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    We here at Kadron Empire strive to make and sell the best products and please the hearts of all our lovely customers who come by to purchase. As our logo states: 'Always good, never bad.' We make quality weapons, which includes swords, axes and guns. Our different product sections allow you to buy most things you want, at a cheap price and with the 'Kadron Industries' mark. Quality is priority and we try every day to invent new items, raise the quality and get you guys the things you want.


    - Falcon Motorsports.
    - SivCorp
    - MinervaTech
    Starcup Café

    Code of Ethics:

    1. No blackmail, threats, wars or anything else of the sort.
    2. No refunds allowed, sorry.
    3. Don't give us counterfeit.
    4. Foreign currencies will not be accepted.
    5. Products will not be given to people who have criminal records.


    - Kubastach
    - kenmario

    - Whitepixel
    - ThatMadCat

    Employee Of The Month!
    (Coming soon)


    First of all, if you would like to join in with production and become one of Kadron Empire's employees, just fill in the quick application. It will go through consideration and we'll see if we accept you or not. Most applications are accepted, so don't worry. We encourage you to fill in the application form as we do need more workers.

    Desired Job:
    Job Experience:
    Special Letter:

    If you didn't understand some of the things listed in the application form, here is a list of more in-depth meanings:

    - Speciality(ies): This is where you fill in the job that you are most experienced at in the list below.
    - Job Experience: If you have had a job earlier before, tell us so we know you are experienced.
    - Special Letter: The 'Special Letter' is found somewhere in the post, this letter assures us that you have read the post and are involved.

    Any other questions, comment and we'll give you an answer.


    Job Options:
    Weapon Forger - The person who creates and designs various weapons.
    Advertiser - The person who advertises with signature banners amd such.
    Upgrader - The person who upgrades available weapons.
    Repairer - The person who repairs the damaged weapons.
    Spaceship Constructer - The person who constructs the spaceships for the company.
    Miner - The person who supplies the company with ores and the sort.


    Here is the list of products, we specialize in a bunch of different weapon types, pick what you would like!

    Nordak Neutralizer:
    This gun was the first weapon to be created, so it's named Nordak which is 'Kadron' spelt backwards. Inside is enough sedative to knock out a small elephant, it will shoot to a range of 50 metres and allows you to fire with good, stready accuracy. The trigger has fingerprint recognition, allowing only the owner to have access to firing. Below the main muzzle, there will be a secondary one where you can shoot a bullet if any job at hand gets too dangerous.
    Price: 50,000 Pixels.

    Zerandr Blade:
    This longsword slashes at mighty speeds, sending down a blade of Symetra Iron down on your foes. The handle has easy grip and is made from the finest of leathers. The sword's first design originates from King Zerandr of the Hylotls, back in the early days of the Universe.
    Price: 125,000 Pixels.


    The Ioknai is a large hammer of great force, it weighs a lot but will smash all enemies in your path. Ioknai is of the ancient tongue and means 'Kill', which the Ioknai is designed to do. The material of the hammer is Symetra Iron, with trimmed steel edges.

    Price: 65,000 Pixels.

    Trazantrin is an axe which was used in the 'War of Evil' which killed of several thousands of soldiers. The axe was re-made with stronger materials and a slightly different design. If you love decapitation and desire revenge, you'll want the Trazantrin.
    Price: 500,000 Pixels.

    Eleugron Rifle:
    One of the best of it's kinds, the Eleugron Rifle orignates from the now extinct race of Eleugrons who were involved in the 'War of Evil'. This rifle shoots at a long distance of 647 metres. It allows the current user to clear out any weather conditions such as fog, rain, and heat that interferes with the systems.
    It tracks heart rates, soundwaves and heat signatures to find any enemies. It also list details of the current target, any weak spots, and details on if the person is
    armed or not. In the dark, the gun detects nearby enemies and will outline them in white.

    Upgrade Specifics:
    - Increased range to 647 metres.
    - Fire rate 20% increased.

    Price: 275,000 Pixels.

    Drakei Blades:
    The Drakei Blades are a set of light, dual blades. They are made from a strong metal, which will cut through some armours. The blades are sharpened to the point where just touching it will cause bleeding. Recommended for people who look forward to slitting throats.

    Upgrade Specifics:
    - Added critical and attack runes.
    - Increased sharpness.
    - Abrodan Hide Grip.
    - Warning Mechanism.

    Price: 63,000 Pixels.

