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Closed Just Pre-Ordered..

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Rickpwns, Aug 26, 2013.

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  1. Rickpwns

    Rickpwns Yeah, You!

    But the game is not within my List of Humble Bundle games.
    Should I scream and run or patiently wait?

    Oh yes, When pre-ordering they asked my e-mail, but I supplied my Forum account e-mail, not my Humble Bundle e-mail address, could that be the issue, if yes, how can I change this?
  2. You'll receive the link with claimable Humble Bundle page on the e-mail address you've provided with the purchase :)
  3. Rickpwns

    Rickpwns Yeah, You!

    So it should not be on your list of the Humble Bundle purchases?
  4. Correct, it should be not.
    You have to enter your e-mail first, open the link with the Humble Bundle page and then you'll be able to claim it for your Humble Bundle profile :D
  5. It should show up at the bottom under "All Your Purchases" -> "Other Purchases" if you "claim" the page under your Humble account:
    If you haven't claimed it under your account, it won't show up here until you do so.
    The email you enter on your playstarbound.com/redeem/XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX page is what will be used to notify you when the game is available, and the email you enter on your humblebundle.com page is the email associated with that page in case you lose the link to that and need it to be resent to your email (if you didn't tie it into your account, that is).
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  6. Rickpwns

    Rickpwns Yeah, You!

    I never received a e-mail containing any information. How can I activate it under my account, as it is still not listed on my Humble Bundle account.
    Sorry for the late reply I had some issues.
  7. Enter the email you used to pre-order here, and it should re-send the email: https://www.humblebundle.com/?s=resender

    If you have a Humble Store account, login to that, visit the link you received from the above, and it should give you a "claim" option which will activate it under your account.
  8. OmnipotentEntity

    OmnipotentEntity Code Monkey Forum Administrator

    If you're still having issues with this, PM me your account information and I'll look into it.
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