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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Kiakakash, May 31, 2016.

  1. Kiakakash

    Kiakakash Orbital Explorer

    Hey all! So I finished my first game and I decided to start anew... and am siding with JojaMart.
    I would love to have JojaBarns, JojaCoops, and in the town there could be the JojaBar, JojaCare (the clinic), and whatever else you can think of. Have Pierre's shop look like it's falling apart... Perhaps even give the JojaLoyal townsfolk a new look, like JojaMart Custom Jumpsuits. I want to get sick and tired of seeing that blue and the word Joja, but be glad to follow my Joyous Commander Morris. (And once ConcernedApe finishes the update, I will be marrying JojaMart Employee Shane!)
    Provided I have time between work and my semblance of a social life, I plan to start on some of this. Once I do, I'll upload a new thread and update this one with the link. I can also include anyone else's work over there, with due credit of course.

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