Katmomma's Starbound Inspired Painting

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by katmomma, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. katmomma

    katmomma Tentacle Wrangler

    Hi guys, coming here to share with you some art that was inspired by this game. I will update with more works as time goes on. Thanks for taking a look! My character is a feisty Floran female.

    View this painting closer on my deviantART
    or my Tumblr
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  2. Siviction

    Siviction Aquatic Astronaut

    You should do a Novakid painting next! :up:
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  3. Puddinsky

    Puddinsky Big Damn Hero

    I came across this and I loved it. Currently zapping over to your Deviant page to check it out. Could I be cheeky and maybe submit a character of mine as a request. I know I've gotten one already from Al3X, but I'd love both my characters to have their own pix.

    Imland and Toffee.jpg
    This is Imland and his pet that lives on his ship. The Kangaroo rat thingy is called Toffee. Imland pretty much uses the big lumbering hammers. He has a bit of a superhero thing going on but forgets to comb his hair. :pwease:
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  4. Whaleduck

    Whaleduck Big Damn Hero

    I am voting for both the two above :3
  5. Puddinsky

    Puddinsky Big Damn Hero

    Ah well not Nim. She's done as Whaleduck knows. I have my other character Imland in mind
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  6. BlockMechanics

    BlockMechanics Astral Cartographer

    Hey! I know you elsewhere! Welcome!
  7. Puddinsky

    Puddinsky Big Damn Hero

    I use the same handle everywhere. Where do you know me from?
  8. BlockMechanics

    BlockMechanics Astral Cartographer

    I meant Katmomma and not you. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Puddinsky

    Puddinsky Big Damn Hero

    Hihi. Whoops.
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