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    Since defeating the Ruin, for me Starbound has mostly been about the building. I've undergone a few major projects since then, and I figured I'd share them here in a centralized thread. I'll be updating it over time, so make sure to watch the thread if you want to know when that happens.

    Seeing as Earth has been destroyed, leaving the Protectorate without a place to call home, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make them a new one. I chose a garden planet in the Hyperion system, both for its low threat level and the easy-to-remember name. The buildings consist mainly of Outpost building materials, with plenty of greenery and above-ground walkways much like the Protectorate academy back on Earth. The whole base encompasses a valley between two mountains, actually building into them to a good degree.

    This new iteration contains numerous expansions, as well as the addition of a series of background buildings. Now, it's starting to take the shape of a city.

    1 - Memorial.jpg

    We'll start with the Earth Memorial, dedicated to the lives lost when Earth fell to the ruin. The tombstone chosen is that of a mass grave, although it's only there as a memorial instead of an actual burial site. The mannequin is wearing the same colour uniform that the previous Grand Protector was wearing when she died, as well as the flower and cape that can be found in the prologue. Atop the Memorial is a small garden, complete with a bench that bears a plaque honouring Esther Bright. The building is topped off with a recreation of the Protectorate tree, thanks to the Nostalgic Greenery mod (which also adds various other plant / garden objects seen around the city).

    2 - Command.jpg

    West of the Memorial is the Command Center, housing many of the Protectorate's important functions. In the middle of the building is the main command room, where the Protectorate's operations are coordinated. Beneath that is the security room (complete with barracks and jail cell) and clinic (which also includes the laboratory). Above the command room is a smaller command center for the HQ's air force. Speaking of which...

    3 - Air Force.jpg

    Sitting at the very top of the Command Center is the air force base. This section includes the pilots' quarters (with the pilots being Space Guard tenants), the flight training room, the interceptor hangar (with the jet provided by the Random Vehicle Props mod) and a rooftop landing pad for the Leviathan dropship (added by the Placeable Spaceships mod). Beside it is the communications center.

    4 - Training, Bank, Vehicles.jpg
    On the lower levels of the Command Center we have the training room, which also doubles as the armory. Beneath that is the bank and treasury, complete with treasurer's quarters and vault. At the very bottom is the motor pool, which features the bases' armored vehicle detachment (also provided by the Random Vehicle Props mod). At the end of the room is what's supposed to be a vehicle-sized teleporter, allowing the vehicles within to be safely stored yet rapidly deployed.

    5 - Auditorium.jpg
    Beneath the Memorial is an auditorium, complete with media room off to the side.

    6 - Embassy Lower Levels.jpg

    East of the Memorial is the Embassy, with the lower levels including the auditorium lobby, the space museum, and a small gallery holding portraits of the previous Grand Protectors (as well as the Venus de Pixel as filler). Slightly higher up is a small recycling facility (manned by a foundry worker, who sells what I like to think is reclaimed metal) and public crafting facilities. The Embassy's main lobby also contains one of the HQ's two teleporters.

    7 - Embassy Upper Levels.jpg
    The upper levels of the embassy house the representatives of each of the major races, who double as merchants.

    8 - Subterranean Farms.jpg
    Joining onto the Embassy is the subterranean farm, which produces much of the HQ's food. This includes a kitchen and meditation room (which comes equipped with a contingent of fwuffy bunnies). The stairs lead up into the Residential building.

    9 - Residential.jpg
    True to its name, the Residential building contains a number of barracks, with one for each race. There's also an arcade to provide entertainment.

    10 - Park.jpg

    Between the Embassy and Residential buildings is the Park, complete with a campfire to sit by and a traditional Hylotl bridge that holds a Nostalgic Greenery bonsai tree.

    11 - Mess, Greenhouse.jpg
    Atop the Residential building is the mess hall and its kitchen. This leads up into a greenhouse that produces a number of human crops. There's also a Terramart Shipments launcher for selling off excess food. However, the mess isn't the only place to eat around here...

    12 - Burger Fool.jpg
    Burger Fool is one of a number of furniture sets (and corresponding tenant) added by the Foodie's Furniture mod. This one in particular resembles your typical fast food franchise, complete with embarrassingly dressed worker. The mod also adds the ability to create placeable versions of various foodstuffs, which is just amazing.

