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    First of all, I have to say thank you for such an amazing game! It is such a refreshing experience. What follows is the only noticeable problems I've had with Stardew, everything else is delightful (haha _^ ).

    These are core issues, so it may be part of your "engine" layer, which you don't want to modify anymore. That is quite reasonable. If so, then let this be some feedback on controls and mouse vs. keyboard.

    So lets get to it. I play with my keyboard, a lot. It is my main input source, but the game fights you in every way to use the mouse. The default bindings aren't great, here are my current bindings and what I believe to be sensible defaults (q and e are important).

    Default key bindings rethink
    • Menu key = q
    • Interact key (talk, doors etc) = e
    • Tool key = spacebar
    This works great for many reasons, you get the expected "q = cancel, e = confirm" bindings that are ubiquitous. Also, using spacebar for tools leaves your index/middle/ring finger free to move. It is also easier to hit than "c" or "x".

    Keyboard dialog confirm/refuse

    Some of this works, some doesn't. If you setup q and e as above, then you really want the full keyboard navigation for shops and dialogs.
    • e = yes
    • q = no
    Shop and dialog navigation

    Also pretty important.
    • w = move up
    • s = move down
    Thoughts and idea on interaction

    Now there is a problem with the mouse overriding keyboard interaction ("e") when it is close to your character, or the mouse completely disabling keyboard input when it is over menus. IMHO, using the keyboard interact key should apply the action in front of the character, always. Not where the mouse cursor is, if it is somewhat close. There is so much frustration to be had from this one problem :( The same goes for tools.

    • Keyboard event = action in front of character (ignore mouse).
    Keyboard Bugs

    Some of these are bugs:
    • Key will not work if mouse is over a menu (for example top right).
    • Opening door with an eatable item using keyboard always asks you to eat it once door is open.
    • Can't pickup hay with item in hand.
    • Sometimes you load up the game, keyboard doesn't work.
    • Sometimes, move keys get stuck in a certain "key down" state for a little.
    UI and micro-managing inventory hell

    This is off-topic a little, but super important. The further you get in the game, the worst this becomes. Itaffects all "transformation" ploppables like kegs, furnace, preserves jar etc.

    Problem: You have to move an item in the action bar to drop in equipment.

    Potential solution: If you aren't holding the appropriate item, open a menu with 1 item drop cell (like the farm box). This way, you don't have to fiddle with your inventory all the time.

    I think this covers my only real gripes with the game. I'm sure a lot of people would like q,e to behave more intuitively.

    I can't stress enough, the game is amazing otherwise :) Back to farming!
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      Absolutely right. While the game has okay controls, there is still lots of room for improvement. Rebinding your own keys. Only keyboard controls, better inventory and chest management..

      For example the auto sort button is complete nonsense. I always rage when i accidently press it. What's the purpose? It should deposit items automatically in boxes like in terraria to be usefull.
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        I agree :)

        I really want every craft box to have their own inventory UI. It would save so much time!

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