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Outdated Kineptic Race Mod 12-22-2015

Magician Space Cats

  1. Versagger

    Versagger Void-Bound Voyager

    I join to. I have same problem.

    P.S. sorry for my english. I'm from Siberia.
  2. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    Quilavabom updated Kineptic Race Mod with a new update entry:

    How many kineptic does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  3. Zalgo the GodEater

    Zalgo the GodEater Void-Bound Voyager

    HHHHNNNNGGG...This mod looks so good, but the link is being uncooperative. You did say that might be a problem this update, right? Well, I mean, the link takes me to dropbox, but whenever I click download, it won't respond.
  4. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    I've never used dropbox before... I'm so sorry for my incompetence.
    *sigh* Well, I've got more failed updates than successful ones. THAT SURE LOOKS PROFESSIONAL, DON'T IT? :DD
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  5. Feathery Dust

    Feathery Dust Spaceman Spiff

    Weird, for me it worked just fine. Maybe it's a problem with dropbox?
  6. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

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  7. Icebelly

    Icebelly Weight of the Sky

    Sometimes dropbox is just a bit weird.
    For instance, when I'm uploading something on my side I need to make sure I put the files in the public folder.
    Yet for some reason Quil doesn't have a public folder.

    No clue what's going on. Sorry about the trouble guys!
  8. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    Wait, so I just posted an update for nothing?
  9. Zalgo the GodEater

    Zalgo the GodEater Void-Bound Voyager

    It's all good, don't worry! :rofl: I know modding is hard work, and shit happens. Don't worry 'bout it.
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  10. fernworrier

    fernworrier Giant Laser Beams

    going to try this and do my best to make old deuteronomy from cats the musical.
    edit-fixed the name.
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  11. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    So, to all you people using the kineptic...

    I've been messing around in the nightly development release. Now, the nightly is obviously not a stable--but nonetheless I've got a version of the Kineptic mod that does work with it as of the time of posting this post. There's a lot of functionality in the nightly that the stable lacks. Pertaining to the Kineptic, the most noteworthy thing would be the staves. I haven't gotten around to making one, but it's the sort of thing that would fit the Kineptic... like a glove. :pfff:
    *pelted with tomatoes*

    There would be a few pros and cons if I were to use the nightly as a platform for development.

    I'd be able to create content using features not yet in the stable build, such as staves, AI, and scripted items.
    Once the developers decide to release a stable build, the Kineptic Mod will already be developed for it and it will take less time for me to get an update out for the new stable build.

    If something in the nightly update renders the mod unusable, then you will have to use the stable version until I can get it working again.
    Using the nightly is inherently risky, so there would always be the threat of your character or worlds breaking.
    Any other mods you use, especially ones that are more or less ubiquitous (like the dye mod), will most likely not work. If it uses a _Merge file, it won't work. Kawa's mod to increase the number of species slots in the character creation menu does work.

    Regardless of whether people would be interested, I'll probably keep the stable build and the nightly build synced together as best I can, just so I can minimize downtime whenever all these things do go to a stable build. I'd like to know the opinions of others. It'll help me decide what direction I take going forward.
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  12. Aku Hito

    Aku Hito Big Damn Hero

    (Hello Quilavabom, I happened to have noticed you talking on my main forum page, this is a list of ideas I put on that forum page / review - I cut it from that forum so you will not longer find it here, I found it better on this page..)

    Where is the website to your modpack?

    Here is a friendly suggestion, I feel you shouldn't give the starting weapon for your character 110 starting damage. As well I personally feel double jump from the very start is good and I feel the cats shouldn't start with it either. That or make a "Down graded" Tech for double jump costing more energy or something. Just my personal opinion, other than that it seems really good. The ship design is very original, I've yet to actually start playing this character yet but well down so far. - Something I personally feel that isn't too balanced is the illuminate, allowing for 'unlimited' torches lasting for (Estimated) 45 seconds. An Idea I have is that you can have it where the first "Torch" is around 10 or 15 seconds and as you move up the teirs they last longer. The starting weapon though is very good, I'm impressed at the idea of charging your weapon in this game, I've yet to see that so well done. I have also noticed from the first two spells is that this is a magical race, I'm fairly interested what you'll add in / find. - Hmm, I did just notice a error. You cannot use your fire spell and your lightning spell together. Other than that I don't think I have any more suggestions until the next update!