    An ancient bow-gun which shoots at rapid speeds. A shot from this bow-gun could cause long-term injury, especially if it were in the knee. It's colour scheme is a basic blue combination, ranging from the darker shades to the lighter.
    Price: 85,000 Pixels.

    Two master claws of mass destruction, they rip through tough chain-mail and are a pain in the back, or anywhere where it hits you. The Drakanthers were passed down from the generations, dating all the way back from the ancient times.
    They are fully repaired with increased strength, lightness and sharpness. The design is almost completely different, both looks and damage are stunning.

    Price: 115,000 Pixels.

    The 'Exomnir' is a pair of two gauntlet-like weapons that attach to a pair of tough shoulder-pads and into a fox-like helmet. The Exomnir has immense power and sends enemy flying with it's knockback. It was originally designed by a cyborg who was named 'Opal' and has ever since been a weapon that has killed many in battle.

    Price: 400,000 Pixels.

    A double-headed axe with a long spear protruding from the centre of both axe heads. This weapon has been used by many skilled axemans who love simple, efficient weapons. This weapon, of course, was crafted with Kyzorn, one of the ores that you can purchase from the company.

    Upgrade Specifics:
    - Spinning mechanism.
    - Available XL version.

    Price: 95,275 Pixels.

    An electric-based whip that will send a whole ton of volts up the opponent's back. Available in most colours, the Sevolon is a must-have for any Indiana Jones out there. A great choice for any long range, skilled whippers.
    Price: 68,550 Pixels.

    The Kalaktor is the brother whip of Seolon. Instead of electricity, it sends a whole lot of fire and pain into the body. Recommended more than the Seolon, this whip is definitely an effective killer.
    Price: 68,550 Pixels.

    If you buy this product with Seolon, you can buy the two for just 110,500 pixels!

    More weapons will be added, we are always trying to create new products. Stay tuned!

    This is our news section, where all company news goes. Milestones, achievements, and notices will be displayed.

    23/01/14: Official start of Kadron Industries. The company will now be selling products, helping others and buying of other corporations. The manager, Shock has opened several bottles of high-quality champagne. (K is the special letter.)

    23/01/14: More champage was consumed. Pizza was also involved.

    29/01/14: Phaedra joined the company, taking the role of an Upgrader. It took few minutes to consider Phaedra's place, considering he was the first to apply.

    29/01/14: Exciting! Kadron Industries is now partnered with Falcon Motorsports, a company who specializes in a variety of different things!

    31/01/14: Kadron Industries has messaged SivCorp on their interest of partnering. SivCorp are in consideration of the partnership, they are said to be interested.

    01/02/14: Kadron Empire has now put two new weapons on sale, the 'Drakanthers' and the 'Exomnir' These two weapons are both associated with hand/fist combat.

    01/02/14: There is now a new production line, listing a few ores. More is to come, as well as other production lines, so keep an eye out!

    03/02/14: SivCorp has partnered with Kadron Empire at last! The two companies will aid each other just like Falcon Motorsports have done as well. This is some good news for the future of Kadron Empire.

    03/02/14: A total of 5 new ores have been added the the list! This includes rare, expensive and strong metals, so don't miss out!

    03/02/14: The Spaceship sub-section has been added. Look down below to see, these are from the former corporation of Shock.

    04/02/14: Kadron Empire have finally opened their production of Vehicles. This will later include water and more air-based vehicles. The brand is Kadronic.

    10/02/14: Kadron Empire announces their third partnership. This time, Kadron Empire have joined MinervaTech, a company which specializes in military research and manufacturing!

    30/04/14: StarCup Café have joined forces with Kadron Empire. A 4th partnership for Kadron Empire. Both corporations are benifiting from this partnership. SCC are being supplied with ships, and we have the finest coffee in the universe to drink!

    23/05/14: A new, quick update from Shock. This includes the addition of the twin brother whips, a bit of modifying the thread, and more. Watch out, as well, an overhaul of products should be coming in the future!


    If you have any questions, problems with the products, suggestions, just post below and we'll see what we can do/consider. We're open to help and remember, we really need more employees, even if you don't get accepted, we'll give you few discounts on the items.

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  2. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    This area is for any other things associated with the company that I haven't put in the main thread. This includes the list of employees and other product sections.

    Recently, since Kadron Industries has grown much more and turned into the new Kadron Empire, we've decided to introduce new product sections. More is planned to come!


    Symetra Iron
    A strong metal which is used in the majority of our weapons, it weighs a lot and is only recommended for use in items/vehicles that don't require much strength involved.
    50 Square Centimetres = 2050 Pixels.

