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Bug/Issue JoJa Mart Membership remove

Discussion in 'Support' started by DIE_Kartoffel, Jun 14, 2017.


How can I remove the joja mart warehouse back in the communtity center?

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  1. DIE_Kartoffel

    DIE_Kartoffel Space Hobo

    So I would like to remove my JoJaMart membership house to the old great community center so I think that the community center is more work and time. I would like to spend more time in this game and don`t wanna buy the bridge and the other things. I wanna know a way to remove this? So there is a way... I searched in my saves under my character but don`t find something :/
    • MysticTempest

      MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

      There's multiple sections in the savefile that handle the communitycenter/joja stuff.

      It mostly depends on how much you want to reset things. For example, in your savefile is a section called "mailreceived".
      If you delete this line:
      It'll revert the community center back to its original state. But, if you already did some bundles through Joja; then old bundles will be off limits. You can reset the bundle data too, but for that you have switch bundle data variables back to false for the bundles you want to reset. All that is located under the Community Center game location section.
      And, you have to remove the other 'JojaXXXX', and 'ccXXXX' entries from the mailreceived section in order to reset the major rewards(bridge,greenhouse,etc..).
      • sun_1147

        sun_1147 Space Hobo

        I change <string>JojaMember</string> already and I completed with buddle in community center but I can't build the cinema. what's the code to change in mail received please. I could not find any. would you suggest me?
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