, we may require many more. Do you provide bulk rates for large purchases?
  15. Robot King

    Robot King Aquatic Astronaut

    Nah. I'll might take it into consideration some time, but not now.

    What do you mean 'bulk rates', some sort of discount.

    2 Golems Are: 830,000 pixels.
    Kitty Box likes this.
  16. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    I'm afraid no new robots plus the Elite Squad were made. Unfortunately. We'll try to make it tomorrow at the very least.
  17. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    *pays the amount*

    I'm talking about if I decide to go with this line of bot for protection detail at all my facilities, will I get a discount for bringing you that much business?
    We have need for getting ourselves a strong militia force, as a defense force for our facilities. It appears the universe is more hostile than we had anticipated. We are going with multiple companies to supply us with arms, I was just wondering if we can count on that level of production from you?
  18. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    It's alright. We can make that deal. ;) How much of a discount are you counting on?
  19. GunmanRex

    GunmanRex Oxygen Tank

    *A metal plated dragon walks in*
    "I would like 2 Brutaluses and 1 warrior, I find them useful I will be back to buy more"
  20. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    I'm thinking at bulk rate... around 300,000 pixels per unit? We could work with that, pending our testing, of course.

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