    Landraskan Iridium
    A meteoric metal which is a great material for most armours and weapons. A hard, brittle metal which is used in our several defense zones around the company building.
    50 Square Centimetres = 14,150 pixels.

    Abrodan Tungsten
    Tungsten from the regions of Abrodan, a planet that seems to have a lot of rare, expensive materials, not only just ore. A fantastic ore.
    50 Square Centimetres = 2100 Pixels.

    Yralos Titanium
    A light yet very strong metal. Great for swords due to easy lifting and it's great strength. Found in small deposits underground few planets.
    50 Square Centimetres = 4750 Pixels.

    A rare metal which is used in military armours and mechs, sometimes in weapons such as swords and daggers. Slightly heavy, slightly light.
    50 Square Centimetres = 2450 Pixels.

    A tough metal which glows in dark areas for the providing of light. It can be used for various, handy things, not just for the creation of weapons.
    50 Square Centimetres = 3050 Pixels.

    A jagged, red ore that, when refined and flattened is extraordinarly strong for any armour you need. It is located deep in the caverns of some planets.
    50 Square Centimetres = 4175 Pixels.

    A gold-like ore which can be found in long, dark ore veins deep underground. Combining with others ores makes good use for tools.
    50 Square Centimetres = 3545 Pixels.

    A mystic ore that was used by the Ancient Gods before the beginning of the Space Era, where we currently are in. Very rare, very expensive, but worth the cost.
    50 Square Centimetres = 31,500 Pixels.


    Zenite is a green, strong ore but can also be found purple which indicates is extra strength. It can be used for sharpening blades, as well as being used in the making of them.
    50 Square Centimetres = 3850 Pixels.


    Building Service:
    Kadron Empire now has a building service, if you want use to build anything. This includes furniture, spaceships, buildings, anything of the sort. Just post with requirements, plans and if you have any blueprints at the ready, that would be nice.

    Terraforming Service:
    Kadron Empire are happy to announce that they have available workers to terraform lands for any willing customers. If you need us to terraform for you, just say so and we'll help out. Of course, we'll have to be payed.


    Meteor Co, Shock's former corporation sold a lot of fantastic ships, so we decided to not let them go to waste and sell them here. If you want a custom one, do ask.

    Voidship 8F-K1
    This is the first ship that was constructed, it is half-made by our cleverly designed robots and half-made by our knowledge and pure willpower. It has a hard, strong protection, polished and completely bulletproof - no trouble in flight with space pirates! Functions and features:
    + A co-ordination system to locate areas easily.
    + A navigation system to find your way past asteroids.
    + An advanced manoeuvring system, easy to steer and is almost impossible to crash with.
    + A skilled turret system and accessible guns for your shipmates.
    + A defensive system that detects all threats and dodges out of them.
    + An accessible engine so you can customize it to your needs.
    + A seeker, to easily find minerals and enemies from far away distances.
    Price: 415,000,000 Pixels.

    Greatship Z1-RK
    A more advanced ship, with twice the amount of commands, features and functions you could want. Take in mind we needed a lot of resources for this and we hope you're pleased with this brand new design, hard work went into this. This has every feature of the Voidship as well as having these new ones:
    + A magnetic part that attracts all ores to it's reach, it automatically receives them and stores them inside.
    + A healing system, to heal the player(s) when injured.
    + A system to tell where all the workers are, if they are lost in a journey.
    + A jail installed in the spaceship for criminals to go into if caught mid-mission.
    + A resource/material combiner machine.
    + A resource maker, only few can be made from other items.
    + A more easy flight system, modes are: Hover, Boost, Swoop, Curl, Extend.
    + A pod installation for emergencies.
    + A huge storage system, more larger than any other.
    + A large seating area for transporting large amounts of people.
    + An ore liquidizer, refiner and mixer.
    Price: 1,135,000,000 Pixels.

    Red Void CC-2
    Our more enhanced, protected spaceship but with not that much features as other ships we have, it is designed for safe travels and has been worked hard on to make as safe as possible. We hope you like it and have a safe ride whereever you go in the planet.
    + An installed forcefield system that surrounds a large radius.
    + A longer lasting engine.
    + A more safe landing system with almost the best landing precision on any spaceship.
    + Easy control to get around large asteroid fields.
    + A more advanced boost system.
    Pixels: 25,000,000 Pixels.

