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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by telles0808, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. telles0808

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    Starbound is needing children wandering around villages, pursuing their uncles in adventures, and playing in their schools.
    Some villagers talking about kids:
    - They are amazing little versions of us, wandering around and making our day better;
    - I watched a kid, last day, hunting fireflies in the lake. Good times;
    - Kiddssshh look tassthhh;
    While adventurers around world are helping them, saying:
    - I love my kid, he is away at my side, adventuring in caverns, new planets and, uuuuooohhh, he has traveled more than me!
    - This kid will keep my business when I retire myself;
    - He have a new processor, and 10 mil more ram!

    Adopt a child and help us release it.
    What we expect of you? The phrase:
    - Where do I sign in?
    Famous Adventurers with their own kids disciples and patnerships:
    • Kanta Mizuno: desert_punk_004_1280x1024.jpg desert10.jpg

    • The Cat: blackcat.gif blackkitten.gif

    • Edward Elric: 7978263_f260.jpg
    Q: How I can help the community project?
    A: Drawing character templates and sharing it here;

    Q: I will need to give name and characteristics for my kid?
    A: If you wish, yes. Doing it, you'll need a name and a phrase for each vanilla race say when meeting the kid, plus, if you desire, make a short Biography and We will link it to the first topic;

    Q: Where I can find the template to start drawing my very own kid?
    A: Worry not, it's here, in the last part of this post!

    Q: What's the rules while doing my kid?
    A: Your kid will need only four behaviors: idle, walking, running and jumping;

    Q: What's the minimum and maximum sizes of each frame?
    A: The minimum is 16x16, maximum, 128x128. One time defined, you'll need to stick with it in the whole template;

    Q: The frames need to be squares, like 48x48?A: No, you can stick with AxB, where A can be different from B. But use the same rule to the whole template;

    Q: I need to draw more templates such pants, etc?
    A: No, simple put the final art inside the template. The game will shuffle some colors to make your kid looks amazing!

    Q: My template will use only 6 frames for idle, while 4 frames for each other poses, I should break a line?
    A: No, you should make your template using the maximum number of columns, doing a new line only for new poses;

    Q: What line become what?
    A: First line: Idle; Second line: Walking; Third line: Running; Fourth line: Jumping;

    Q: I don't know what pants and behaviors I wanna draw, can you help me?
    A: Yes! Instead of creating the whole design, you can use Our character creator ( and export each pose, editing it to match the kid style;

    Q: How I organize my GIF in a stripe?
    A: The best way is using Shoebox, a freeware software (

    Q: Who will take care of mounting the mod?
    A: The community. Telles0808 will keep it updated, but anyone can download the mod and update it, taking care of downloading the latest version;

    Sample Template using a grid of 24 x 33

    Character Generator

    Exported Frames


    Gif to PNG

    png stripe with shoebox.gif
    If you use the Character Generator, you'll need to re-side your image by 3 times smaller. Use the method of "nearest neighbor" while scaling down, or it will anti-alias your image.

    Download the template and start your own kid! (Download it here:

    Thank everyone, this project need happen, and will happen with your help!

    Who will be the first?

    We need experienced scripters to exchange the game with some custom resources, if you feel luck and wanna give a try, please, report it here:

    * Original post:

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  2. intervencion

    intervencion Existential Complex

    This mods sounds very good. nice job!
  3. cgbugs

    cgbugs Pangalactic Porcupine

    so amazing! I like it!
  4. telles0808

    telles0808 Cosmic Narwhal

    After finishing my first kid I'll be doing some templates of kids with the original size (because the character creator scale up it 3x).

    Anyone started a kid already?
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  5. intervencion

    intervencion Existential Complex

    Nope, Girlfriend don't want kids yet

    AH, THE MOD, neither.
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  6. Daimoth

    Daimoth Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Oh, great idea. But er, why would there be Glitch children? How do they grow?
  7. intervencion

    intervencion Existential Complex

    When dad Jack and mom Plug loves so much then...
  8. Daimoth

    Daimoth Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Glitch on glitch freakiness, yeah. Well they do eat and poop, maybe they procreate sexually, too. Actually, the more I think about this the less pleasant it is. Whatever, Glitch children are go.
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  9. telles0808

    telles0808 Cosmic Narwhal

    It's obivious, changing their parts, lol -joking

    I don't know much about Glitchs, but from my point of view, they are like in Robot, the Movie.

