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Outdated Kineptic Race Mod 12-22-2015

Magician Space Cats

  1. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    Something tells me steel does not meet those requirements for a spinner made of wood.
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  2. Nexeron

    Nexeron Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    omg yay :DD
    I'm not in the nightly branch (I'm still on stable) but hearing that it's in is awesome! Thank you again~
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  3. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    No problem, Nexeron! I kinda feel like this release needs just a bit more stuff in it before I can push it out, though... unfortunately, most of what needs to be done at this point is spriting, and after the last two vanity sets, I think I may have burned out Ice for a while...
  4. Nexeron

    Nexeron Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Spriting sure is a lot of work. I don't think that I ever would have enough patience to sprite so many single frames :O
  5. Icebelly

    Icebelly Weight of the Sky

    It's more a mix of me being lazy but yeah there's a lot of frames.
    Most of the work really just goes into the pants and kneepads since the chest doesn't move for the sprites. Maybe just up or down a pixel so it looks like it's bobbing but other than that. *shrug*

    Yeah. I've kinda been burnt out with spriting.

    Let's just say Quil and I had some ideas as of recent. I'm gonna see if I can push through it at some point and just get the spriting done. >w<
  6. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    If anyone wonders what's so great about the nightly build...


    I am a level 10 fire technomage. I am also stylish in my Nexeron brand clothing.
    You will be getting the clothing available in the next update of the mod. The flamethrower of awesome and wand will have to wait, sadly.
  7. The Observer

    The Observer Phantasmal Quasar

    Fatal error with the nightly: crash when attempting to enable the matter manipulator on a new character. This problem doesn't occur with base game characters, so it's probably something missing with the mod and how it interacts with the SAIL system.

    Kinept crash.png

    Starbound.log below:

    Info: Preparing Star::Root...
    Info: Detected mod 'xbawks' at '../mods\xbawks\.'
    Info: Detected mod 'Kineptic' at '../mods\kineptic\.'
    Info: Loading Configuration with config file: 'starbound.config'
    Info: Loading Star::Configuration from '..\starbound.config'
    Info: Pre-loading Star::Root with 4 assets sources
    Info: Loading Star::Assets from: '../assets/packed.pak'
    Info: Loading Star::Assets from: '../assets/user'
    Info: Loading Star::Assets from: '../mods\xbawks\.'
    Info: Loading Star::Assets from: '../mods\kineptic\.'
    Info: Done preparing Star::Root.
    Info: Client version 'Beta v. Rampaging Koala - Update 1' Protocol: 658
    Info: Running from : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\win32\starbound.exe
    Info: Initialized SDL
    Info: Initialized SDL Video
    Info: Initialized SDL Joystick
    Info: Initialized SDL Sound
    Info: Opened default audio device with 44khz / 16 bit stereo audio, 2048 sample size buffer
    Info: Finishing loading Star::Root...
    Info: Initializing SDL Window
    Info: Created initial window 1000x600
    Info: Renderer initialized
    Info: Renderer destroyed
    Info: Initializing SDL Window
    Info: Re-created window 1920x1017
    Info: Renderer initialized
    Info: Writing Star::Configuration to '..\starbound.config'
    Info: Done loading Star::Root.
    Info: Renderer destroyed
    Error: Failed to load metadata file ..\player\e8f0171bf6262538e860047deab923c7.metadata : (IOException) Wrong magic bytes at start of versioned json file, expected 'SBVJ01'
    Error: Failed to valid player with uuid e8f0171bf6262538e860047deab923c7 : (VersioningDatabaseException) Could not bring versionedVariant with identifier '' and version Maybe::none forward to current version of 1, best version was 0
    Info: Creating default Star::Configuration
    Info: Renderer initialized
    Error: Could not instantiate item '[maskpants, 1, {}]'. (ItemException) No such item 'maskpants'
    Error: Could not instantiate item '[maskpants, 1, {"directives":""}]'. (ItemException) No such item 'maskpants'
    Error: Could not load /items/armors/kinepticracial1set/chest.png:idle.4 asset, attempting to use default.
    (ImageException) call to subImage with pos (0, 43) size (43, 43) out of image bounds (8, 8)
    Error: Could not load /items/armors/kinepticracial1set/chest.png:idle.2 asset, attempting to use default.
    (ImageException) call to subImage with pos (0, 43) size (43, 43) out of image bounds (8, 8)
    Error: Could not instantiate item '[maskpants, 1, {}]'. (ItemException) No such item 'maskpants'
    Error: Could not instantiate item '[maskpants, 1, {"directives":""}]'. (ItemException) No such item 'maskpants'
    Error: Could not instantiate item '[maskpants, 1, {}]'. (ItemException) No such item 'maskpants'
    Error: Could not instantiate item '[maskpants, 1, {"directives":""}]'. (ItemException) No such item 'maskpants'
    Error: Could not instantiate item '[maskpants, 1, {}]'. (ItemException) No such item 'maskpants'
    Error: Could not instantiate item '[maskpants, 1, {"directives":""}]'. (ItemException) No such item 'maskpants'
    Info: Renderer destroyed
    Info: Acquiring universe lock file
    Info: UniverseServer: Loading world db for world 79601434:52914296:-11317347:12:8
    Info: UniverseServer: client connection made from local
    Info: UniverseServer: Sending Handshake Challenge
    Info: UniverseClient: Sending Handshake Repsonse
    Info: UniverseServer: Client 'Orfell' <1> (Fifo <0x11f9e100>) connected
    Info: Creating default Star::Configuration
    Info: Renderer initialized
    Error: Could not load /items/armors/kinepticracial1set/chest.png:idle.2 asset, attempting to use default.
    (ImageException) call to subImage with pos (0, 43) size (43, 43) out of image bounds (8, 8)
    Error: Could not load /items/armors/kinepticracial1set/chest.png:idle.2?replace;ffca8a=fd8d30;e0975c=ca6705;a85636=8c5d00;6f2919=5c4400?replace;ffca8a=d4c398;e0975c=bda67a;a85636=9c7f54;6f2919=755937?addmask=/humanoid/portraitMask.png;0;0?addmask=/humanoid/portraitBackgroundMask.png;0;0 asset, attempting to use default.
    (ImageException) (43, 0) out of range in Image::get
    Error: Could not load /items/armors/kinepticracial1set/chest.png:run asset, attempting to use default.
    (ImageException) call to subImage with pos (43, 86) size (43, 43) out of image bounds (8, 8)
    Info: UniverseServer: Shutting down world CelestialWorld:79601434:52914296:-11317347:12:8 due to inactivity
    Error: Could not load /items/armors/kinepticracial1set/chest.png:idle.2?replace;ffca8a=fd8d30;e0975c=ca6705;a85636=8c5d00;6f2919=5c4400?replace;ffca8a=d4c398;e0975c=bda67a;a85636=9c7f54;6f2919=755937?addmask=/humanoid/portraitMask.png;0;0 asset, attempting to use default.
    (ImageException) (43, 0) out of range in Image::get
    Error: Could not load /items/armors/kinepticracial1set/chest.png:idle.1 asset, attempting to use default.
    (ImageException) call to subImage with pos (43, 0) size (43, 43) out of image bounds (8, 8)
    Info: UniverseClient: Client disconnecting...
    Info: Client received world stop packet, leaving: Removed
    Info: UniverseServer: Client 'Orfell' <1> (Fifo <0x11f9e100>) disconnected
    Info: NetSocket read loop shut down: (FifoClosedException) Fifo::read called on closed Fifo
    Info: NetSocket read loop shut down: (FifoClosedException) Fifo::read called on closed Fifo
    Info: Shutting down Star::Root
    Error: Fatal Exception Caught: (MapException) Key 'kineptic' not found in Map::get()
    function<void (Widget*)>::eek:perator()(Widget*)

    Upon re-entering the game, the Matter Manipulator is enabled, but trying to interact with SAIL crashes the game.
  8. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    I think I know what the problem might be. A while ago I looked at the files for enabling the matter manipulator and the teleporter. Much to my confusion, both files contained the text for the matter manipulator. Either I'm trippin', the game code is trippin', or I forgot a comma somewhere. I won't be able to look into it for about 10 hours, unfortunately.
  9. The Observer