    Deathship Z11
    A time-consuming battleship fit in with so much protection and added features, you would totally want to buy this spaceship. It is named Deathship Z11 obviously because it brings death and is a ship. We have used a lot of time experimenting and thinking to release this, we hope you like it!
    + Layered the surface in possibly the most hardest ore in the universe and is fire and lightning resistant, we have yet to make it resistant to other things.
    + Hetheleus powered electricity for long-lasting power for all needs in the spaceship, of course you can wire this in to another machine for instant power sent to it.
    + A 'forcing' front, it has an option to turn on and off, when turned on it will push things away from it with a large wave of air generated from it.
    + An easy, usable, alien-friendly lava pit for all un-wanted items to throw away into. And maybe children into as well.
    + A highly advanced hovering system and speed control.
    + A controllable glove to play around with and, if you are careful enough, you can control the spaceship with the force of your hand. Clench a fist, it fires your weaponry.
    + A much more smarter AI, system and program, it is also re-programmable so you can fit it in to your own preferences, however you like, soon we might be adding more options to this.
    + A highly advanced magnetic ore seeker/catcher, far distant ores will go straight ahead to this but be careful with this...
    Price: 10,525,000,000 Pixels.

    Arrowstorm 709
    A high tech spaceship that flies like an arrow, soaring through outer space, shooting at high speeds that will rival the speediest of ships.
    + A more spaceodynamic wing-make designed for easier flight in space and the skies of planets. It is also very easy to handle, some young people could maybe even steer it.
    + When landing in water it transforms into a submarine, making your journey more interesting and exciting, who wouldn't want this feature?
    + The most advanced gun system we have available, ranging from missiles to small pellets. You can easily swap these around from the current default guns.
    + An amazing amount of storage for all your belongings, ores and other things you need securely kept.
    + Fast drills/mining tools attached firmly on to the spaceship, when on ground it will mine whatever is below (if you choose to mine it) insanely fast.
    + A free pet cat with it, just to cuddle when you feel lonely.
    Price: 75,000,000 Pixels.

    Phazorship 88
    An insanely fast ship purely designed for (very) fast space travel, long distances will be the same as your 'old' spaceship's short distance times. We have worked long on speed experiments and have manufactured a nice looking supersonic-spaceship.
    + The most exhilarating ride you'll ever have!
    + A giant storage room as well as loads more rooms fitted in with ease.
    + A simple designed gun system fitted in the bottom, front and back, they can be controlled by 3 people max on each area.
    + The most fastest man-made resource maker we have ever had in one of our spaceships - it is the same design and program as the one in the Greatship.
    + A 10-person teleportation room for more people to go to places, this is another thing for the speed, it ranges long distances from a length of 5-star-miles, that is a lot but it will help in some cases. We will soon make it so it reaches out more so you can easily get to further places.

    Price: 92,500,000 Pixels.

    Omnifighter 707
    Ultralight fighter class spaceship, with a new, unique feature to connect your mind to the ship, so that it literally becomes an extension of your body.
    + Equipped with the best of MinervaTech technologies for better experience
    + Steer with your mind, feel your ship™
    + Supports double mind entanglement (not recommended for strangers)
    + Very stylish design, care for details, premium materials used
    + Very effective, yet comprehensible weapons system
    + Anti-theft MindStun™ system
    + Best known radiation and projectile shielding technology
    + The best existing military-grade drive/hyperdrive core and weaponry
    + Preinstalled fully sentient AI program, with following personality options: bitchy, neutral, devoted (You can mix and reprogram them to suit your needs)

    Price: 7,455,250,000 Pixels.

    Blackstone 1522
    A strong, tough, and maneuverable ship, with special mining equipment never seen before on ships.
    + An incredibly powerful, laser-enhanced drill that can eradicate nearly any type of stone, leaving resources intact.
    + Several engines, powering different sides of the ship for maximum maneuverability.
    + Massive cargo space, taking up over 30% of the ship, with built in shields for protecting your most valuable ores.
    + Advanced mineral processing, able to smelt, purify and compact most minerals.
    + Powerful head lights, for use when mining in the deepest, darkest caverns or the furthest reaches of space.
    + Security system, linked to a biometric database, that can protect the ship members, and shoot the ones that aren't.
    + Outer-Plating made of a Zranoi-Titanium alloy, that can withstand pressures of over 1500 psi, and hold against extreme heat and cold.
    Price: 565,210,000 Pixels.