    I just noticed the ship is just a re textured version of the avian ship, but it looks fairly good.
    You need to fix the starting weapon as it is say 110 damage although is doing a lot less, confusing for first look.

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  13. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    I have no idea where you're getting the 110 figure for damage. The maximum damage it can do is 16 damage at full charge, which has a timeframe of about one tenth of a second. Regardless, this high damage value will be offset by the player's hunger being drained when the spell is used once I'm able to use scripts on weapons.

    Also, illuminate lasts for 10 to 15 seconds as it is--nowhere close to 45.

    You are not supposed to be able to use the fireball and thunderhand spells at the same time. Thunderhand is a two-handed spell, where fireball levels 3 and 4 are one-handed.

    With that little explanation out of the way, I've got a little something pertaining to kineptic information. A had a conversation with a friend of mine the other night, and he asked a bunch of question about the kineptic. He said I could post that conversation here.

    [6:12:29 PM] Maple Syra: well, first of all, the description wasn't very specific on this (either that or I missed it), but what kinds of powers do they have? And also, is it actually magic or highly advanced technology?
    [6:14:17 PM] Quil: It is not actually magic. The species as a whole does enjoy practicing prestidigitation, but no actual wizardy magic. The gloves do all the work by tapping into the user's own metabolic reserves and projects that stored energy on the target to manipulate it. The only "magic" part is how it does it from a distance.
    [6:16:48 PM] Quil: As far as actual powers go, it's all just energy manipulation one form or another, be it thermal energy, mechanical energy, etc. They can shoot fire and lightning by virtue of energy release in a specialized manner, and can manipulate things like water, earth, metal, air, or just about any physical substance by means of standard kinetic energy. They do have the ability to accelerate healing by mobilizing their body's resources to boost the recovery process.
    [6:18:02 PM] Quil: These abilities are only available if they have the spell crystal available. Basically, these crystals are flash drives with program modules installed on them that the kineptic switches depending on what they need to do.
    [6:18:46 PM] Maple Syra: Hm...So, before I continue, just to clarify, what exactly is prestidigitation?
    [6:19:49 PM] Quil: prestidigitation is the sort of thing you'd see an actual magician do: pull a rabbit from a hat, make flowers appear from their wand, cut someone in half, go in one box and come out of another, etc.
    [6:20:31 PM] Maple Syra: So...it's "magic" tricks but without the magic part?
    [6:20:55 PM] Quil: Pretty much. Prestidigitation is an actual word.
    [6:21:10 PM] Quil: Slight of hand.
    [6:21:23 PM] Maple Syra: I think the word's sleight
    [6:21:28 PM] Maple Syra: but in any event
    [6:21:29 PM] Quil: semantics.
    [6:21:40 PM] Quil: And I know it's not semantics.
    [6:21:47 PM] Quil: ANYWAY, moving along.
    [6:23:00 PM] Maple Syra: So........you know me. You should probably be expecting this kind of question. Are these powers purely elemental and physical or is there anything that they can do in the realm of mental-based powers?
    [6:25:42 PM] Quil: They do not have actual psychic abilities. Mind control, hypnosis, telepathy, seeing the future, and general extrasensory perception are not possible. Particularly skilled kineptic (in the top percent) do have ways of making it seem like they are inducing hallucinations, though. A kineptic of this kind of skill level would be considered a superkineptic.
    [6:26:21 PM] Maple Syra: Hm, figured as much.
    [6:26:23 PM] Quil: Kinda like that one guy who is immune to hypothermia, or the other that can stick smooth objects to his body like he's magnetic.