    The Observer Phantasmal Quasar

    Ach, such a shame. I'd hoped to do some playing tonight, but it seems like the vanilla nav screen is crashing, too, so nightlies are out until Omni or someone fixes it. Oh well.[DOUBLEPOST=1412002017][/DOUBLEPOST]All right, I cheated myself a matter manipulator and went and faffed about a bit. Haven't played very deeply yet, but a few impressions:


    -The artwork is very, very nice. You folks have clearly put in a lot of effort into this. I would not mind more patch/fur colours, but that is just me.
    -Did someone forget to recolour the avian ship? :p
    -I do enjoy the aesthetic you have going here.
    -A single, custom (even non-animated) AI would be great, but that is far off into the future and you have many other things to consider before such nice-to-haves.


    -I suppose you do have a number of unique and interesting spells planned. Still, some thoughts:
    -The thunderhand tier 1 spell. Getting tesla spikes is very, very iffy, since they are not craftable. If tesla spikes must be used, then I would suggest moving it up a tier or two. Starting recipes are supposed to be easy to make, and it's a bit of a letdown when something requires an exotic ingredient. The fireball tier 1 spell is a good example, with leather and torches; I would suggest requiring thunderhand tier 1 require copper (because copper conducts electricity, etc) instead of tesla spikes. Higher tiers could use other conductive metals.
    -As an addendum, thunderhand could use a little less cost compared to fireball, or perhaps have a cone as opposed to a straight line of effect. Right now it drains energy very quickly and you have to be in melee to use it, where ordinary weapons don't use energy at all. Right now, tier 1 fireball is superior to tier 1 thunderhand, even in close combat.
    -I'd like to suggest a rapid fire narrow cone of ice/earth spikes spell, much like that one ability some monsters have, only with red projectiles (I forget the name).

    Other stuff:

    -I understand that bread is not a starter recipe for lore's sake. However, as I think has been mentioned before, it could be added as a blueprint.
    -Other races are accidentally getting the glovetech bookcase in the 3-D printer by default.
    -Has there been any luck in designing encounters not on moons?


    Played a little more. A few more comments:

    -Iron head/body/legs' stats are not showing up properly.
    -I know that the nightly is going to be some ways off from getting a release candidate (probably), but one should probably think to the natural progression of tiers. I noticed that the iron head/body/legs recipes were still using the recipe types, for example (requiring copper armour instead of being directly craftable from iron). Also, since we're not going to be using starmap upgrades any more, recipes aren't going to be tied to that. I assume steel recipes are unlocked with the starmap, which does not exist in the nightly?

    I know that these things may probably be tweaked somewhat before release and it's probably not a good idea to venture into areas more prone to change. However, with things which are more or less set in stone, like accelerator/separator/manipulator tables, it may be worth it to look into populating them. Maybe even split attack spells into such categories. I dunno.
    -With the nightly build, I'm getting the avian ship and avian starting items in the locker. I sometimes also get perfectly generic items in the first slot of my hotbar, for some reason.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2014
  10. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    Holy text wall! Awesome!

    I can't take credit for the art style. I designed most of it, but the original spritework was done by Icebelly, refined by wulf_oman, and the sprites themselves were done by none other than RyuujinZero himself--I did trim the wings and tail off and added the four kineptic tails (yup, all four are there) by myself.
    The ship recolors haven't been forgotten; they're just not priority. AI is pretty sprite-intensive, and poor Ice just finished spriting two new vanity sets. Give the poor guy a break :p

    As for spells, the thunderhand was just an exercise for me. I will develop the line further, but I'm focusing on getting the fireballs done for the current stable build. I have something rather spectacular planned for the thunderhand, but that's still a long way off. I do plan on using the new tiering system to separate the spells, but not quite the same way as for other races. Oh, and an ice spike cone is already on the to-do list ;3

    I noticed florans have bread in their starting lineup; this may change my stance.
    I was not aware of the bookcase issue. Thanks for pointing that out! I just hope I remember to fix it.
    No, no progress on dungeons spawing anywhere but moons... vitsotu is being a real pain. Unfortunately, I've decided to move foreward designing it as though vitsotu does not exist.