    13 - Apebucks.jpg
    Another Foodie's Furniture eatery is Apebucks, a coffee shop and bakery. I'm particularly proud of the terrace, what with the lattices and canvas shadecloth. The barista also bears a passing resemblance to Asra Nox. As amusing as it is to think she changed her identity and decided to follow her dream of opening a coffee shop, working in food service is generally what drives people to genocide in the first place, instead of attracting them away from it.

    14 - Graveyard.jpg
    Next to the Residential building is a small graveyard. The grave in the middle was already present when building began, and I originally just built around it. Since then, I've added a couple of other graves, presumably belonging to city residents or fallen Protectors.

    15 - Amenities.jpg

    The next building over is the General building, since it does a bit of everything. Sure enough, the lower levels contain a gymnasium, clothing gallery (another case of filler, admittedly), bathhouse (complete with Nostalgic Greenery waterfall), showers, bathroom, water purification plant and power generator.

    16 - Library, Residential.jpg

    A bit higher up, the General building contains the general store, some additional barracks and a small bar. There's also the library, which doubles as a classroom.

    17 - Grand Protector's Quarters.jpg
    At the top of the General building is the Grand Protector's quarters, which is my room. It's actually pretty spartan compared to what it could have been otherwise (especially considering presence of a Burger Fool meal), but it does contain a nice balcony.

    18 - Minor Representatives.jpg
    Next to the library are a couple of rooms used by representatives from a couple of the minor races, including the Fenerox, Agarans and Alpacas. Notably, the Agaran representative has opened a small business selling mushroom-based food, which may or may not count as cannibalism.

    19 - Mall Middle.jpg
    The most recent major addition to the HQ is the Mall, which serves as the 'front end' of the city since it just out beyond the valley containing most of it. In addition to the second teleporter, the middle levels contain several stores that are otherwise only present at the Outpost, but now have branches here to reduce the need to travel.

    20 - Mall Upper.jpg
    The upper levels of the mall contain the air traffic control room overlooking the landing pad, a small staff barracks (mainly present for the convenience of the air traffic controller) and a pop-culture store (complete with six-eyed clerk who probably watches anime during quiet shifts). There's also another Foodie's Furniture shop in the form of an ice cream parlor. In fact, the whole upper levels are intended to be expanded upwards indefinitely as the mod is updated with new sets, which will hopefully result in something of a food court.

    21 - Landing Pad.jpg

    The landing pad is home to a human ship, courtesy of the Placeable Ships mod.

    22 - Mall Lower.jpg

    The lower levels of the Mall contain the only ground entrance into the entire HQ, seeing as most traffic is expected to come via teleporter. Those who do arrive on foot are likely to be wanderers and refugees, meaning the entrance is nothing fancy. In addition to several public service posters, the entrance features a fridge containing free food and a desk used for processing. Opposite the entrance is a soup kitchen and homeless shelter, offering free room and board to anyone who needs it.

    You can also see a tent near the entrance, and just beyond it is a checkpoint featuring a chair, campfire and sandbag fortification added by the Random Vehicle Props mod. It's manned by a Protectorate soldier, who was actually an NPC I was bringing back on a rescue mission. I got very far ahead of them and turned in the quest before they could catch up, leaving them stranded in the wilderness. I did some quests for them until they became a possible crew member, and I then built a camp for them which I later turned into the checkpoint.

    23 - Club.jpg

    Last, but certainly not least, is Club Bubble. This nightclub not only offers drinks and dancing, but also some holographic dancers added by the Racial Holographic Dancers mod. On offer are a male Avian and female Hylotl.

    The Alpaca representative seems to spend a lot of time down here. And I've only ever seen him watch the male dancer, too. He knows what he likes.

    24 - Surveillance Post.jpg

    It's also worth noting that just over the mountain to the west is a graveyard and Apex City. Considering that the Protectorate and the MiniKnog aren't exactly friends, I've built a small surveillance post under the graveyard to keep an eye on the MiniKnog presence. I've also done enough quests for its inhabitants that at least half of the population are now Protectors. It's a shame there's no mechanic for liberating settlements, but that's close enough.

    And there you have it; the largest and arguably most impressive build I've put together to date. I've had so much fun working out what the base needs, and adding new things to it as they come to me. It got to the point where I'd turn to the Civilization wiki for inspiration on what else I should build. But I think, for the most part, the city's pretty much as close to 'done' as it'll ever be. I'll probably continue to tinker, and add to the Mall as new shops become possible. But overall, I'm very proud of what I've managed to build here.

    Just a quick update this time, with a look at the end result of the first colony I ever founded. It's gone from being a few basic wood-and-stone homes to a thriving little community.

