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RELEASED Kitsune Race 1.31

long story short: fox like demi-humans

  1. MkioTNT

    MkioTNT Void-Bound Voyager

  2. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    I don't know what the Kitsune are from... some show maybe? I think I'd seen that name before, and after searching (mod titles) I had - https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/kitsune.653/
    Now that's outdated and isn't getting an update according to the last update message. There may be something in there you might want to add (after getting permission) or that might inspire your own, etc. So I figure I'd point it out.
  3. Crunchyzz

    Crunchyzz Orbital Explorer

    I figured how to install it. (ADD THIS TO THE DESC)
    Open the .zip folder and create a new folder in your mods folder. (MAKE SURE IT IS TITLED KitsuneRace OTHERWISE IT WILL NOT WORK) Place the contents of the .zip folder into your new folder. Close the .zip folder window. Close your mods folder window. Close this window. Launch SB. Enjoy!
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  4. Samus249

    Samus249 Void-Bound Voyager

    The Kitsune are not from any show they are from Japanese folk lore and make appearances in many anime.
  5. Sparklink

    Sparklink Pangalactic Porcupine

    Kitsune are Fox spirits, they are sometimes depicted tricksters and others are fabled to be guardian spirits. They are often assume the form of a human when they interact with people; either to deceive or to guide. The mythological creatures' defining feature is its multiple tails; they possess as many as one to nine tails. Kitsune with more tails are smarter and possess greater powers than ones with less tails.

    Japanese media often features, or is inspired by, creatures from ancient folklore. Much like how our own media may feature familiar monsters or other myths .

    Edit; Nearly forgot to mention one thing. Disguised Kitsune are hard to distinguish from humans. A disguised Kitsune has all of the features of a human except that they cast a fox shaped shadow.
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  6. fare67t

    fare67t Big Damn Hero

    Also I think this isn't really a Kitsune race as much as it is a generic fox girl race of sorts.
    Usually Kitsune are depicted with more then one tail, which are larger and such then average, atm it seems to just be more of a fox race.
    Would be cool if the dev added in multi-tails though~
  7. MkioTNT

    MkioTNT Void-Bound Voyager

    MkioTNT updated Kitsune Race with a new update entry:

    Update 1.3

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  8. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    "- Buffs:
    - +75 Max Health
    - +100 Max Energy Capacity
    - +50% Damage Multiplier
    - +50% of resistance to all elements
    - +33% of physical resistance
    - Better running speed and jump height
    - Fall damage imunity
    - Fire and Ice imunity [..."

    Good god that is vastly overpowered. Ew. It's literally a God Button. No thanks. I'd say re-balance the heck out of that, or you'll be unstoppable with FR bonuses on top of that.

    also, nobody needs a "patch" for FR compatability for Kitsune. they are already supported.
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  9. MkioTNT

    MkioTNT Void-Bound Voyager

    Well, it was just a first step, nerfing it is not a problem, though, i would like to hear suggestions about what to change. Now, about Frackin' Races patch, i didn't wanted it to be added to FR base code, i was going to make a patch of my own [i did it with this update], well, i guess now anyone can choose the one they want, but i'll focus the balancing more on my FR patch.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2018
  10. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    Redo the entire stat bonus, that's my suggestion. That is ludicrously overpowered even *without* frackin races and frackin universe installed. You aren't making super-humans, you are providing minor incentives for using a species that are attractive to the player to use. Giving them all that power with no drawbacks is game-breaking.

    For everything you add, take something away. Refine afterwards till its fair. Example:

    +25% fire resist? then give them -25% in other resistances (either 25% to one, or smaller amounts of several)
    +25 Health? okay. subtract 25 energy, or something like this.

    Special Power: what does that power do? if its mostly flavor (we turn things into grass when we walk on it) we dont stress over balance. Is it something more substantial (like a stupid OP teleport or something)? if so, give them a *serious* drawback in exchange.

    After, fine-tune things until you're happy with the balance.
  11. MkioTNT

    MkioTNT Void-Bound Voyager

    MkioTNT updated Kitsune Race with a new update entry:

    1.3 Balance update 01

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. Constantinople

    Constantinople Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Can these characters have more than one tail? If not, could you add that feature upon making a character. Kitsune in Japanese mythology could have multiple tails, up to 9.
  13. MkioTNT

    MkioTNT Void-Bound Voyager

    they can't have more tails and it is not possible to add an option to add more of them through the character creation, people already asked for them on the Steam forums but i'm not going to add more tails because it will get too visually polluted.
  14. Constantinople

    Constantinople Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    What do you mean by visually polluted? Will these be problems with the actual graphics messing up?
  15. MkioTNT

    MkioTNT Void-Bound Voyager

    the tails are directly draw into the body assets, not as a separate one like the arms or head
  16. Constantinople

    Constantinople Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    So because of the limitation of the game itself, it is not possible to make a multi-tailed humanoid without the graphics looking ugly. Is that correct?
  17. MkioTNT

    MkioTNT Void-Bound Voyager

  18. LazerRay

    LazerRay Cosmic Narwhal

    I wonder if this version is going to recive the updates from the workshop one, since other mods I use need cross-compatibilty patches to work right. I'm able to make the patches easy, but only for non-workshop mods.
  19. pecenet

    pecenet Intergalactic Tourist

    I don't know if I'm doing this wrong or but when i try to create a character the kitsunes race doesn't pop up or am I supposed do something else cause when I open up the mods menus in game it says its there
  20. LazerRay

    LazerRay Cosmic Narwhal

    You need to also have one of the race extender mods or this one won't show up

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