    Tier progression will be dealt with once the stable version's fire spell progression is in place. Unfortunately, that means spells besides fire will be put off until nightly becomes stable.

    The avian starting gear in the shiplocker, huh? I'll check that out this evening (if I remember). The recent change to treasurepools is probably to blame. The PGI's in the hotbar from the start is bizarre. It's happened before for someone else, but I can't reproduce the problem.

    I have fixed the issue with the AI commands, though. No more crashy crash. Unless you use the wisp staff on a tree. Then you crash. Something about trying to damage 52 blocks at once when the limit is 49. I should probably tell the devs about this, but I'm shy. -.
  11. The Observer

    The Observer Phantasmal Quasar

    - Yeah, I can't seem to reproduce the PGI issue again. Maybe 'tis a bug. I'll see if it turns up again and if so, try to reproduce it.

    - Maybe it's better that way - a lot of mods are becoming more modular such that players can pick and choose what they want to have. VITSOTU is one of the big-shoo-ins for addition to the main game, so that may be solved in the future. Otherwise, it may be better that your mod is a standalone. Waiting to see what sort of encounters you'll be coming up with!

    - Tier progression is not that big a problem, I can deal with it.

    - As for AI, I suppose in a pinch recolouring the avian crystals blue might work, however, no sure what you have planned. Anyways, as you said, there's plenty of time for the mod to grow.

    Anyways, shutting up now and awaiting the next version!
  12. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    Nono, don't shut up! This is the feedback I NEED. The players are going to see things and think of things I don't see or think. I hope more people start making posts like yours, at least for now (if the kineptic somehow become the next big thing, that desire will change for obvious reasons).

    I kind of take issue with vitsotu... I don't like it, honestly. All those 'lunar barren' planets are realistic in the sense that most planets are like that, sure, but it doesn't exactly make for an exciting game. On top of that, the mod's files hard-overwrite the game files, not merge-overwrite. I suspect this is why I can't make changes to the worldgen... vitsotu is overwriting my changes. The final nail in the coffin is that it looks like the mod is dead. I've heard there are no plans to update it.

    The vanilla code for dungeon distribution is also not mod friendly. To add a dungeon to the existing list of a biome's microdungeons, you need to directly index that entry of the sufacePlaceables argument. If someone else adds an entry before that entry, it changes the index and breaks your code. Otherwise, you have to make a new listing for microdungeons, making it so your microdungeons spawn IN ADDITION TO the ones already spawning, resulting in worlds with more microdungeons than they should have. Or you could hijack the dungeon file of another species, but then you'd have your dungeons showing up with the dungeons of that other species.

    So, yeah. That's what I have to say about that.
  13. The Observer

    The Observer Phantasmal Quasar

    All right, I'll keep yapping, then.

    - If VITSOTU is not going to be updated, considering that most mods are going to break when the update finally hits, it'll be consigned to the dustbin unless someone takes it and reworks it for the new patching system.

    - I, personally, am not against more microdungeons spawning on the surface - I think that's how most of the extra dungeons mods work back when I tried them, although I could be wrong. I'm the kind who prefers my planets have stuff in them aside from the various tiny tents and wheelbarrow merchants scattered around. So yeah, more dungeons is not really an issue for me - perhaps you could ask players for more feedback regarding this issue.

    So...next topic...


    Very interesting concept. Sacrifice half hunger bar, get regeneration. I note that you mentioned upthread that in the nightlies you could make just take hunger values off directly, but I think the gradual drain is better because a) it gives players time to react if need be and b) it does make the hunger bar auto pop up with reasonable reliability.

    -Firstly, on the recipe. I've noted that upthread, people have complained about the requirements for medkits in the recipe. It's true that they're not THAT rare if one looks in the treasurepools, but I think what folks are complaining about is the randomness involved, especially in the nightly when you can't move off-world for a good while. It's possible that one might luck out and find enough kits, but on the other hand someone might get really unlucky and end up empty-handed.