    [6:26:53 PM] Quil: Sorry, I know that the whole mindgame thing is kinda your thing X3
    [6:27:00 PM] Maple Syra: Hehe, no problem, just curious
    [6:27:07 PM] Quil: Oh, actually...
    [6:27:16 PM] Quil: I take that back, they CAN perform hypnosis.
    [6:27:18 PM] Maple Syra: And since I know YOU like mindgames a bit yourself, I was wondering if you inputted
    [6:27:29 PM] Maple Syra: Oh? Is it like stage hypnosis, though?
    [6:27:54 PM] Quil: Not sure what you mean by that. What they'd do is create flashes and patterns of light.
    [6:28:31 PM] Maple Syra: Oh. Erm, stage hypnosis is a fake form of hypnosis performed by magicians. They pretend to be in control of the "victim" but the reality is said victim is in on the act
    [6:28:42 PM] Quil: Ahhhh
    [6:28:49 PM] Quil: No, this would be actual hypnosis.
    [6:29:15 PM] Quil: ... or maybe just epilepsy. It's hard to tell sometimes :p
    [6:29:18 PM] Maple Syra: Ahh, so an indirect form using their actual powers. That makes sense
    [6:29:19 PM] Maple Syra: xD!
    [6:29:54 PM] Quil: A superkineptic would be able to project images on the target's retina and vibrate their eardrums to hear things.
    [6:30:19 PM] Maple Syra: Although I take it any instance of them using this hypnosis would take place solely in lore, not the game, heh
    [6:30:44 PM] Quil: Depends on how good I get with Lua scripting X3
    [6:31:32 PM] Quil: While they can't control the target's mind, they can hijack their body simply by overpowering the target's muscle groups.
    [6:31:51 PM] Quil: But that's pretty impractical when you could just blast their head off with an energy pulse.
    [6:31:57 PM] Maple Syra: Hah
    [6:32:44 PM] Maple Syra: Well, perhaps not for mind control, but I could imagine a kineptic could hypnotize a threat to neutralize them and escape
    [6:34:22 PM | Edited 6:34:26 PM] Maple Syra: Um, another question: Why do kineptics claim what they do is magic? Do they actually THINK it is or do they just want to convince people that they're supernatural beings of some sort?
    [6:35:17 PM] Quil: Have a closer read; they insist that it is NOT magic, but it doesn't help their case that they actually call their glovetech modules "spells".
    [6:36:06 PM] Quil: "Spell" would pretty much be a brand name for them, just like any tissue, regardless of brand, is occasionally called a "Kleenex"
    [6:36:15 PM] Maple Syra: Hm, I did see that
    [6:37:47 PM] Quil: Actually, they're trying to prove to the Glitch race that they are just regular life and not witches that need to be burned.
    [6:37:57 PM] Quil: It's not going very well for them X3
    [6:38:08 PM] Maple Syra: Oh, oh, oh
    [6:38:09 PM] Maple Syra: agnwaerthnlaerg
    [6:38:12 PM] Maple Syra: I misread
    [6:38:14 PM] Maple Syra: multiple times
    [6:38:20 PM] Maple Syra: and didn't realize I had it backwards until now |D
    [6:38:26 PM] Quil: lol
    [6:40:20 PM] Maple Syra: Hm...I think I had a couple more questions
    [6:40:31 PM] Quil: *shakes him* REMEMBER THEM
    [6:40:45 PM] Maple Syra: @-@ I'm trying and I don't think that's helping
    [6:40:57 PM] Quil: *waits patiently* owo
    [6:43:02 PM] Maple Syra: So, about these "crystals". Are they just flash drives that have some kind of crystalline shape? And I take it they go somewhere on the glove, but where could it go so it's not like poking out?
    [6:45:32 PM] Quil: They are actual silicon crystal waffers that can be placed on a panel situation on the back of the glove. The fingers would probably have storage compartments in them.
    [6:45:50 PM] Quil: At least, for smaller modules.
    [6:47:37 PM] Quil: Since the fingers aren't actual fingers. The gloves are cybernetic and interface with a non-invasive input channel that the paw pads rest on while inside the glove.
    [6:48:43 PM] Maple Syra: Ahh, cool~ owo
    [6:48:56 PM] Maple Syra: Do you happen to have any sketches of how that looks?
    [6:49:07 PM] Quil: Let me dig it up.
