Story Kiraobuzadipu - Killer of the Deep ("Prologue")

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    Before I get onto this, this is/will be a comic. I'm only giving this a shot since I just discovered it and want to "experiment" with this before I go further. If this gets a positive enough feedback I'll have to do the "whole" thing in written form; however, I doubt it'll be as impactful as seeing it for yourself; however still, I could be wrong.

    Also, a maturity warning. If you can't handle words describing violence in detail, you're free to read about the next space captain's journey.
    Anyway, enough stalling, onto this experiment.


    Blackness. Nothing around the young Hylotl but blackness.

    "Hello?" He utters out, "is anyone there?"

    Before long, as in reply to his question, a ghastly red strikes his vision causing him to shield his eyes from its brightening burden, cursing under his scaled lips. As his eyes adjusted to the red lighting, he was mortified at what he discovered: piles upon piles of his fellow brethren butchered, their blood flowing from their lifeless bodies like dark red cascades, and in the center of it all, standing hunched over holding what appears to be a spear constructed from a spine, a Hylotl praising his work. Just as he began to muster the courage to confront the scaled monster, he turned towards the young Hylotl, revealing himself as... himself. He smiled a sharp, toothy smile before a searing question left his lips:

    "Isn't art a wonderous thing?"

    The young Hylotl springs up from his bed, screaming, before taking several breaths and looking at his teal and banana hands. After a while, he comes to his senses.

    "Another nightmare..."

    Soon letting out a deep sigh, he slouches back on his bed.

    "What is this, the tenth nightmare in a row?"

    He looks at his clock and notices it's half an hour past six. Letting out another sigh, he gets up and begins to get ready for the day: brushing his teeth, showering in the public shower, and so on before he looks at himself through the mirror in the public wash: just your average Hylotl.

    "If the psychiatrist can't shake me out of these fantasies..." He looks away, almost in shame. "I don't know what I'd do."

    He heads back to his room and finishes getting ready, grabbing a copy of a comic adaptation of 50 Things I Hate About Florans before heading to the psychiatrist's office, praying this will finally cure him of these horrific fantasies.
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