    Greenflag 98
    A slow ship, designed to withstand takeover from outside and within. A virtual nightmare for any enemy captains and fighters.
    + Thick Zenite plating and armor, designed to either reflect or absorb the majority of weaponry used against it.
    + Powerful laser cannons, both automatic and manned, to destroy any obstruction.
    + Military-Grade cloaking system, that makes the ship vanish to thermal, radar and visual systems.
    + State of the art medical and armory facilities, built to withstand blasts and provide crew with the quickest and best medicines, weapons and machinery
    + Smart-walls consisting of nanobot-infused alloy that can build, destroy, or alter rooms to fit the crew's needs.
    + Security system, linked to biometric and visual databases, that can detain or kill intruders, and can manipulate the smart-walls to obstruct or confuse intruders.
    + An advanced AI, built and developed to work in combination with the security system and smart-walls to provide as much help to the crew as possible.
    Price: 22,654,700,155 Pixels.


    Other Vehicles:
    Kadron Empire are creating other vehicles for land and air transports, this includes hover-boards, hover-bikes and cars!

    Kadronic Vehicle Brand:

    A supersonic hover-bike that travels at insane speeds, with easy control and a great hovering system, you'll be able to traverse the planets with ease!
    Price: 10,000,000 Pixels.

    A hover-board that will shoot projectiles from retractable flaps on the side. With great speed, Kalantri will take you where you want and at a super fast speed. Kalantri also offers gravitational mode which switches the main gravity.
    Price: 13,500,000 Pixels.

    A muscle car which travels with immense speed and power. A magnificent navigation system and radio along with comfy chairs to lean back on whilst zooming past your childhood enemies.
    Price: 22,500,000 Pixels.

    A pod-bike which will take you to far places with no effort whatsoever. There are fine luxuries, as well as a gravitational system which will allow the driver to change gravity and go onto a ceiling or higher in the air.
    Price: 18,250,000 Pixels.


    6,958,261,378,781 Pixels.

    Money Sources:
    - Phaedrex,
    - Falcon Motosports,
    - SivCorp,
    - Mining Projects,
    - Spaceships,
    - Weapon Sales,
    - Promotions.

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    Here we will be giving discounts to random people or to everybody who decides to purchase something.

    Discount No.1: Considering the company is now officially opened for business, we're putting a 50% off deal. Quick before it finishes! FINISHED

    Discount No.2: The second discount, we're putting 10% off all products. Happy shopping! FINISHED

    Discount No.3: 20% Off all products. Make sure not to miss out and buy your wanted products before it ends. FINISHED

    Current Discount: There is currently no discount at this moment. Wait till later. ;)

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  4. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    Bumped the thread so we can get business started!
  5. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    1 day of discount gone, make sure to purchase soon, or you'll miss out!
  6. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    If that 50% discount is still going, I will purchase 2 of each. Oh, and 10 of the Eleugron Rifles
  7. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    Considering you're the first customer, I'll let you off. 50% discount. ;)

    That will be: 2255000 pixels, please
  8. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Very good! A pleasure doing buisness with you. I hope these perform well in our tests.

    *digitizes large pixel case and hands over payment*
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  9. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    Thanks for the pixels, come again!

    New Discount:
    10% Off All Products!
  10. Phaedra

    Phaedra Space Hobo

    Hello. Could I help you with your corporation?
  11. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    Fill in the application and I will consider. Make it good. ;)
  12. Phaedra

    Phaedra Space Hobo

    Name: Phaedra
    Age: 15
    Desired Job: Upgrader
    Speciality(ies): Hehehe…
    Job Experience: None
    Special Letter: K​
  13. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    Confirm the Speciality section and I'll begin consideration. Just to tell you, it's guaranteed. ;)
  14. Phaedra

    Phaedra Space Hobo

    My Speciality is Upgrading.
  15. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    Okay, you're in!
    Phaedra likes this.
  16. Phaedra

    Phaedra Space Hobo

    Any upgrades need done?
  17. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    Well, if you have any ideas of weapons, tell me. And yes, any of the weapons currently for sale. ;)
  18. Phaedra

    Phaedra Space Hobo

    Ill upgrade the blades, it will cost me 20k pixels but the profit will be extraordinary.
  19. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    Okay, that's fine, have an estimated time?
  20. Kubastach

    Kubastach Industrial Terraformer

    I'm owner of Falcon Motorsports, my company considering partnership with your company, also, i'm considering to become you worker, but first say what your opinion.
    **i'm always using green for character speech, but if it's problem say, and i will stop**

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