    [6:49:23 PM] Maple Syra: Cool~
    [6:50:22 PM | Edited 6:50:29 PM] Maple Syra: in the meantime, another question about those. Is there a set number of types of crystals, or can new types of crystals be, like, designed or programmed?
    [6:51:08 PM] Quil: New ones can be designed and programmed as long as there are new materials to draw information from. The objects they use to program the gloves are destroyed in the process.
    [6:52:13 PM] Maple Syra: Ahh, I see
    [6:53:49 PM] *** Quil sent gloves.png ***
    [6:54:58 PM] Maple Syra: Ahh, cool~
    [6:55:39 PM] Quil: Initially there were going to be little latches on the inside that their claws would slip into when extended, but Nexeron's belt-strap method appeals to me more.
    [6:57:20 PM] Maple Syra: Gotcha. So, I note that the gloves have fingers...fingers that a kineptic's paw doesn't fit into. Are they able to use those fingers independently with the glove's powers?
    [6:59:31 PM] Quil: Nah, it's cybernetic; There are little robotic joints in it. It gets the energy from the user's body, like a normal hand would.
    [6:59:46 PM] Maple Syra: Oooohhhh
    [7:14:33 PM] Maple Syra: Hm...is there anything else that comes to your mind about them?
    [7:14:43 PM] Maple Syra: oh wait
    [7:14:57 PM] Maple Syra: I just remembered a question I wanted to ask
    [7:15:33 PM] Quil: I have plenty that comes to mind; I'm just waiting for you to ask it ;3
    I have their biology and even some of their society planned out.
    [7:15:43 PM] Maple Syra: What's their...ratio, I guess? Like, how much do they need to eat to power somesuch ability?
    [7:18:10 PM] Quil: Depends on what grade the glove is. General-purpose gloves that civilians would wear consume energy at about the same rate as their usual metabolism as far as joules expended per action goes. As you'd expect, this can be dangerous since an action that requires too much energy will make a kineptic lose weight before your very eyes and can, in fact, be fatal. Deaths by glove misuse are about as common as deaths by car accident.
    [7:18:28 PM] Quil: Except they don't have cars.
    [7:18:47 PM] Maple Syra: Hah. And I imagine higher grade gloves are more efficient?
    [7:19:49 PM] Quil: Yes. The highest-grade glove borders 100% efficiency to the point of being able to convert matter directly to energy. Only one exists.
    [7:22:41 PM] Quil: weapons-grade (relatively speaking--even civilian grade gloves are lethal weapons compared to other intelligent life) are about 50-70% efficient. Civilian is around 20%.
    [7:25:14 PM] Quil: Also, as far as their eating habits, they do consume large quantities of food. They have the ability to taste nutrients and tell when they're deficient in one of them (imagine being able to tell when you were thirsty, only for Vitamin A or Niacin). Once their nutritional needs are met, they switch to junk food.
    [7:25:24 PM] Quil: They are particularly fond of poptarts.
    [7:25:49 PM] Maple Syra: Hehe, gotcha
    [7:26:39 PM] Maple Syra: And that's interesting. I also take it they're pretty heavy eaters?
    [7:27:13 PM] Maple Syra: klhbnhaeh
    [7:27:15 PM] Maple Syra: you said that
    [7:27:36 PM] Quil: Yeah. I'd wager other species have myths and rumors that they have black holes for stomachs.
    [7:27:53 PM] Maple Syra: which doesn't help their case that they're not witches |D
    [7:28:10 PM] Quil: :rofl:
    [7:28:56 PM] Quil: They have very strange foods, like sugar-coated deep-fried hamburgers and sugar-and-meat smoothies.
    [7:29:18 PM] Maple Syra: Ooohhh, so they try to get all the nutrients into their meals that they can, heh
    [7:29:41 PM] Maple Syra: Um, what about their sleeping habits? And do they eat before sleeping?
    [7:31:59 PM] Quil: I never really thought about that, but it makes sense; they don't get physically tired by using the gloves, but they would still get sleepy from use. They'd probably use them until they got worn out, eat as much junk food as they could, then take a nap to let their bodies absorb the calories.
