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Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Louka Menard, May 18, 2013.

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  1. Louka Menard

    Louka Menard Void-Bound Voyager

    I preordered the pixel tier, and i got the page were we can download the soundtrack. I claimed it.
    Is this where we download the game and/or beta when it's available? Thanks!
  2. It's likely, some games do let users download their BETA from there when they're out. Starbound will email us for download the Beta, even if it's download from Humble, or from Starbound site, it's linked to your Humble Key anyway. :alien:

    Also since there is a chance that BETA is on Steam with Early Access (also Tiy stated the price may change when Beta Starts), Humble will not be the main place to get the game.
  3. Sundowner

    Sundowner Astral Cartographer

    I believe it is indeed going to be on Steam for early access, since when you buy any of the packs you get a future steam key to be given to you once it's ready.
  4. As the beta might be on steam only (to prevent leaks), I think this will be handled by getting a key from Humble, that you have to add to steam (Grim Dawn did that for the alpha that started earlier this week).
  5. I believe it will be available via both Humble and Steam. It's not a private beta, so leaks are less of an issue.

    The way the Humble Indie Bundles work is you can download the game from that page (so the same page the Starbound soundtrack is on), and you can click a link that says "Get your Steam key", which you enter into Steam's "Redeem key" thingymabob. I think it will be like that.
  6. Well, in any cases, the beta should be available through the Humble page :3
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