    I'm currently working in my kid =P
    step by step.gif
    Finished =D
    final animation.gif
    Kid Pet Finished. I'll be launching the mod now.
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  10. telles0808

    telles0808 Cosmic Narwhal

  11. AceZx1

    AceZx1 Void-Bound Voyager

    I would love to see this compatible with Bietol's Novakid + mod.
    It woud be great to have a novakid kid by my side because it's my favorite mod of all time
  12. TheUniversalUniverse!

    TheUniversalUniverse! Void-Bound Voyager

    I'd like all kinds of compatibility, especially avali!
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  13. telles0808

    telles0808 Cosmic Narwhal

    We need to get our hands in and make some more Kids =]

    It's pretty easy, and all explained on the first topic.
  14. TheUniversalUniverse!

    TheUniversalUniverse! Void-Bound Voyager

    "...Doing it, you'll need a short description, a long description, a name and a phrase for each vanilla race say when meeting the kid..."

    Her name is Lunia

    Short desc: Lunia is a Hyolotl who I play as in an RP with a few friends, she is somewhat famed as a 'party-girl', likes to have fun and also is a notorious hunter, she loves to kill things, even (if not especially) people. She was turned into a child and cast among time and the stars as a last resort of a highly advanced evil corporation , as she was about to ruin all their plans!(kinda like samurai Jack)

    Long desc: Lunia is a character of mine, I use her to play on an RP server with a few of my friends, She is famed as a 'party-girl' as she is very outgoing, loud and flirty, She gets a thrill out of that lifestyle, but she gets even more of a thrill out of killing things, she just loves it! Especially when the target is other people, during her adventures she'd made many mistakes, and many enemies but this was her biggest, she barged into a secret organization's headquarters and started tearing them down... until about halfway through her conquest a member of the organization threw her into a machine and turned her into a child so she'd be easier to handle, but still too much trouble; they opened up a portal to who-knows-where-and-when and threw her in! (kinda like samurai Jack)

    Apex: She seems angry with me...
    Hyolotl: Hmmm.... you seem... out of place.
    Floran: Hah! you sssay you're a killer!? HAHAHA!
    Human: Okay... so atleast this one's not mine!
    Avian: She seems simply like she doesn't belong.

    Attached are her animation files

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  15. TheUniversalUniverse!

    TheUniversalUniverse! Void-Bound Voyager

    Okay... HOW'S THIS!!! *one of my signature phrases is why all caps*

    look above!
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  16. telles0808

    telles0808 Cosmic Narwhal

    It's very nice, I'll work on it right now.

    Oh, another thing, I have updated the sample pack with a better sample, if you want re-download it to have a better reference of size and position =]

    Edited: Ops, the short description need to be very short to run smoothly =]

    I'm testing and will release your Kid soon.
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  17. TheUniversalUniverse!

    TheUniversalUniverse! Void-Bound Voyager

    you won't mind if I make more would you?.... probably lots more because that was fun!

    and btw I used char creator, could you make a kid version?
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  18. telles0808

    telles0808 Cosmic Narwhal

    Go for it ^^

    The character creator is a tool from ChuckleFish ^^

    I'm unable to make such tool because it need knowledge in html 5 and java.

    Maybe in the future I do a tool like this using Construct 2, to export the final version.

    did you downloaded the latest samplepack? It was improved with organized frames, making easy to import in the Mod =]
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  19. TheUniversalUniverse!

    TheUniversalUniverse! Void-Bound Voyager

    oh cool thanks, but I think I got it now, I learn best from doing;)
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  20. TheUniversalUniverse!

    TheUniversalUniverse! Void-Bound Voyager

    "...Doing it, you'll need a short description, a long description, a name and a phrase for each vanilla race say when meeting the kid..."


    Short desc: An apex prodigy, likes science but not rules, wears cute glasses!

    long desc: Bina is a prodigy of sorts, she excels in matters of science. She is not a good 'direction follower' so she was put into a corrective facility where she promptly escaped and jerry-rigged a teleporter outta that dump. She almost forgot her glasses on the way out

    Apex: She's back!
    Hyolotl: what's with the cute glasses?
    Floran: Ssssscience?
    Human: FOR SCIENCE!!!
    Avian: She seems smart!

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