    [7:32:59 PM] Maple Syra: Right, gotcha.
    [7:33:05 PM] Maple Syra: And yeah that does make sense
    [7:33:43 PM] Quil: How does it feel to have made an impact to an entire species's way of life? :p
    [7:33:52 PM] Maple Syra: omgX3
    [7:34:09 PM] Maple Syra: Welp, I've done a good day's work
    [7:34:17 PM] Quil: Heh X3
    [7:34:41 PM] Maple Syra: So, they don't really have a regular sleep schedule? They just sleep when necessary? (like how you might charge a phone)
    [7:35:48 PM] Quil: Yup. They can see fairly well in the dark because the bindi on their foreheads are bioluminescent and they also have retroreflection.
    [7:35:58 PM] Maple Syra: Niiiice
    [7:36:33 PM | Edited 7:36:45 PM] Maple Syra: Are they typically energetic or lazy, or does it just an individual basis?
    [7:37:29 PM] Quil: Individual basis. They do tend to prefer to have an unfettered lifestyle, though, and don't like having schedules forced upon them.
    [7:38:26 PM] Maple Syra: Hm, I can imagine.
    [7:39:07 PM] Maple Syra: So, how does a casual civilian kineptic use their powers? Like, what do they use, how often, and for what purposes?
    [7:43:08 PM] Quil: The single most common spell you will see is the telekinesis spell. They'll typically use it to move things to them instead of getting up or hold multiple things at once and spin them around in a ring formation like a carousel. Kinda like an orbiting toolbelt. Most often, though, they use it to levitate themselves just a few inches off the ground and lean in the direction they want to move, making use of gravity in a manner similar to surfing.
    [7:43:52 PM] Quil: They also put on big, colorful displays either for competition or general entertainment purposes.
    [7:45:03 PM] Maple Syra: Ahh, so they like to put on a show (although I got that from the whole prestidigitation thing)
    [7:45:25 PM] Quil: Yup!
    [7:51:32 PM] Maple Syra: Hm...so, I am going somewhere with this in terms of daily life for kineptics, but speaking of colorful displays, if a kineptic uses hypnosis, can they use suggestions, or does it just stun the target?
    [7:53:06 PM] Quil: It'd be closer to a really big distraction to most intelligent life. Florans would probably be susceptible to suggestion.
    [7:54:27 PM] Maple Syra: Ahh. Well, all the same, I imagine there are some, erm, devious kineptics that use it for pranking purposes?
    [7:55:25 PM] Quil: I can definitely see this as being one of the first things kittens would try to do once they get their glove lisence.
    [7:56:16 PM] Maple Syra: Glove license, huh? How exactly does that work?
    [7:57:59 PM] Quil: Part of their standard education is the importance of eating enough, when they should eat what, and general study of how gloves work. They have training mittens in classrooms for them to practice with under close supervision. Once they're proficient enough and responsible enough, they get their glove lisence.
    [7:58:17 PM] Maple Syra: Ahh, I see~
    [8:00:38 PM] Maple Syra: How long have you been working on making this species?
    [8:00:59 PM] Quil: Since early August or something like that.
    [8:01:29 PM] Maple Syra: Ahh, cool~
    [8:02:17 PM] Quil: The exact date was Thursday, July 24th At 5:59:42PM
    [8:02:25 PM] Quil: (2014)
    [8:02:28 PM] Maple Syra: Haha, I see
    [8:02:34 PM] *** Quil sent kineptic.png ***
    [8:02:49 PM] Maple Syra: Well, I guess moreover, how long ago did you come up with this idea?
    [8:03:09 PM] Quil: [8:02 PM] Quil:
    <<< Thursday, July 24th At 5:59:42PM(2014)
    [8:03:29 PM] Maple Syra: Ok, so you drew that first then decided to make a species from it, I gotcha
    [8:03:58 PM] Quil: I always wanted to make a species. I was drawing avali and then it hit me... how would I have done it?
    [8:04:02 PM] Quil: Obviously, kitties.
    [8:04:09 PM] Maple Syra: xD!
    [8:04:23 PM] Quil: Then my hand did things, and that picture I just sent you suddenly existed.