    Garden 1.jpg

    The colony was founded right at the mouth of my starting planet's mine, and still has the campsite sitting outside. Just beyond it, the original building has been transformed into a sort of underground apartment building, with a stable on top and farm above that.

    Garden 2.jpg

    The water catchment has been there for a while, but I've only recently tidied it up so it's not just a dirt-filled hole. I've also expanded one of the original homes into a saloon, complete with kitchen facilities. There's also one of the original buildings on the surface, with wind turbines and water tank helping remind us that this is a sci-fi game.

    Garden 3.jpg

    Finally, I've transformed a nearby abandoned house into a secondary farm. I've also set up a couple of homes for guards in this area, since monsters constant wander over from the east.

    Overall, I have a soft spot for this one for not only being my first colony, but also remaining my 'low-tech' colony. Most of my others, especially my more recent builds, tend to lean a lot more towards the futuristic. But this place is ideal for folks wanting a simpler life.

    This was my first major build, and the first time I started using cheats. It's still based upon the Apex lab tileset my early colonies used, and I remember tearing down more than one lab just to get more blocks. Looking back, I'm not satisfied with the blocks I chose and some of the furnishings, but I'm still proud of it overall. The fact that it became inhabited exclusively by humans wasn't intentional, but it was kind of fitting for my first project. I wanted to build something completely self-sufficient in terms of everything from food to entertainment. With humanity's homeworld gone, the Arcology came to represent a place for at least some of them to call home.

    Arcology 1.jpg
    The lowest levels are home to the windtrap, which was inspired by the structures of the same name from Frank Herbert's Dune series (albeit flipped vertically). It provides the arcology's power by using a series of wind turbines catching wind as it flows up the mountain. These lower levels later saw the addition of a farm and kitchen that produce Ultimate Juice, which serves as a form of income for the colony. You can also see the barracks, and a hallway that has been converted for displaying armour sets.

    Arcology 2.jpg

    A little higher up we have the warehouse, which includes the water treatment plant and a greenhouse off to the left. This also adjoins the facility where chickens and mooshi are kept for eggs and milk, while pineapples are grown in the atrium above them.

    Above this is the main kitchen, along with the greenhouse holding the staple crops. Next is the entrance, which joins onto a small security room.

    Arcology 3.jpg
    Just above the entrance is the main plaza, complete with rainwater collector on one side of the building. On the other side is one of the apartment blocks, containing some fairly nice rooms (including one that has a shop being run out of it). Going up, we have the cafeteria, bathrooms, medical facility and bar.

    Arcology 4.jpg
    Continuing upwards, we have the arcade, museum, library, TV station (didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, due to a lack of film camera decorations) and control center. You can also see the second apartment block, and a second rainwater collector.

    Arcology 5.jpg

    At the very top, we have a few more museum displays, and a small garden to cap it off.

    Ever since seeing Blade Runner 2049, I've been meaning to try my hand at a cyberpunk city build in Starbound. I did briefly try a slum build on a toxic planet, but it didn't turn out particularly impressive (instead resembling an abandoned building turned into a rogues den). But by taking cues directly from Blade Runner's vision of a future Los Angeles, I decided to try again.

    Cyberpunk 1.jpg
    The first and largest of the accessible buildings is an apartment complex, complete with slightly run-down bar at ground level. The inhabitants are a mixed bunch, including a typical human city-dweller, an Apex Protectorate fanboy, a Floran botanist, a Hylotl hacker and an Avian movie fan. There's also a small pier, but it's been glassed off to protect users from toxic rain and hostile creatures.

    Cyberpunk 2.jpg

    At the top of the apartment building is a small grocery stall with attached greenhouse, feeding the city's inhabitants from a sealed environment away from the toxic conditions outside.

    Cyberpunk 3.jpg
    Outside the apartment is the obligatory neon-drenched street lined with ramshackle marketplace. I used a combination of painted wallpaper and permanently-open doors to give the illusion of open stalls, even though they're technically enclosed spaces. The lineup consists of a Floran selling Hylotl food, a Hylotl selling clothes and an Avian arms dealer (although the latter two are actually just general merchants). The background also contains a few decorative buildings, including two apartment buildings, a small store and a Protectorate outpost. Much like the pier, the street has a glass cover to protect it from the dangers outside.

    Cyberpunk 4.jpg
    The other main building is a small food court that celebrates consumption. It also houses a second bar with a more modern aesthetic, complete with holographic dancers.