    There *is* another option now with the new bottled liquids - (bottled) healing water, which spawns in the new spring biomes, if I'm not wrong. Think they turn up at about T3. Either way, it's unlikely that anyone is going to be crafting heal at the start, even though it is available then. Which is okay with me, because there are bandages and other options for healing on the go. Heal is a nice-to-have, not a must-have like fireball or thunderhand are.

    Practically speaking, since I'm not the best at micromanaging during combat, I found myself using the spell mostly to top up in between fights when I could pay more attention to my hunger bar, rather then during it, unless I could be sure I'd eaten recently. Someone more skilled at finger-dancing may be able to get more in-combat use out of it then I could. It does feel better, as opposed to using a bandage I could conceivably use to keep up during combat.

    As a sidenote, I'm perfectly fine with "utility" spells with out of combat purposes like this and any, say, haste or high jump spells costing noticeable amounts of hunger, since I can better keep an eye on them out of combat.
  14. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    Wait, it's half? Well crud, it's only supposed to be two segments... That's what it did when I tested it. Eh, it's still just a beta spell... anything that doesn't have more than 4 tiers is just an experiment sort of thing. The ward spells, for example, are going to become actual shields. The healing spell feels really gimmicky to me, and kinda feels like it has a lot to be desired. Perhaps I should have waited to put those in until they were actually complete instead of pushing them out for content's sake. There will be more utility spells for sure; the mobility ones in particular will probably not cost as much to use as you might think. The kineptic float around with their glovetech canonically. They don't necessarily fly, but they do float just a few inches off the ground and lean in the direction they want to go. It doesn't expend any more energy than walking or running. The limiting factor with speed for pedestrian means of moving are the muscles' endurance and own reaction limitations. Kineptic do not get physically tired from using the gloves, and they don't have any physical limitation other than how much stored energy is available to be metabolized.
  15. The Observer

    The Observer Phantasmal Quasar

    Yeah, the half hunger's my bad. Apparently casting a second one while the first one is active extends the drain for twice as long (without any obvious sound or added effect). It's actually two bars.
  16. Himeki

    Himeki Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The PGI strikes again, only to vanish into the shadows to await it's next victim!

    THAT was the thing I couldn't remember before, the bookcase in the printer...

    I've been kinda inactive recently, lots of crap going on. Still have yet to try out the nightly due to the same reasons.

    Glad to see more feedback, I tried out the thunderhand with a friend in multiplayer, finally found some tesla spikes and was excited to try it out. Abandoned it after 3 attempts of use though, high drain, lack of power, short range on top of those. I did however joke around with my friend, aiming at him and saying "Let the hate flow through you!"

    As far as heal goes I do the same as The Observer, not used in combat, but between fights. I make sure I stay nearly topped off with food, I'm just horrible at "finger dancing" as he put it.
  17. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    Life happens. I don't think the current iteration of the nightly works right now, anyway, so don't worry about that.

    Thunderhand is pretty weak, yeah. The non-fireball spells have all been cast aside since the whole need for tiered armor thing. It made me realize the need for tiered weapons all the way up, as well. I just got those done, and I did address the issue with the bookshelf being printable. I've been slammed with a wave of inspiration for new furniture, too.

    I'm considering taking out the other spells, or at least making them not-craftable; it'd be too much trying to create multiple branches of spells when there's still so much else I need to do with the mod ;3
  18. The Observer

    The Observer Phantasmal Quasar

    Nightly's working for me, I can say as much.

    To be honest, the only spells which need to be adjusted every tier are damage spells. Utility spells like healing, high jumping, light and such scale pretty well and will only need 1-3 tiers over the whole range. Health doesn't jump that much from t1-6 in the nightly, for example - it's still possible to use bandages up to t4-5.

    Pretty excited after seeing the whole range of weird statuses that can be made with the new system.

    Looking forward to seeing the new weapons, furniture and not-crashing MM!
  19. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    Quilavabom updated Kineptic Race Mod with a new update entry:

    Great balls of fire!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  20. Aramai

    Aramai Void-Bound Voyager

    Thanks for this awesome race mod!
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