Just beat the game and I've got quite a list of suggestions which I think will improve starbound.

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    Just got the game a week and a half ago and have recently beaten it, also went and took down some bosses in the ancient vaults. Got about 60 hours logged and I've been enjoying this unique experience.

    Throughout my journey in this game, I've been writing down some ideas and suggestions that I have for the developers which I think could improve the game in some way, mostly just some quality of life features. I posted this on the game's subreddit, but figured I would post here as well so maybe the devs can see it. Btw, my whole playthrough was vanilla, no mods.

    • Allow EPP Augments and Pet Collars to be removable,
    • EPP augment refunded on EPP upgrade.
    • Pause function on ESC button (not sure why this doesn't exist in solo play)
    • Grid/ruler mode for building with precise calculations
    • Move placed items without needing to break it down (maybe a script that toggles this through holding ALT?)
    • Test range that allows you to spawn multiple enemies you've defeated at whichever tier level you like (can be found in outpost or accessed in a pre built area through teleporter/ or maybe just a craftable item that allows you to spawn virtual dummies?)
    • Containers can be toggled to retain all items stored within it when broken down (maybe a new craftable?)
    • Items in containers have a sort option (like the one we already own in our character's inventory)
    • A way to increase inventory space (maybe incorporate some new craftable backpack or nano storage?)
    • Can Crew AI/pet AI please avoid lava? It doesn't make sense for them to consciously jump into it.
    • Beautician at the outpost who allows you to change hair/hair color/skin color in exchange for pixels.
    • A jukebox that allows you to select tracks from the game's OST (craftable?), this game's OST is so incredible and I'd love this to become a reality (jukebox that already exists only plays 1 track). Maybe a craftable Radio that plays the OST on the go (think fallout-esque)
    • Move NPCs, as in "get out of the way", maybe pressing interact on them twice will cause them to move a few tiles away from you (sometimes they stay on top of an object you need to access)
    • Deployable submarine that can be upgraded to resist toxic liquid and eventually magma (mostly because moving underwater is a bit slow)
    • Option to receive coordinates by interacting with flag (sometimes I leave a flag on a planet but don't bookmark the system its in, this will help receive coordinates in that case)
    • Ancient Vault timer display while you are in an ancient vault (I feel like this is very important).
    • In-game craftable timer?
    • Can meteors not 1HKO? (I was going through a scorched planet and a decent sized meteor landed directly on my character where I had no time to react, had full health and the perfect armor set and instantly died, seemed like such a cheap death with the best gear in the game.)
    • Small innate racial bonuses (i.e. Florans have 10% increased melee damage, Novakids use 10% less stamina, Glitch have 10% more armor, Avians have 10% higher jump height and 10% reduced fall speed, just some ideas) Maybe these special racial bonuses can be improved through genetic manipulation from tech cards
    • A way to toggle Tier 6 (inconceivable threat) on all planets? Once you have the perfect set and tier 6 legendary items, combat below tier 6 becomes super easy, maybe this toggle will help keep things fresh?
    I'm not a game developer, but I think some of these things would somewhat improve the starbound experience. Thanks for reading!

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