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  1. Kahn Piura

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    Whelp, It's that time of year again when I go against my better judgement and decide to submit myself to torturous - or just plain BAD - gameplay because I am a huge masochist and hate living. I've given up hope of a lightbulb clicking in ConcernedApe's head that this twinstick shooter seriously needs to be rebalanced. Not only is it hard, the edge detection of enemies seems cruelly unforgiving, and the controls are just plain awful. But as stated, I am a masochist and must therefore complete Fector's Challenge to satiate my selfish whims.
    (Playing on PS4. so no, I can't just mod it.)

    Here is a daily log of my experience. For the viewer at home, guess how many attempts it will take.

    June 25/2017 - Attempts: 6
    1: Died pretty early, decided to continue anyways since never even beat game. died in 1-4 from lack of power-ups
    2: Died from First Boss, continued until accidentally touching touch pad. Angrily spammed this mechanic until PS4 hard-crashed.
    3: Died from 1-3 b/c edge detection said an enemy several pixels away got me.
    4: Died 2-1 b/c lack of money meant loss of 6 lives straight from mushroom looking freaks
    5: Looked into exploits, PS4 Hard crashed again while trying various methods
    6: Several hours later, came back to this "game". got to 2-2. Died b/c lack of money and power-ups

    June 26/2017 - Attempts: 1
    1: Died in world 1-3 b/c game has NO PAUSE OPTION. thanks irl situations. Decided to continue, got all the way to 3-3. F that stage and the bats. No powerups meant loss of 4 lives. I only got that far b/c almost every enemy wanted to drop money. I could have purchased 1 boot, 2 gun, 2 ammo.

    June 29/2017 - Attempts: 1 (Was feeling sick past few days. still am, but okay enough to hate myself)
    1: Died twice in world 1 b/c of stupidity. Once in world 2 b/c of a stupid butterfly. at this point, my luck seemed to run out, and powerups wouldn't spawn anymore, along with cash. 3-1 was really hard without double gun, died once b/c a teeny tiny bat apparently has a HUGE hitbox. Died again b/c i was cornered, and eventually got ravaged by mummies. (note to self: absolutely need double shot double ammo by world 3) Finally died for good on world 3-2 b/c i got cornered, and two bats spawned on top of me.
    ALSO, learnt a fun fact. teleporting behind the boss is no longer free hits. he can shoot behind him now. patches make this game harder.

    Will try again later. it's 8pm here, and my stupid wake disorder means i just woke up for the day.


    Will try again later. The inclusion of this "Game" in Stardew Valley is like if someone smeared feces on the Mona Lisa, but just in the corner, by the frame. You can still appreciate the vast majority of Da Vinci's masterpiece, but you'll always know of that little stain exists in the dark corner, ruining what would be a truly perfect game.
    ...Maybe i'll take a break with something easier, like Bloodborne or MGS2 on Euro Extreme.
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    • sunlite

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      Nothing is wrong with Journey of the Prairie King, it's meant to be hard. All of the work put into defeating it will reward you with the game machine. I never beat it myself, but I enjoy the game. What this sounds like is more like frustration on your side than any faults in the game. Maybe take a break from it?
      • nevyn21

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        Journey of the Prairie King is a twin stick shooter. I find it easier to play with a controller and use the right analog stick to shoot. The difficulty is right there in-line with classic arcade twin-stick shooters.
        • Kahn Piura

          Kahn Piura Space Spelunker

          Perhaps i should clarify? I actually enjoy challenges, and I think JOTPK is definitely a challenge. My gripe with it is the randomness of the drops, and how they make or break a game. I'm usually able to get through the first world without dying, since that relies mainly on skill. but the last two worlds are more luck based, to the point that no amount of skill can truly overcome. That's my problem with it. along with some edge detection that occasionally gets me. Just have to learn the hit-boxes. As for breaks, I've learnt a long time ago to never try something hard for hours and hours straight. I'm only attempting this game a few times each day, allowing for motor skills to set in.

          I'm not petitioning for this to change anymore, this is merely a log of my experience playing a super hard game. I will get Fector's Challenge eventually, and when I do it'll be that amazing relief of an impossible challenge complete. I platinumed Binding of Isaac Rebirth, so I at least have some skills in twin stick shooters. It likely appears like I'm complaining b/c i usually record after failed attempts. I fully recognize a lot of my deaths are b/c of my own error, but ultimately the game still has an RNG factor that contributes to a success rate.

          Anywho, I'll try the right analog stick later, I've been using face buttons, but maybe a change will help.
          • Charity322

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            The RNG is a pain when trying to get the Museum collection too.
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            • sunlite

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              5 years still looking for a lemon stone. :/
              • Kahn Piura

                Kahn Piura Space Spelunker

                Only year 2, missing 3 artefacts and 6 minerals. Figured out Sandy sells OmniGeodes every wednesday, so I just buy about 100 and play my chances. Also noticed that winter foragables spawn in the desert during winter. likely an oversight, but still kinda funny. I didn't try Fector's today b/c of a massive migraine, but i'll attempt it a few more times tomorrow. This is the pain of being a completionist, if i like a game too much, i just have to perfect everything about it.
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                • blind3rdeye

                  blind3rdeye Big Damn Hero

                  Be sure to play on a day with high (in-game) luck.
                  • sunlite

                    sunlite Pangalactic Porcupine

                    Try being noncommittal while playing, at first you get so inspired to do something but then you get tired and inspired to do something else. This is why I have two saves going on right now. >.<

                    I used to be a completionist in games, but eventually I came to terms with it. Now that's not saying I will be traumatized if I miss a Queen of Sauce and have to wait two years to see the recipe again.
                    • Kahn Piura

                      Kahn Piura Space Spelunker

                      The somewhat nice thing about Fector's Challenge is that it's SO UNLIKE stardew valley. which means i can start playing other games again while giving this a few attempts every a few times a week. In fact, I'm Year 3 Early Fall. I finished the museum, recipes, shipping, crafting, fishing and am almost done with slayer goals. I'm a but behind on help wanted requests, but I should have just about every trophy in this game by the end of the current year (Minus JOTPK and FC) Though i'm not to sure about making 10M by Year 3. I started a megacrop, but don't think it'll pull through.
                      • Charity322

                        Charity322 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        I never got all the minerals until I bought literally 150 geodes off Sandy and cracked them all. Pity that doesn't work for artifacts.

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