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Outdated Kobold Race v0.1 Giraffe Like Kobold

A savage race of unintelligent, but adorable kobolds.

  1. Challtdow

    Challtdow Big Damn Hero

    Welcome back Captain. I'm hoping you might be able to help me out with the problem I'm having (See post 337).
  2. CaptainKobold

    CaptainKobold Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hmm... That is an interesting problem. I'll definitely make figuring this out first priority as soon as I'm able to sit down and start looking through the code! My guess is that it will be a relatively easy one to fix, probably just quest lines being messed up!
  3. Bucketlamp

    Bucketlamp Giant Laser Beams

    Ahoy captain! Still on board, I feel like we should be waiting for the big 1.0, since it seems things are a bit hectic. I tried using the daily beta thing, and it looks like anything we do now will be for naught. Maybe it'd be good if we got everything down (start to end game custom quest/storyline). (Also if you're down to talking on something other than here, shoot me a PM)
  4. CaptainKobold

    CaptainKobold Pangalactic Porcupine

    Excellent! That is my feeling as well, I'm just seeing that I know I've got a bit of time in the end of December and through January. I'd be up to talk on something other than here! I'll send a message about it!
  5. YoshioGamer

    YoshioGamer Pangalactic Porcupine

    mods amazing idk if dead but i would love to see this in the newest starbound update
  6. KateisLost

    KateisLost Cosmic Narwhal

    I second the motion asking for this mod to be updated to stable!
  7. CaptainKobold

    CaptainKobold Pangalactic Porcupine

    So January ended up being way more chaotic than I anticipated it being. That said, I'm trying to organize things so that I can get some work going with the kobold mod even though I'm back in full schedule. This will involve some reorganization of the mod as I try to bring it more in line with what is going on in the newly structured game. Here's what it will entail:

    1) Discovering the new organization of the game.
    It's been quite a while since I've played at all, much less with the new version. That means I don't know what all is going on.
    2) Converting existing things to the new system.
    This will be mostly just making it so that what currently exists is available. Some of it may be moving how it works, I for-see the Arengee system requiring some reworking in order to avoid it being a massive pain for no payoff, thematic or otherwise.
    3) Updating the mod.
    This is going to come last. I want to bring it up to the point of the other races and hopefully add some new original content to it as well. Mods, unlike core races, need to stand out a little bit simply because they don't fit into the canon quite as well.

    That said, I am quite busy. I currently am doing a full time PhD program, working as a TA twice a week, and running an afterschool activity for kids twice a week. Between these things, I need to manage basic living things and would very much like to spend time with my wife (married this past June!), so I'm not 100% how many actual hours a week I can put towards adorable space-bolds. It may be slow going, but I'll keep at it!

    I'm hoping to finish step 1 soon so that I can give an idea of the shape of the mod for the future. Thanks for sticking by, bolds!
  8. Bucketlamp

    Bucketlamp Giant Laser Beams

    I think because of the recent update, we do have a good idea of how things are going to be structured for 1.0. And now with more flexibility for the mini dungeons, I'll start designing some tiles for Kobold underground dwellings. Maybe some odd and end decorations.. Also It seems this new update also seems to work with out original plans of having different upgrade paths late game, especially now that the special ores come in such cool shapes and sizes. Mayhaps our kobolds will take the red, green, and purple ores and sacrifice them for interesting crystals of the elements.
  9. CaptainKobold

    CaptainKobold Pangalactic Porcupine

    I was thinking that the splitting paths look to be pretty interesting. I'll admit, I haven't looked at them too much yet, but it's definitely making me percolate some ideas!

    If you feel like designing tiles, that could be excellent! Obviously I'm more than happy to take in any sorts of graphics people may make, Bucketlamp especially given how fantastic you've made them! Hell, in a big way you've been the Kobold Mod.
  10. Bucketlamp

    Bucketlamp Giant Laser Beams

    So I got to thinking, since the game now branches into three resources and three types of gear I was wondering what would be our versions.

