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    I have a save where I'm planning to skip days until tens, hundreds, or even thousands of years have passed. On this save, my primary sources of income are diamonds from crystallariums, but that would mean I'd have to get out of bed every five days to collect them, which is faaar too much work for me.

    So I thought of an idea: JojaBank, a bank run by the JoJa Corporation!

    Here you can deposit money and gain interest, compounded every season, letting it build over years!
    Let's say the interest rate is 1% or 0.01 of your balance.
    With $1000, you'd get $10 in interest yearly, or $12 if compounded every season and rounded up.
    With $1000000, you'd get about $10000 yearly, and an extra $37 if compounded every season.

    Or you can also buy Joja Bonds™ that will help fund Joja Corp's expansion into the country, and the world. 'course, you won't be able to see this money until several years.

    Or you can even make JoJa Loans™ and borrow money from JoJa Corp. Considering how easy it is to make money in this game, the interest rates would have to be high and the maturity dates really short.

    The bonds and the loans could take several months or a couple years to mature/expire.

    I'm getting a brainstorm and sidetracking now, but this could be a way to expand the lifetime of gameplay as well as expanding beyond the Valley. Maybe at this bank, you can even vote on projects that Joja Corp will implement throughout the country, or the rest of the world; stuff like new power plants, research and development, new technology, new weapons for the war, etc. The player won't see any of this, except be notified whether the project succeeded or failed years later, but it'd give them a sense of participation in the world at large. And perhaps they can get little rewards if these projects do succeed, like a sample of technology or batteries or something.

    The money you take or give would be really high, in the hundreds of thousands at least. There could be the potential for players to loan money and then months later be unable to pay it back and get a negative balance so they'll have to work off their Joja Debts™, though I'm sure that won't happen because again considering how easy it is to make money. IT'S WIN/WIN!
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      While no agree that the game needs a bank it does cause a concern for a balancing issue for the game as far as getting knocked out or mugged. This hasnt happened to me to often but since its a percentage loss it wouldnt make since to lose banked money.

      But I think the bank is still a great idea especially no f you are putting the farm up as collateral.

      If you add a bank you need to add a police/fire building. Possibly with a jail. Could be funny to see Alex arrested for noise disturbances from time to time. Or if a lightening bolt strikes your silo could be an interesting cut scene of who comes to help based on hearts.

      Who would be the banker be. Would it be another love interest? Mr Ge the brother of Mr Qi? The cowboy who evidenlty has dry lips?

      If you were to add a police/fire building at the same time it could add two more love interest.
      • Eikos

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        I imagine there'd be a row of glass windows showing the silhouette of various nameless JoJa employees.
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          Dunno I would expect someone seen atleast like Morris.

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