    If anyone has any questions like these, feel free to ask! It helps me flesh out the details of the species and I enjoy answering them! At least for the time being :rofl:
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  14. ZeroInfinity

    ZeroInfinity Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I had an idea for the armor. If you can do scripts, you can do a kind of "set bonus thing". Sure, the pieces all give their respective stats, but when you have the chest, leggings AND the helmet you get some bonus energy or something. That way, you CAN switch out to a heavy-duty chestpiece, which would give you less energy but make you more durable.

    If you need ideas on the set bonus, maybe make each piece currently equipped add to a local variable of KinepticSetBonus or something, I don't know too much about Starbound scripting. Once the SetBonus is at 3, or maybe in steps depending on how many you have, use a Status to give some bonus energy or energy regen or something. The only problem with this is that you don't get backwards compatibility, but even that you could do if you did something like weighting each piece for a set bonus. Say the Iron helmet, legs and chestpiece are weighted 1, 1 and 2, respectively. That adds up to 4, which has some math done to it to get what that does to energy. You could even have a Status take the score from the equipment, add it up, change it and then output it as stats in, I think, one Status.

    Anyway, I think that'd be cool. Ultimately your choice though. On the subject of Kineptic questions, I really want to hear what kind of society they have. Is it fragmented? United? Is is socialist, communist, capitalist or what? Do they have any particular imports/exports of note?
  15. Aku Hito

    Aku Hito Big Damn Hero

    All right, any what do you think about my Tech idea Quila?
  16. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    I think I will stick with the standard double-jump for the time being. Keep in mind, eventually I will have a hunger mechanic in place that will make using energy-based tech and weapons much more of a task. Running out of energy is just a nuisance. Running out of hunger will kill you. Just remember that.

    I'm a lua scripting noob myself, so it could be a long time coming for that. Honestly, I'm putting off making armors as long as I can because of the sheer pain they will be to sprite. Right now I'm focusing on dungeons and putting lore entries in the storage containers in said dungeons. Then I'll need to get the NPC's working at the very least to add some life to the mod. I tend to come up with stuff better if I'm genuinely excited to do it, and that probably won't be until I get to the point where armor feels like it's a crucial part of the puzzle. Until then, I'm not going to fret over it.

    As for their society, it is a unified society. Most kineptic see themselves as members of their race as a whole, and not separated clans or nations. Their species population is very, very small, being less than that of some real-world cities. They intentionally keep their population regulated not by any force of centralized government, but by realizing that, while their planet's resources are not scarce, they are also limited and take a long time to replenish once depleted. The entire on-planet population effectively lives in an arcology, where everyone is given resources as needed to sustain themselves. These resources include but are not limited to food, water, power, and shelter. HOWEVER, they still must acquire luxuries such as nice furniture or entertainment by providing services to others. This would make it something of a cross between the bartering system and capitalism. Revenue for the capitalistic side of things would be generated mostly from farming. Farming is a huge industry for the kineptic due to their reliance on their own metabolisms as batteries for their gloves. The only way to recharge that battery is to eat, and since glovetech is ubiquitous technology for them, they eat a lot.
    As far as particular imports or exports, they have none whatsoever. Kineptican society has been isolated from the rest of the universe ever since their population took a nosedive due to a great catastrophe and were presumed extinct.
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  17. aliens!

    aliens! Aquatic Astronaut

    i love this mod dearly and i love my cat dude, but when i boot my kineptic up and single player i get an access code violation as soon as i load it in SINGLEPLAYER. not multiplayer. Why
  18. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    I'm not sure. I'd like to help you out, but I'll need you to gather some information for me. Firstly, provide me with a list of each mod that you have installed.
    Secondly, please:
    Reproduce this error
    Find starbound.log in your steam folder
    Open starbound.log with a text editor such as notepad
    Select all the text in the document
    Copy and paste it into a spoiler in a post replying to me.

    I'll have a look and see what I can do!
  19. Himeki

    Himeki Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I absolutely love this mod, and all the ideas you have for it. The society and lore sound interesting. I can't wait for you to do more.

    Is there somewhere I can test the nightly build version? I haven't been able to find anything on it.
    I'd definately be interested in testing it out.

    If I could sprite I'd gladly offer assistance, but sadly I suck at any form of drawing/spriteing/animating

    I am good with code, but haven't gotten into LUA much at all. So sadly again, I can't offer assistance, scripting or otherwise.

    EDIT: Something I forgot to add. When I created my Kineptic, I had 37 "Perfectly Generic Item" in my ship storage, I'm not sure what they were supposed to be, I had my Pulse, Illuminate, my worn armor, my Pulse Jump, 3 sugarcane seeds, 3 crystalplant, and the Matter manipulator.

    Upon creating another character the "Perfectly Generic Item" didn't show up, so I'm not sure what was up with that.
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  20. Shoehead

    Shoehead Turbonerd of Scaremonies

    These Kitties are cute as heck.
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