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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Odd Farmer, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Odd Farmer

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    1) Give Leah's cottage and Elliott's cabin a use after the player married any of them. It breaks my heart to see those quirky little houses abandoned and forgotten. Maybe they could return there once a week. Leah could sculpt and Elliott could actually write more books.

    2) I think I suggested this before, but I can't remember for sure: Outdoor furniture like benches, sunloungers, sunshades, piles of firewood, a chopping block with an axe in it...

    3) Make 'Solarion Chronicles' a repeatable event with random objectives after you've seen Sebastian's six heart event.
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    • Scritchowl

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      1. It would be nice if someone inhabited them. Maybe have the mariner move into sebastians or have trash bear and a handful of soot sprites move into leahs or heck play it safe and just have junimos move in with random bundles that give basic stuff like maybe a sapling
      • WilliamZ

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        I always wanted to replay that game, looks like a waste since CA already made all the possibilities and we can play just once.
        About the outdoor furnitures I had to learn it by the hard way, when I tried to make a resting area around the well and couldn't put the benches outside of my home.
        • Odd Farmer

          Odd Farmer Big Damn Hero

          More suggestions:

          -Vary the prizes for the Stardew Valley fair to make it worth returning to.

          -Maybe more than one way to get the cool Tea Set?

          -Putting flowers in the oil press makes perfume (general like maybe?).

          -Crops: Roses, violets, cabbage, cucumber, lilac tree
          • Scritchowl

            Scritchowl Big Damn Hero

            Hmm cucumber, tortilla, tomato. You can now have a gyro.

            You kbow if ca does a stardew 2 your ideas could be better implemented. Just think about them adding in a medicinal skill tree.

            Path one is nutrition in which you gain additional health and energy from cooked food. The other is Homeopathic. In which you get better buffs from essential oils, perfumes and raw foods (garlic gives the stinky buff but only last 2 hours game time). Along the path you get pestel and mortar (wheel type) flower press to make preserved flowers to sell, sachets(like a bomb but keeps monsters away from an area), spice grinder (turns certain foods and items into spices like salt rock, tuna, peppers) and level 9 would give you a massage option in which give a shoulder rub that is treated as aliked gift but only red or higher and age restrictions apply

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