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Knight Critical Hit Bug [Nintendo Switch]

Discussion in 'Support' started by Grenchy, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Grenchy

    Grenchy Big Damn Hero

    I believe I have found a bug with the Knight unit in Wargroove. I have done research on this but have not found any answers that prove to be true, so I decided to do some research on my own and was able to disprove what a lot of users were posting on Reddit and other forums.

    I am posting this here to hopefully get insight from the developers about this or to bring this to their attention to have it fixed.

    In my attachments below you can see when a timed square is in between the knight and the target the knight is going to crit, the critical hit does not active even though the target is 6 spaces away from where the Knight starts.

    Now some users have said the knight has to be 6 spaces away from the target that they want to crit and its not about moving 6 spaces but you will see this is not true because I am able to activate a critical hit with my knight being 4 spaces away from the target, the difference is that there are no timed spaces in between the knight and the target.

    Please carefully look through the screenshots I have attached. I was able to activate the critical hit in the scenario where timed spaces are in play but not directly between the knight and the unit the knight is going to crit. I have tested this bug in multiple different ways (ie with mountains, water spaces, river spaces, etc) the issue persists with any timed space.

    I would greatly appreciate an explanation of this behavior if possible please be very detailed.

    If this is expected behavior can you please clarify exactly how a knight is supposed to critical hit another unit keeping my scenarios in mind, and please consider changing the wording for how a knight is supposed to activate a critical hit.

    Thank you for your time,

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    • TMII

      TMII Tentacle Wrangler

      In screenshot 1 and 2 he moves 6 spaces and does no critical hit - this is correct behaviour. The description clearly states that the target position needs to be 6 spaces away from the starting Location. Air distance!
      All your screenshots are showing the correct behaviour. The position of the enemy unit is negligible.
      • Grenchy

        Grenchy Big Damn Hero

        The AIR DISTANCE in the third screenshot “knighbug2.jpg” is 4, count again. Look very closely at ALL of the screenshots and count the air distance from point A to B.
        • ttv_will1v1

          ttv_will1v1 Tentacle Wrangler

          not sure what air distance is all about, but in knightbug2, the knight is 6 spaces away from the final space. in the pictures where he doesn't crit, he isn't 6 spaces away from the final space, he can take a "more efficient" route that will usually end with 3-5 spaces used (or is blocked by terrain)
          • TMII

            TMII Tentacle Wrangler

            In knighbug2.jpg it's 6 spaces, not 4. What are you talking about?
            • Hattori_Hanzo

              Hattori_Hanzo Aquatic Astronaut

              This confused me too. Using “air distance” doesn’t really make sense to me unless this unit learns to fly. Regardless of how it’s supposed to work, I think it should be 6 spaces traveled, to me that is easier to understand and makes for more creative strategic options since you can approach a target more than one way (and likewise, an enemy can block off paths).

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