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Bug/Issue Kegs breaking when harvesting

Discussion in 'Support' started by Oraun, May 26, 2018.

  1. Oraun

    Oraun Aquatic Astronaut

    Copying from my r/stardewvalley post, hope this is okay!

    I've recently run into a bug when trying to harvest wine. The area with issues is off-farm, the road between the bus stop and the tunnel (backwoods, I think?) . I have 70-something kegs on that road, and every time I attempt to harvest my wine, I get the wine, but the keg breaks. The kegs in the tunnel do not break, nor do any kegs on my farm. It's not NPCs destroying them, it only happens when I harvest.

    I have restarted the day three times, and went to the next day, and every time those kegs still break. I'm playing on switch, so no beta. I've tried holding the watering can while harvesting and an empty slot, so I'm definitely not breaking it with a tool. I've seen some people mention nearby torches can cause issues, but I have no lighting or even flooring in that area, only kegs. I should also add that I've successfully been using this stretch of kegs for several seasons (last 4-5 days?), and this is only just now happening.

    I've found some threads about it from several months back, but no resolution. I was advised on reddit to put down flooring and see if that helps, so I broke down all the faulty kegs and put down flooring, and replaced a couple kegs. I brewed coffee, and attempted to harvest (with empty tool slot again) but the keg broke again. I haven't found any fix, and will probably just have to abandon the road, just build new kegs elsewhere.

    I wanted to put this up here so devs can see! Hopefully it'll get fixed (but I'm sure everyone's busy with beta patches!)

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