Kids grow into uhhhhhhh kids...

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    All kids grow into are toddlers. So I think that after 6 years they should grow into kids... Confused? Sorry..... They would also have new heart events. But only 6 hearts. Also the first child should be your gender and the opposite for your second.

    Male child heart events:
    2 hearts
    This only triggers if you kissed your spouse 15 or more times the previous day.
    Your son will be in the nursery and when you go in he will ask "Why do you and mommy/daddy kiss so much? Its so gross!" And you get to reply
    "I don't know..." And your son will say "I don't like it."
    "Because we like to" And your son will say "Yuck!!"
    "I only do because he/she makes me!"
    Your son will say "Oh... Ok..."

    4 hearts:
    Your son can be found in town trying to make friends with Vincent and Jas but they don't want to play with him. He begins to cry than you show up. He says how the other kids don't want to be his friend and you get to say something:
    "They are a lot older than you" He replies "But I still can be their friend!"
    Or you say "Some people are jerks" this makes him say "Really? Like miss Pam?"
    Your can also say (Only if married to penny) "Ill tell mommy to talk to them" and your son will say "Okay!"

    Female child heart events:
    2 hearts
    This only triggers if you have kissed your spouse 1 or 0 times in the last 5 days.
    Your daughter is in the nursery and when you go in she will ask "Why don't you and mommy/daddy kiss much? I love romance! And love and when people make out randomly in front of me!"
    And you guessed it! You get to reply!
    "Follow me! We will right now!" You and your daughter walk to your spouse and you make out with him/her for 20 seconds. Your daughter will say "Yay! This is just what I wanted!" You may also say:
    "I don't really like the whole romance thing..." Your daughter will reply "Come on!" And you get to choose the previous or the next thing. The next thing is you can say "I just don't really remember..." And she will say "I will remind you!" And so she does. Every morning. "Don't forget to kiss mommy/daddy!"

    The second event occurs right when you wake up. But you wake up at 4:00 in the morning. You can hear your son and daughter fighting (Only occurs if you have a son too) you have to settle the argument after your daughter asks "Why doesn't <Name of son> like playing with me?"
    You don't know what to say and you run out of the room to ask your spouse what to say and he/she will say to say that you will tell your son to try to get along with her.

    I hope you enjoy my idea!
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      Yeah the idea is fun to think about! But it may take awhile for CA to code into the game. He'd also have to code the player's desired child name into heart events. I'm sure CA could do it if he saw this thread and put it into the game!

      Overall, though, I definitely enjoy this idea! :catnod:
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        I don't agree with those exact scenarios but.. I like the idea and it's also something I've often wished would happen someday ^^
        You don't even have dialog options for your toddlers let alone the ability to do anything with or for them, much like your spouse they kinda just become.. decoration. Living decoration, much like your cat/dog does once you take it in. I love the idea of being able to actually talk to your child and get to do things with them/see their heart events and give them gifts
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          Yeah, I agree. I once you marry them, there is no heart events. I feel like they should add heart events for the spouse only. As well as your children. I mean, you can achieve heart points with them? The only thing that would be hard for Ape is that he would have to program the likes of the children.
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            I've said before that there wasn't enough thought put into the marriage and beyond scenes. The spouse may make you breakfast on occasion and tell you they fed the animals, even though by the time you get married you have auto-feeders. Certain spouses, like Harvey, will leave to go to work and may tell you what a rough day they had later. The kids are really very useless. Once they become toddlers they just run around in the house and tend to block doorways. They can also get stuck behind furniture. They are just like the pet, except always inside and always in the way. So, if they had tasks they could be told to do around the farm, milking animals, picking crops etc. then it would be more realistic.
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              Although I can admit how much I would miss seeing my toddler take an insane charge at and through the walls and out into oblivion the moment I wake up x'DD
              The glitching for ps4 is horrible, but its so amusing sometimes.. But yea, if we could give them tasks or even just see them walking around town or playing in the community center.. That'd be so much better then them being in the way and doing nothing. Although I think if concerned ape took this into consideration, as the person above said it would probably be really difficult and a long process to do.

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