    The Ocean planet Ceti Legion 1 was originally occupied by the MiniKnog, who planned on using the colony for marine research and a resort getaway for obedient mid-level bureaucrats. Construction began on a small city offering decadent luxuries by MiniKnog standards (namely slightly larger apartments, a fully-stocked grocery store, and a nightly bingo competition at the town hall). However, a reactor accident at a laboratory in the planet's polar reasons saw large swaths of sea ice suddenly melted, causing several meters of sea level rise abruptly flooding the MiniKnog's holdings on the planet. They promptly abandoned in spite of, quote, 'sunk costs'.

    But that was not the end for Ceti Legion 1. Following the re-establishment of the Protectorate in the nearby Hyperion system, a group of refugees began squatting in the half-flooded ruins. Using Human experience dealing with rising sea levels, along with Hylotl aquaculture, the Protectorate soon joined forces with the refugees by building an experimental platform-based city above the ruins. In addition to continuing researching the planet's subaquatic ecosystems and its adaption to the disaster, the colony is also something of a social experiment in how members of various species take to living in heavily flooded environments.

    This build was largely inspired by New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson, a novel depicting the residents of a communal apartment building in a futuristic New York that's been flooded by - but has largely adapted to - rising sea levels. It also takes cues from Deus Ex: Invisible War, a game featuring an exclusive platform-based secondary city built atop a decayed Seattle. Combining the two creates a great contrast between the inundated slums below and the futuristic cityscape above.

    Intertidal 1.jpg
    The eastern part of the city features two apartment buildings. The lowest floor is completely underwater, while the second is subject to flooding and thus aren't fully inhabited (instead being used for storing unwanted junk, after-hours drinking and the occasional tryst). The similarly submerged streets are used for aquaculture and tidal power generation. But aside from that, the apartments are of decent quality. Each one has a combined bedroom / kitchen and adjoining bathroom along with whatever decorations their inhabitants bring with them.

    Here, you can also see one of several greenhouse farms built into the underside of the upper city.

    Intertidal 2.jpg
    The top floor of each apartment building is host to a communal dining room, usually serving food grown on site. The rooftops have been repurposed for farming purposes, be it crops or cattle. They have also been connected to the city above for easy access to its services.

    Intertidal 3.jpg
    The city hall building has been largely abandoned, although its clock has been kept running. The park in front of it, however, has been turned into a farm. A floating platform is anchored above it to maintain the crops and research their adaption to the local environment. For some reason, the water level's glitching out in this area. It's even worse if I try to tile off the city hall's doorways, which causes the water level to plummet so low that it destroys the crops. As such, I'm having to keep the doorways clear.

    Intertidal 4.jpg
    On the western edge of the city is the supermarket, the fixtures of which have been largely stripped bare. Instead, it's been converted into a boat dock and livestock pasture. It joins onto a small tunnel, which is too badly flooded to be of much use. The building is also host to an elevator into the upper city.

    Intertidal 5.jpg
    The westernmost part of the city is host to a small apartment building providing some of the more luxurious suites in the city. This was largely inspired by the Emerald Suites building from Invisible War, with the penthouse (set aside for my use) being especially closely based on the Minister of Culture's similarly designed two-storey penthouse.

    Nearby is the ocean lab, dedicated to researching the planet's oceanic ecosystems. The large window on the building's western side represents a multi-storey aquarium.

    Intertidal 6.jpg
    The colony isn't all work and no play, however. Club Ribbit offers a fully-stocked bar, a dance floor with the latest holographic dance partners, and an exclusive private room. It's based on Club Vox from Invisible War, which features similar amenities.

    Next door is a small mall host to several Hylotl-owned stores.

    Intertidal 7.jpg
    Most of the upper city's population lives in smaller but more modern (and drier) apartments than those in the lower city. The facilities are much more spartan, with a communal kitchen and bathroom. There's also a small grocery store, a rooftop garden and an outdoor barbeque area.

    Intertidal 8.jpg
    The new city hall is a very diverse building. It has two eateries (both from the Foodies Furniture mod), including a coffee shop based on Upper Seattle's Perquod franchise in Invisible War (which features a similar 'underground' eating area). Aside from that, the building offers several entertainment facilities including a library, arcade and cinema. The upper levels hold more important facilities, namely the clinic, meeting hall and control room.

    Intertidal 9.jpg
    Below the plaza outside the new city hall is a small workshop and recycling center (host to a Universal Uncrafter from the mod of the same name). In the plaza itself is a small memorial to the lives lost on Earth.

