RELEASED Karmylla's Mods - Immersive Map Edits (+SMAPI Hidden Places!), Farm Cave, Cellar

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Karmylla, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Karmylla

    Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

    Ok guys, I need to know what you think, likes don't speak for themselves x)
    • Sugar-Fable

      Sugar-Fable Sandwich Man

      I like the idea a lot!
      • Coolwyngs

        Coolwyngs Cosmic Narwhal

        I sounds like a wonderful idea.
        • Alvadea

          Alvadea Zero Gravity Genie

          I also like the idea a lot! Though perhaps there should be an version in the end for people who stay with Joja. That they drive there car a bit to the side then. xD
          • SheepMilks

            SheepMilks Zero Gravity Genie

            I love all of this!
            also I always used the hotsprings mod.. so maybe that was why I installed my stuff wrong rip
            I love all the inclusion, and I'm all for this!
            • Karmylla

              Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

              Just to keep you guys updated, I'm done with the final design for both Town maps, before and after the Joja ruins!
              I'm just taking care of the Festival maps, as well as changing some minor things on some of the NPC's maps, nothing too WOW!
              The last thing will be the translations, which will be a little more of a hassle.
              I'll probably have this mod updated by the end of the week! Stay tuned :D
              • Karmylla

                Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

                !!! ATTENTION !!!

                The mod has been UPDATED!!!!!!

                FINALLY! I'm done!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!
                Ok, ok, so, what changed?

                1. Made two new Town maps, one for during the Joja tyranny and the second one which you can install right after you complete the Community Centre's bundles! Check the end of this post for pictures and checking some of the new areas!
                2. New areas were added and opened, just to get more area for foraging :)
                3. I added a little shortcut, which I believe many will appreciate, right next to the Mountain warp :p
                4. Changed some small things in the NPC's maps, nothing too brilliant
                5. Modified the Town Festival maps accordingly to the new Town map

                I believe this is what is most relevant to mention, other minor bugs and errors were taken care of, of course!

                The big news!!!!
                There will be no more tilesheet compatibility files!
                I've made a separate tilesheet with Dusty and the hot springs, which will allow everyone to play the game with any tilehseet!

                Last, but not least, I will not be adding the Chinese translation file just yet, because there have been some error reports, which we still have not resolved!
                The German and Brazilian translations are live and happy, though, and you may play them as you see fit! :D

                Don't forget, if you are playing in a recurrent save file, and not a new one, you need to type in the SMAPI console
                ef_bushreset in order to reset the bushes and spawn them in the correct area!

                So, to summarise:

                1º --> if you are starting a new save or if you still haven't finished the Community Centre mission, please download the "Karmylla's Immersive Map Edits", original or translations

                2º --> if you've already finished with the Junimos route, install the "Karmylla's Immersive Map Edits", original or translations, if you haven't already, and then download the "Karmylla's Immersive Map Edits (No Joja Ruins)", which contains all translations done at the moment, as well as the English version

                Happy farming everyone!
                And please tell me if anything goes wrong! I won't be updating these new files to the Nexus just yet, I want you guys to tell me if there are any errors first :p

                SOME PICTURES:

                New Fountain area:
                New fountain.png

                New Joja Market area:
                New Joja.png

                No more Joja ruins:
                No Joja Ruins.png

                A new park and Hot Springs:
                Park and Hot Spring.png

                There are more things to see, but I prefer you find them on your own, it's more interesting! :D

                Please tell me what you think!!!
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                • kimberly6979

                  kimberly6979 Industrial Terraformer

                  You are so great! The town is perfect!<3
                  • Karmylla

                    Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

                    Thank you kimberly! :D
                    By the way, were you able to check the chinese translation, and what was going wrong?
                    • kimberly6979

                      kimberly6979 Industrial Terraformer

                      Sorry: (I do not know where the problem is, maybe there is an error on the transfer. If you want me to be able to translate the good text file to you.
                      • Karmylla

                        Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

                        !!! ATTENTION !!!

                        I had to re-upload the following files:

                        - "Karmylla's Immersive Map Edits"
                        - "Karmylla's Immersive Map Edits (Brazilian)"
                        - "Karmylla's Immersive Map Edits (German)"

                        There was a problem with one of the benches, Maru and Penny would get cropped out (the poor girls xD)

                        Please download the new files!
                        • Sugar-Fable

                          Sugar-Fable Sandwich Man

                          Looks great! Can't wait to try it~
                          • Xuomi

                            Xuomi Zero Gravity Genie

                            @Karmylla Beautiful edits! I do have a problem to report though.

                            I started a new game and copied over your immersive map edits to XNB Loader.

                            I found this in the Town:

                            I'm not sure if this is a problem on my end or not, but I thought I'd let you know.

                            Edit: There is a tree with the exact same problem just a bit south of that one as well (both near the mountain path entrance).

                            Those seem to be the only trees with this problem.

                            Edit2: I opened the Town.xnb and it looks like they weren't replaced to match the new tree in their place. :) I have no idea if this is also an issue with the Joja Mart replacement as I haven't tested that map yet, but I would suspect it might also have the same problem!
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                            • Karmylla

                              Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

                              Ups, I guess I placed the wrong tree sprites right there!!! Thanks for finding that error! I'll be sure to correct them today still :D
                              If you find anything else, please tell me about it! Thank you :D
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                              • Karmylla

                                Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

                                !!! ATTENTION !!!

                                I had to re-upload all of the "Immersive Map Edits" files, due to a little visual error that @Xuomi was very kind to report!

                                By the end of the day, I will be uploading this mod to the Nexus!
                                If you find any more errors before (and after) that, please report them!
                                • cxnar

                                  cxnar Aquatic Astronaut

                                  This bush spawning here after using ef_bushreset.


                                  Also some trees in the Town are "bugged" like this:
                                  • Karmylla

                                    Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

                                    Yes, yes, that bush is supposed to be there! I imagined poor Dusty would like a safe place where he could do his "business", you know x)
                                    I just haven't updated the pictures to show the bush there, but don't worry, it's supposed to be there!

                                    And, oh boy! How did that happen to those trees??? I can assure that that isn't happening in my game! Are you perhaps using a mod that changes the trees?
                                    That could be the issue, maybe Treelife, by Androxilogin? Because, since I placed those trees there, my Town maps will be incompatible with that mod, because they're not meant to be chopped down. Any of them.
                                    • lannihamm

                                      lannihamm Big Damn Hero

                                    • Karmylla

                                      Karmylla Cosmic Narwhal

                                      That is very strange, I just checked my files and everything is looking fine!
                                      If you are using XnbLoader, you should place the Town festival maps in the games Content folder, because I noticed that they don't get overwritten. I've already contacted Entoarox, who's looking at the issue.
                                      But still, not having any of the festival sprites, hmmmm...

                                      Edit: I just created a new save file and jumped to the Egg Festival just to be sure it was okay, and I didn't encounter the error you did! It has to be something on your part :s
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                                      • Xuomi

                                        Xuomi Zero Gravity Genie

                                        Oh, poop. I'll have to remember to do that on my end.

                                        Thanks for the heads up.

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