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Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by Jiok, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. Jiok

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    Hello! I just wanted to say "hi" and get involved with the forum instead of just lurking. I've been playing SV since it came out on Switch but just recently joined the community and got around to fan art. I've been in an art slump for quite some time, so I had to really push myself to finish this (very messy) image of my farmer (also named Jiok):


    She's been running Ivo Farms for 5+ years, is happily married to Sebastian since year 2, has two kids, and has been focusing on foraging, ranching, and aging cheeses and Starfruit Wine.

    I'll be posting this in the "I want to see your farmer" thread as well, but I made my own thread in case anyone wants to request a sketch (level of complexity may not quite match the above). It may take me awhile to get to you due to work and the aforementioned slump, but I'll make it a priority to try and finish 1-2 requests per week, with 5 total slots at a time.

    I look forward to getting to know you guys~
    • Alkanthe

      Alkanthe Supernova

      Can I ask how long you've been drawing?
      • Jiok

        Jiok Tentacle Wrangler

        Sure, since I was 4 or so, so just under 30 years.
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        • Alkanthe

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          Oh wow. I've been drawing since I was young too, but 30 years is longer than I've been alive... keep at it!
          • Astrid Speckles

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            Oh my gosh your art is gorgeous!
            Could I request two farmers? They live on a farm called Fantasia!
            Instead of owning a cat or dog, they have owls!


            They aren't a couple or siblings, they're kinda the same person? Iunno how to explain haha

            Astrid is married to Sam!
            She loves doing everything other than waiting for crops to grow.
            However she would be exploring the mines most of the time!
            They are addicted to Miner Treat.
            She also doesn't know how to cook.

            Asriel is married to Sebastian.
            He is an insomniac and doesn't have much energy and health therefore unable to go exploring in the mines with Astrid.
            He fishes mostly and tends to the animals and crops. He makes sure to check up on Astrid if shes ever home late.
            He mostly cooks along with Sebby
            He will throw himself as a weapon at Sebby if he ever tries to smoke around him to knock them out of his hand and refuse to move until Sebby says he won't smoke.
            (Asriel is just an overgrown cat)

            They've both kinda let Abi live with them so they're kinda poly-relationship
            (because I can't choose who to love <w>)

            They don't have any children because Asriel and Astrid are both asexual.
            However I play with the idea that Sam and Abi both want to have children so Astrid, Asriel and Sebastian are considering adopting.
            They have read many 'how to parent for dumbies' and articles online to prepare themselves.
            Asriel finding Astrid in the mines asrielandastridemoitcons.png

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            • Jiok

              Jiok Tentacle Wrangler

              Thank you so much~ Sure, I'd be happy to do a take on these two. Very cute farmers (and good choice of pets). It'll take a few days, but I'll get to it ASAP.
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              • Git Gud Fox

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                I like the pick. The thin, crescent, curves make it feel like Clint was going out of his way to make it both a tool and a work of art.
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                • Jiok

                  Jiok Tentacle Wrangler

                  Thank you, you are so generous. ^_^; I was just being very lazy and didn't look up a pick reference, so I made it look how I wanted... I do love the idea of Clint getting artistic with his craft though.
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                  • ChibiBerry

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                    Are you still accepting requests?

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