    Overall, this was quite an enjoyable build. I'm very fond of a lot of the architecture in Invisible War, and it was interesting trying to replicate that (although the end result is usually pretty far removed due to the constraints). I think this was also the first time I did a heavily ocean-based build. Creating a city that's partially ruined was certainly something different compared to my previous builds. The other one I've been working on is a far cry from that. But I'll get to that when I get to that.

    If you're after more, I've also got a couple of past projects that have already got their own threads.

    Glitch City:
    The Courting of Icaca, the Open-Minded Avian:
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  2. WallyBW93

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    The pic with the race flags and the Protectorate flags, did you admin those in or are they a mod?
  3. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Admin, since they're unobtainable decorations from the intro mission. In fact, I'm not running any mods at the moment.
  4. komodo52

    komodo52 Void-Bound Voyager

    This base is absolutely stunning! You have inspired me to make my own restored headquarters for the protectorate!

    Thanks :nuruwink:
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  5. Ickura

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    I love the memorial and command center!
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  6. Jonesy

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    Added a quick update showing off the first colony I ever built. Not much to look at, but I've been improving it bit by bit.
  7. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Oxygen Tank

    I like building, but I never know what to build beside my trademark Ghetto Shacks™. I love the idea of rebuilding the protectorate HQ. It makes me want to play again.
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  8. Tlactl

    Tlactl Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    With the new "Astro" themed blocks and furnitures, you can now build things that look like they are from the Protectorate
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  9. Jonesy

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    I've added screenshots of my first major project, the Arcology!

    In addition, sometime I'll be replacing the screenshots of Protectorate HQ, since I've made a few changes to it since then. In addition to adding some more subterranean areas, I've also been placing background buildings to give it more of a city-like feel.
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  10. Jonesy

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    I've finally got the Protectorate HQ updated to the point where it's more or less 'finished', and I've replaced the original screenshots with a new iteration. Now, it's starting to resemble something closer to a city, and I am very proud of it.
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  11. Quilavabom

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    I'm extremely fond of the way you make background buildings, Jonesy. It adds a lot of depth to your structures. I've tried to emulate that in some of my own builds, but I can't quite seem to pull it off.
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  12. Jonesy

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    It just takes a bit of practice, that's all. Also helps to keep the wiki close by to know what sort of blocks are available. Even changing the colour of one kind of block can make it look completely different. For instance, the background doors are actually Apex ship wall panels with a strip of cheap wallpaper down the middle.
  13. rare_candy_bracelet

    rare_candy_bracelet Phantasmal Quasar dang it to heck Jonesy! This is even bigger and grander than I expected... I've no choice but to push on and make my own protectorate settlement to keep up with you. Just you wait!

    But in all seriousness, holy wow man. I spent like a good 15 minutes just taking in all the details of this build. It's h u g e. And brilliant! I've really gotta get my head in the game now. And fill that charming food court, of course.
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  14. Jonesy

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    I'd be eager to see what you come up with. Never ceases to amaze me what's possible in this game.
  15. ChronoHyperion

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    Nice Job, and the name of the system is based of a part of my nickname in the forums (or maybe just a coincidence, probably it IS a cooincidence). By the way, have you posted the request to Mickyan already on steam? if so, what's the reply?
  16. Jonesy

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    It's a coincidence. When I came across the system, I liked how simple yet memorable the name was, and decided it'd be a good spot to use as a new Protectorate capitol. Also helps that in ancient Greek mythology, Hyperion was a titan apparently associated with watchfulness, wisdom and light (at least according to Wikipedia).

    I haven't received any reply.
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  17. ChronoHyperion

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    Oh, okay. If he replies let me know, and have a nice day! :)
  18. Jonesy

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    Updated with my newest build; a cyberpunk city!
  19. rare_candy_bracelet

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    ooohhh wow i'm loving this aesthetic dude! And having background walls made to look like buildings is one of my favorite parts of city-builds. I wish people did it more often!

    And those restaurants! It's actually perfectly sized for everything in there! And you did your best to even mimic the colors of the objects inside! Nice work!
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  20. Jonesy

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    Protectorate HQ Christmas.jpg
    Despite the rebuilt Protectorate being spread thin by ongoing galactic crises, its members are still taking the time to observe a popular human holiday. Even nonhuman members savour the opportunity to take some time off from work, get together with friends, and exchange gifts. Soon enough, they'll return to their work protecting the galaxy, with the holiday putting their work's importance in perspective.

    Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

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