    The caster set would be easily just be a shaman (Shambold?)
    The ranged set could probably be a hunter, using bows and crossbows.
    The last set the game has is basicly just a bunch of armor. kobold don't generally wear armor so i was thinking it would be a rare slightly more tech savvy kobold that managed to work machines by brute forcing spirits into them, so maybe Alche-tech kobold.

    Either way insomnia hit, enjoy a crude idea drawing I did of the hunter-bold.
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  11. mr_engino

    mr_engino Void-Bound Voyager

    the minute I saw this in the mods page, I was having flashbacks of my days of playing df! I was so desperate at trying this that I even attempted to update it myself... after many successful failures, Im just going to wait for you to do that... (sigh)
  12. CaptainKobold

    CaptainKobold Pangalactic Porcupine

    I was having similar thoughts with the spread of armors, though I was envisioning some borrowed dwarf armor for the fully armored up one.

    My thinking had been that it would be tapping into a different set of ancients, the legendary dorfs of old who knew how to do truly magical things like hammer metal into shapes.

    That hunter-bold, as ever with your drawings, is freaking awesome.

    @mr_engino, My /HOPE/ is to get something rolled out this week, but I'm not sure how likely that is. Kobold Mod is something I'd like to do, but it has to take second fiddle to a LOT of projects.
  13. YoshioGamer

    YoshioGamer Pangalactic Porcupine

    every time i get alerted i keep misreading and be like OMG YAY KOBOLDS FOR STABLE then i realize it's a comment and i'm like alright more build up gots to keep the hype up xD man i really hate when that happens but it's not like i'm demanding its more hype like the hype for the guild wars 2 expansion
  14. Duelist

    Duelist Scruffy Nerf-Herder

  15. CaptainKobold

    CaptainKobold Pangalactic Porcupine

    Maybe a Presidents Day release! This week looks insane.
  16. Bucketlamp

    Bucketlamp Giant Laser Beams

    Matter manipulator.png
    Oh man it's the MahTnurMurNifFlimaFriTurrr the metal man was using, with this you can probably make other kobolds think you're a powerful shambold! They'll all pay tribute to you and want to worship you.. All According to GriFlibrIsfriblim..

    Also you know what's lame? Flying around a stupid piece of metal that looks like every other piece of metal. Those dumb "Space ships"

    Thankfully Kobolds have better taste. You know what's REALLY cool and a REAL Spacebeast needs? A flying Cave that's been possessed by ancestor spirits. Yeah THAT'S really cool. (Very WIP, there will be gems and crap stuck in the rocks when I have time to draw them.)

    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
  17. Bucketlamp

    Bucketlamp Giant Laser Beams

    BOLD.jpg B.O.L2.jpg B.O.L3.jpg
    "Hi there! You've managed to contact the afterlife! I'm just your everyday Beloved Otherworldly Lifeforce Diety, but you can call me BrlifriNrifrmli, or just B.O.L.D. I'll serve as your Guardian Spirit on your journey. Feel free to contact me anytime, no sacrificial animals required!

    This will likely not be the final ship AI, she'll go through a bunch of revisions, this is just the first. I might have to change things up just to make it animatable. She's a little bit based on a few of the earlier cutebold images.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
  18. CaptainKobold

    CaptainKobold Pangalactic Porcupine

    Those are amazing designs, Bucket! Those are absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to see them in game!
  19. Bucketlamp

    Bucketlamp Giant Laser Beams

    Boldnotamused.jpg Trying to give her more adornment. Hopefully it doesn't get TOO noisy.
  20. Bucketlamp

    Bucketlamp Giant Laser Beams

    Not really anything to look at and I didn't really color inside the line. This is more for my own understanding of starbound's proportions VS standard cute/kobold proportions. Realizing that, it'll be much easier for me to design B.O.L.D and armor in the future.

    Why share this? I just think it's nice to give updates to those following this mod.

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